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Top 100 Documentary Movies. Best of Rotten Tomatoes. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes. Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores The 2017 Oscar winner for Best Documentary Feature, Ezra Edelman's five-part, seven-hour exposé on the life and legacy of O.J. Simpson examines the football star's rise and fall—and the murder.

This documentary brings everyone who watches it a step closer to this ideal and inspires everyone to embark on the full journey. This is a must watch for novice and expert alike, it is full of thought-provoking ideas that will leave none untouched. A true masterpiece The Best Documentary award at the 2021 Oscars went to My Octopus Teacher, his Netflix documentary is a must watch. Not only does it offer some keen perspective on Attenborough's life, but it. The three-episode documentary Murder Among the Mormons is among the best Netflix original documentaries streaming right now. Over the course of just under three hours, the film chronicles a series.. During this past year and change, where everything has maybe felt too real, documentaries were, admittedly, not the first genre of movies or TV we'd turn to for a nice comfort watch.That said. A must-watch because A sports documentary that builds into a rousing celebration of a black icon. Even people who aren't especially into basketball - which, in Britain, is admittedly rather a lot..

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  1. For more documentaries to watch, check out our new favorite documentaries from 2021, the best documentaries of 2019, and the best documentaries to stream on Netflix right now. Watch Now HB
  2. Revolution Rent is a documentary about one director's efforts to bring the stage musical RENT to Cuba. Andy Señor Jr. played the character Angel in the late 1990s. Decades later, his version of the hit Broadway show is the first produced by an American company to appear in Cuba in over 50 years
  3. 1 / 1. AEG. YouTube documentaries are proof that the age-old idiom the truth is stranger than fiction often still applies. Documentary filmmaking itself has enjoyed an uptick in interest in the.
  4. Documentaries are a rich source of information and inspiration. While there are many great films to choose from, some stand out as monumental and timeless. From the effects of war to the wonders of nature, these are the documentary movies you will want to see time and again
  5. 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die is a 2011 five-episode television series about the greatest documentary films in the last half century. Summary. This limited series, presented by Morgan Spurlock and on the television network Current TV, featured what editors regard as.
  6. Documentaries. The truth hurts. But sometimes it's inspirational, scary, sad, funny or anywhere in between. Experience it all with our best documentary series and movies

The best true crime documentaries and how to stream them if you like American Murder: The Family Next Door. The list includes murder mystery Netflix documentaries, new HBO documentaries, and more By 2010, the bluff, affable documentary-maker Craig Foster had reached the end of his tether. He had been making documentaries for 20 years. Successfully, too: he co-directed The Great Dance: A. Amazing Documentaries You Must Watch 1 - Born Into Brothels This beautiful masterpiece was directed by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman. This documentary highlights the life of children who were born in the red light area of Sonagachi, Calcutta Though scripted features tend to dominate must-watch lists, this year's lineup of documentaries (so far) just might change that. From biopics about Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton, and Greta.

Below, we've rounded up 30 of the best documentaries to add to your must-watch list. 30. Taxi to the Dark Side (2007 The documentary covers the initial meetings between Poitras, At times heartbreaking and at others inspiring, it is a 21st century must-watch. Find it on Amazon Prime 40 movies you must watch before you die. 1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Error: please try again. Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency. Director: Frank Darabont | Stars: Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton, William Sadler We've compiled our favorite trail running documentaries all in one place. They are all free and can be viewed right now via Youtube or Vimeo below. These are perfect for when you are sick or injured or just need a bit of extra motivation to keep up those miles week in and week out. No 33 Must Watch Documentaries For Trail Runners Read

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The documentary must have some useful information (that shocks or amuses you in some way) It must have the power to grab your attention. Here are some documentaries which are considered as must see documentaries based on the rating of higher than 8.0/10 on IMDb These must-watch vegan documentaries, short films, and movies on Netflix will open your mind and heart to living a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle. By Jemima Webber (Updated May 4, 2020) | It's safe to say that plant-based food has never been more popular, and vegan documentaries are playing a major role Documentaries can be a hard sell, but it's one that's getting easier all the time. Once viewed as something stiff and obligatory, documentary film has, in recent years, risen to the top of the. The Sequel To The Fall Of The Cabal. Great Awakening Team December 28, 2020. From the creators of the documentary series Fall of The Cabal, now bring you The Sequel. In this 17 part series, the Cabal is fully exposed. As time is running out, the creators of this documentary will upload one part every week. This Sequel is not about Q, nor Trump

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His documentaries include Nelson Mandela: The Myth and Me and Story of a Beautiful Country, a road movie that explores post-apartheid South Africa. When the Levees Broke, Spike Lee, 2006 The documentary must have some useful information (that shocks or amuses you in some way) It must have the power to grab your attention. Here are some documentaries which are considered as must see documentaries based on the rating of higher than 8.0/10 on IMDb This true story is so disturbing that Hulu made a TV show about it called The Act, which just won an Emmy. 3. There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane (2011) Where you can watch it: HBO Go. What it. The rise in popularity of true crime documentaries may seem like a contemporary phenomenon — thanks to the binge-able series model on Netflix which allow filmmakers to take a deeper dive. Documentaries can often prove more disturbing than the most well-crafted horror movie.Ghosts, demons, and masked killers are fine and spooky, but real-life terrors have the potential to stay with you far longer and impact how you view the world in a more profound way. Below, we list some of the most disturbing documentaries ever made. RELATED: 10 Animal Documentaries You Can Stream On Netflix.

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Having won Cannes' 2019 Palme d'Or for Best Documentary, this film is a match made in heaven for lovers of a good David Attenborough-esque experience. The Cordillera of Dreams. Collective. Covering an utterly urgent and under-played topic, this is one of the most charged, perspective-smashing and devastating documentaries we've seen in a. We're in a golden age of documentary film making, and Showtime's lineup is robust. Here are the most compelling docs you can stream right now.Sign up for Sho..

Must Watch Documentaries What They Won't Show You On Television. Welcome to the Must Watch section. It is our understanding that for a truly democratic society to exist, there must be a free flow of easily accessible information. For the most part (not including heavy censorship in China),. Ten Must Watch Black History Documentaries. American Experience | Freedom Riders. Documentaries can open windows to our past. Through the lens of talented filmmakers, we can re-live iconic. The destiny of four Broadway musicals from the 2003-2004 season are captured in another must-watch 2007 documentary from Dori Berinstein. The movie offers a rare behind-the-scenes view of a show. 16 Must-Watch Conscious Documentaries On Netflix Alice Zhang. Culture. SHARE ON: Netflix AndLearn? In the bytes-and-pixels-dominated era of streaming entertainment, Netflix itself—and its counterpart, Netflix and chill—has become a verb for describing Friday nights with a glass of wine in hand. But did you know the streaming. The following is a list of 10 of the most important documentaries that should be on your must-watch list. Key Takeaways Financial professionals should always educate themselves and learn from others

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Here are some amazing new releases and featured documentaries on MagellanTV this week! Click the links below to check them out! https://magellan.tv/SizeMatte.. 2021 has seen a slew of new documentaries about pop stars new and old—britney spears, billie eilish, tina turner—with more on the way. 10 Must Watch Music Documentaries of 2021 Movie Most people consider it one of the greatest films of all time. Most people are right (we've had quite a few of those in this list we've got great taste). You don't even mind that it's about 4 days long, you're ready to watch a mob family kick ass and hear those lines that everyone is basically born knowing If you are a fan of the gripping and highly praised documentaries, here we have rounded up a list of best and must-watch documentaries for you to watch next. We are all connected by documentaries. The most enticing aspect of documentaries for viewers is the sense of real-life portrayed through historical footage, photographs, interviews, pre. 7 Must Watch F1 Documentaries in the Winter Break before the Start of the 2021 F1 Season Published 12/26/2020, 7:08 AM EST Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and McLaren is interviewed by the media during previews to the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain

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9 must-watch design documentaries you can stream right now. Unfortunately, quarantine isn't going anywhere. Watch this bite of a documentary—it's just over five minutes long—for a look. 5 Must-Watch Documentaries About Addiction and Rehab. By Lindsay Chambers Uncategorized Comments Off on 5 Must-Watch Documentaries About Addiction and Rehab. Everyone loves sitting down for a movie night, with the lights dimmed and a bowl of freshly popped popcorn to share. Many film critics and industry. Some of the documentaries that every Indian must watch are: 1) Ganges: This is a series with three episodes showing the river and its journey from up in the Himalayas to the Bbay of bengal andhow it affacts millions of people on the way. 2) Himal..

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  1. ated Judas and the Black Messiah, with Mortal Kombat soon to debut. About Godzilla vs Kong (112
  2. Sometimes there is no better way to get to understand a topic more than through images. Even more so, documentaries that are both informative and humane can help us dissect a theme in more depth than mere words ever could. In the case of such a complex subject as sustainability, many people have turned to documentary series and films to grasp the concept in its entirety through the many angles.
  3. The documentation as described in this documentary is provided by the hyper-link below. MUST WATCH VIDEOImmediate Side-Effects of taking a Vaccine that has not been TESTED upon the very Corporate
  4. g concurrently on Netflix and Hulu have one mission: to expose every fail of Fyre Festival, the luxe music event that never was. Netflix's take is a self-serving, though.
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  1. Must-Watch Documentaries About LGBTQ History, Rights and Visibility By ETonline Editors 5:13 PM PDT, June 4, 2021 Each product has been independently selected by our editorial team
  2. Home » 6 Must Watch Environment Documentaries For Earth Day . 6 Must Watch Environment Documentaries For Earth Day 13. By Sarah Masters. Most Americans believe that the environment will be worse for future generations and almost a quarter of the population give the United States a failing grade on how we are addressing it
  3. This powerful yet heartbreaking documentary is a must-watch for everyone, irrespective of their demographic and gender. Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer

Documentaries lead the search for truth. Depending on the genre, you could be laughing your head off, crying your eyes out or cursing in righteous indignation. Whatever your reaction may be, here are 12 Netflix documentaries for your entertainment pleasure. 12. The Story of Diana Relive the life and struggles of the late Princess Diana. [ 7 must-watch Pot documentaries on Netflix If you're like CTU, you love watching documentaries, so why not take a look at 7 Must-Watch Pot Documentaries on Netflix? Marijuana documentaries provide new and experienced users with revealing insight into how the new industry works 10 Must-Watch Documentaries For Music Nerds. May 28, 2021 May 27, 2021. I feel like I should preface this post by saying there will be no Beyoncé or T.Swift Netflix documentaries referenced here. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and admire both of those women as artists, but this post is about the deep underbelly of the music world 15 Must-Watch Documentaries on Black History and Culture. David Stol. 1 February, 2021. To some, Black History Month represents a time to commemorate the rich cultural contributions of the Black community. For others, it acts as an opportunity to further educate themselves about the realities of inequality, discrimination, and the systemic. by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog: Nobody is doing more to reveal and draw attention to the massive election fraud of 2020 than My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. His second documentary on this profound national security disaster is brought out in Absolute Interference. If you want to be informed, this is a must watch video. This is a free download that I am running to help draw attention to an.

12 Must Watch Aircraft Documentaries for Aviation Fanatics; 12 Must Watch Aircraft Documentaries for Aviation Fanatics. RSS. What's showing at your next movie night? If you're stumped on film ideas for an upcoming pilot or aviation fan get-together, these twelve documentaries are good bets for crowd-pleasing choices. 1 Documentaries aren't lengthy unlike movies (woohoo! for restless peeps). If you are Naive when it comes to Love, then you must watch Documentaries on Love and Relationships: A bonus point is if you are trapped in an unhealthy relationship and want an eye-opener. Then you must watch documentaries based on toxic and abusive relationships

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Must Watch Documentaries What They Won't Show You On Television. The documentaries below reveal the parts of reality that we are not supposed to talk about; the parts of reality that contradict common sense, but still go on unquestioned by the global media cartel and unanswered by our governments This documentary should give you a glimpse of how complex the conflict is between North and South Korea as well as with the US while showing how the government controls what the western media can and can not see while they are in the country. It is a must-watch if you want to learn more about the conflict between the 2 drastically different Koreas

7 Must Watch Personal Documentaries. In: Filmmaking Knowledgebase. 7 Must Watch Personal Documentaries. Share This Article: Personal documentaries are one part story, one part art, and one part therapy. The personal documentary is a relatively new art form that combines a documentary film and memoir wrapped up into one The true crime documentaries, whilst harrowing and heartbreaking about the victim's family and friends, leans into the unknown which is what makes them a fascinating watch. If you're in need of some new watching material, we have put together a list of murder mystery documentaries you need to watch right now on Netflix The documentary was produced using more than 700 hours of archived footage, which includes news coverage, interviews, and film of demonstrations, meetings, and conferences taken by ACT UP members themselves. Paul Galipeau, Campaigns Manager, Canada. 2. Winni

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Documentary Film is a broad category of visual expression that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to document reality. Knowledge comes in different ways through our five senses. Hearing, watching, touching, smelling and tasting are the only doorways to the outer world True crime documentaries, if done well, elicit the same kind of emotions people feel after watching 10 episodes of Making a Murderer on Netflix.From Ken Burns to Werner Herzog, the crime documentary has taken center stage in recent years, stepping beyond a mere headline and examining the details that can change public perception and, in many cases, the final outcome of a case Here are some of the best drug documentaries you may want to check out to learn more about addiction and recovery. 1. Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery. Here is a documentary created by Russell Brand called Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery. At one time, Russell was a die-hard addict, but his addiction started to cause some.

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The Thin Blue Line is a fascinating true crime documentary that not only won several awards and was entered in the National Film Registry. If you have any interest in the history and impact of true crime documentaries, you should watch The Thin Blue Line. Key Features. Released in 1988. Directed by Errol Morris What is a must-watch documentary? Close. Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago. What is a must-watch documentary? 11 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1 · 2m. Blackfish, souly because we shouldn't get to enjoy animals in captivity so much without knowing how. Made in the USA, this documentary is a must watch, especially for tween and teen girls. ALSO ON HUFFPOST: Phrases Your Children Should Hear Every Day. See Gallery. Suggest a correction Every self-respecting movie fan has to watch these movies at least once. From 'Coming to America' to 'Jaws', here are Complex's 100 must-see movies

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The Best of RT tool finds the top reviewed films of all time in any genre, sorted by the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatomete Must-Watch Documentary Films for Environmental Activists and Greenies. June 26, 2018October 10, 2020 By Jennifer Nini. 5 0 . 937 shares . Share 865. Tweet. Pin 72. 937 Shares Framing Britney Spears isn't a traditional feature-length documentary - it's part of an ongoing series of TV documentaries presented by The New York Times — but it's a must-watch. 1 When Louis Met Jimmy. This is arguably Louis Theroux's most well-known documentaries, and sadly not for the best of reasons. Because of Jimmy Savile's behaviour and the revelations that came to air after his death, many people have gone back to watch this documentary to point out many of the issues. This was a documentary that actually.

The world is rapidly changing, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to flow through every facet of society. During this time of uncertainty, it's more important than ever to focus our energy on creative and compassionate acts — and finding the inspiration to create a kinder world, for everyone.. These 11 films will deliver that inspiration, and everything you'd hope for from a. The documentary's greatest virtue is the wide range of emotions we see from a community low on hope but adamant to see change. When Baltimore tells its story, there are no easy answers. And the caliber of documentaries today is a major step up from the black-and-white films with monotonous mental illness, and abuse, it's a must-watch. Watch Now. 5. Everything Is Copy—Nora. 7 Must-Watch TV Shows, Films, and Documentaries on Apple TV+. March 11, 2021. To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Photo: Courtesy of Apple TV+. Courtesy. Considered one of the best British films of all time, Trainspotting follows a group of heroin addicts in Edinburgh, Scotland who try and fail to integrate themselves into normal.

10 Must Watch Documentaries for Finance Professionals. Day Trading. 5 Must-Watch Films and Documentaries for Day Traders. Career Advice. 4 Must-Watch Movies for Accountants. Hedge Funds Investing Updated: Five must-watch wildlife documentaries. Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting animals, plants and habitats. Preserving wildlife is vital for biodiversity. This means that there is a variety of species in this life. Without a variety of species, there is an interruption in the ecosystem 7 Russian documentaries you MUST watch. Culture Aug 11 2020 Yekaterina Sinelschikova Dziga Vertov / VUKFU, 1929 These films have won critical acclaim in Russia and abroad, turned reality into art. To buy: $14.99, amazon.com Drop into the work of Jean-Luc Godard and start with Breathless (A bout de soufflé), a film starring Jean-Paul Belmondo as a criminal hiding out with the help of his American girlfriend, played by Jean Seberg.. More essential French New Wave films: The 400 Blows (1959), Jules et Jim (1962), Band of Outsiders (1964), Cléo from 5 to 7 (1962), My Life to Live (1962

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The documentaries in this list are inspiring, enlightening, and some even a bit scary. High quality travel documentaries on YouTube can be difficult to find (many aren't worth the hour of your life), but after sifting through the related videos of related videos of related videos, I've come up with this list of 9 must watch travel. Netflix's Black Lives Matter collection features over 50 titles about racial injustice and the experience of black Americans. These are the Netflix documentaries, films, and TV series in the collection we recommend you start with 9 Must Watch Bitcoin Documentaries. 1. The Rise & Rise of Bitcoin. You cannot watch anything better than this documentary. It documents Bitcoin's early days and shows how it continued to rise and fall amidst the Mt. Gox or the Cyprus crisis (2012-2013)

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Today, we're focusing on ten documentaries that every female entrepreneur should watch. If you manage to watch all of them, there's a reasonable chance that you'll learn a lot about what it takes to get to the next step of success. Here are the ten must-watch documentaries for female entrepreneurs The documentary, shot over eight years by John Chester, follows the couple's quest to regenerate the soil and create a sustainable farm on infertile land. Produced by: FarmLore Films. Length: 1h 32m. Release Date: May 10, 2019. Where to Watch: Hulu, Blu-Ray, DVD, YouTube, Google Play Must Watch Food Documentaries on Netflix. So you've watched all the episodes of The Office, Parks and Rec, and you might have binged watched Stranger Things in a weekend. (Oh, is that just me?) Either way, if you're on the hunt for something new to watch, I've got you covered. Here are some of my favorite food documentaries on Netflix From: Featured Documentaries World Water Day: Must-Watch Documentaries. From Kenyan water women, to Iran's drought crisis and a polluted paradise: our picks for World Water Day, and every day

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6 must watch sports documentaries of all times + By Fatima Arif 6 months, 4 weeks. Documentaries are usually seen as a source of information and not really a form of entertainment. However, as the lines blur between different segments of storytelling and the quality and access to films improve; documentaries too are now consumed as infotainment 14 Must-Watch Environmental Documentaries on Netflix. How to Have a Zero Waste Dental Hygiene Kit with 3 Easy Switches July 7, 2019. 20 Zero Waste Memes You Need in Your Life July 15, 2019 Looking for environmental documentaries to binge-watch on Netflix? Here, we list down 14 of our favourite entries for your kind of Netflix and chill This award winning PBS documentary hosted by Harvard University scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. is long but a must watch. The six part series covers the history of the African American experience from the colonial era to the Civil Rights Movement and modern day, while going beyond just the facts to provide a range of cultural and social perspectives 10 Must Watch Documentaries on Muslim Civilisation. This page includes is a list of useful and informative documentaries that present excellent overviews of contributions to science and technology from Muslim Civilisation. 1001 Inventions is proud to have had the opportunity to support and be involved in the development in some of these. 10 Must-Watch Documentaries about Sustainability Seaspiracy. A Netflix original revealing the unsettling reality of commercial fishing and the harm that humans are causing to marine wildlife. From the makers of Cowspiracy,.

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Sharing a valuable insight into the life of an entrepreneur and giving a sense of the dynamics that startup life involves, The Startup Kids is a must-watch for any budding entrepreneur and is the best entrepreneur documentary available right now. 2. Jiro Dreams of Sush 5 Must-Watch Documentaries, Films, And Series About The British Royal Family. Prince Andrew, who is at the handle of the pram, rocks Prince Edward, watched by (l-r) his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne, the Prince of Wales, and his father, the Duke of Edinburgh. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images Here is our list of 10 best artificial intelligence documentaries, that you must watch. Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World. Duration: 1 hour 38 minutes. This award-winning 2016 documentary is an American documentary film directed by Werner Herzog. In it, Herzog ponders the existential impact of the Internet, robotics, AI, the. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is always one of my favorite sources for information, documentaries, and general educational content, which is why it's no surprise The March is a must-watch.

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