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Canon created the 50mm f/1.8 for about $130, which is a great price for that fast of a lens. Since the 50mm is a little longer of a lens, you will see a little better depth of field than the 35mm as well as better bokeh or background blur Portrait and wedding photographer Julia Trotti loves prime lenses. In fact, she known for stocking her camera bag exclusively with primes whenever she heads out on shoot. So, when a recent trip to Gdansk, Poland came up, Trotti decided to see if she could find the ultimate travel lens by testing out both a 35mm and a 50mm lens for travel photography

50mm and 85mm: 3% So it seems the 35mm and 85mm combo is by far the most popular 2 prime lens setup for wedding photography. Why did I pick 2 lenses for this question? Well it's no coincidence that wedding photographers using prime lenses generally work with 2 bodies at the same time Therefore, the difference of crop sensor is more than obvious - 50mm (80mm) is a classic portrait lens, with a narrow viewing angle, and 35mm (56mm) is a regular one, suitable for most situations While a 50mm prime lens will give you a field of view of just under 40 degrees, the 35mm prime lens gives you 54.4 degrees — significantly wider. In short, you'll simply fit more of the world into each photograph, making it generally a better choice for landscapes, architecture, travel photography, and groups of people

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In today's video we are going to go through what the differences are of these 2 focal lengths when it comes to portrait photography. Let me know what 2 focal.. Newborn Photography; Shooting Weddings With A 35mm Lens. Shooting a wedding entirely on a 35mm lens is possible, according to this article. Here are a few features of a 35mm prime lens that make it favorable for wedding photography: Zooming with your feet rather than your lens gives the images a more interactive and feel more in the. The 35mm isn't as flattering as the 50mm in capturing human faces. The distortion is a little bit more aggressive. But it might fit well for full body portraits, as the angle lets you fit the whole person into the frame from a relatively close distance. We recommend the Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM lens Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy today's video - while travelling/visiting Gdansk, Poland I wanted to see which lens was better suited for travel photograp.. As I have pointed out above, the versatility of the 50mm f/1.8G lens on full-frame comes from its focal length that is great for all kinds of photography. Because of the 1.5x crop factor on DX cameras, the 50mm f/1.8G would certainly feel longer, so I personally would recommend the excellent Nikon 35mm f/1.8G lens for DX instead

Best Canon Lenses for Wedding Photography Canon 50mm f/1.2L. Speaking of fairy tales, there aren't many lenses that encapsulate the fantasy of weddings quite like a solid 50mm lens. Every wedding photographer needs a 50mm lens and when it comes to that focal length, the Canon 50mm f/1.2L delivers I am really excited to bring you this instructional photography tutorial! I am demonstrating the differences between three popular fixed focal lengths: a 35m.. Also, these lenses exist for virtually every system, such as Nikon's 35mm f/1.4Gand 85mm f/1.4G, Canon's 35mm f/1.4L,85mm f/1.2L, or Sony's Zeiss 35mm f/1.4and the brand-new 85mm f/1.4 GM. But since weight is a major benefit of primes, it's also a fine choice to go with smaller f/1.8ish lenses

Right Options For 35mm Vs 50mm Lens For Wedding Photography. Method To Create The Wedding Album With A Low Budget. Wedding Photos. Best Hairstyles For A Wedding Photoshoot! Looking graceful is a desire of everyone, and hairs do have a significance to add on that little grace to your look A Complete Kit - Zooms. The absolute safest bet for wedding photography is a set of 2-3 fast zooms and 1-2 fast primes. For example a 70-200 plus a 24-70 and/or a 16-35 zoom, and a 35mm, 50mm or 85mm prime thrown in for creative shooting and low-light. That right there is many wedding photographers' go-to setup Today we're comparing the 35mm and 50mm lens focal lengths. While we are Sony shooters these tips will help you decide which is the best for you for travel,. I love 35mm with one camera (or 35 + 85 with 2), but the 24 + 50mm combo seems great for weddings. tomKphoto 10 years ago They say 24 is like human vision, but 35 is the classic focal length kindly arch [deleted] 10 years ag

50mm Vs 35mm Lenses: A Visual Guide For Portrait Photography. With wider angle lenses becoming better and better, photographers are bound to ask the question of 50mm vs 35mm lenses and how they relate to portraiture. Our friends at ThePhoblographer produced this visual guide to the differences in these two common lens focal lengths 35mm - ISO250 - f/5.0 - 1/250. 2. 50mm - We use the Canon 50mm f/1.4. This is one of the best lenses Canon makes for the price. This is the lens that we recommend most photographers should start off with. It works out well for nearly every type of portrait shot (full length, three quarters, head/shoulders and upper body, and just head. However, likely the biggest difference in the 35mm vs 50mm debate is price. In this head-to-head matchup, 35mm lenses are far more expensive. For example, where a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens can be found for around $450 brand new, a Nikon 35mm f/1.4 lens will run you about $1,700. Where you can get around this, though, is in buying pre-owned lenses On a crop sensor, 35mm is better for street photography and general walkaround stuff. 50mm is better (more flattering) for portraits, but is a little tight for shooting in smaller or more crowded environments. 18. level 2. IranRPCV

Best 35mm Lenses for Wedding Photography: Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8 G ED. Wide, bright and lightweight. This Nikon is a popular option for getting the wide shots of the wedding day. Canon 35mm f/1.4 L II USM. This Canon lens is pricey for a prime. But photographers who have shot with it praise its sharpness as well as that extra-wide aperture 50mm Lens. A 50mm lens is an essential part of shooting almost any wedding. Great for portraits, candid shots, and any night scenes, this will commonly be a workhorse for shooting the wedding. If you have multiple camera bodies to shoot the wedding on, leaving the 50mm on one body the entire time is a great option

How to choose your lenses for wedding photography 1. The spaces you are working with will play a huge part in your lens choice.. For instance, while the bride & bridesmaids are getting ready the 35mm would be a fun focal length, but if you have enough room to back-up the 50mm might be a better choice on a full frame camera so you don't have any lens distortion I recently shot a wedding with just one lens, a Rokinon 35mm t/1.5 on a Sony a7S II body. This was completely unplanned and wasn't done to prove any point. I also carried multiple lenses and. 35mm and 50mm are quite close in perspective, it's not as dramatic as 24mm and 85mm would be -- that's what I would like for lens choices if i wanted a 2 prime setup. then it would depend on the specific lenses. 85mm f/1.8 is good..... 24mm f/2.8 maybe. 24mm vs 35mm is noticeable.. but 35mm with 85mm would be good too. robertbody, Dec 9, 2011 El_Sid Well-Known Member. As a general purpose lens the 35mm is probably the better option. On DX format cameras the 50mm gets a bit long, fine if your shooting portraits but for groups or wider views it can be a bit restrictive - particularly if you are indoors or other places where space is limited to some extent ZEISS Batis 40mm f/2 CF. Along similar but opposite lines, the ZEISS Batis 40mm f/2 CF is just ever so slightly wider than the 50mm mark I mentioned and, as such, this is a context lens. But it's not as wide as a 35mm lens; it still retains that focus and selectiveness of a normal-length lens, but lets a bit more of the environment provide some additional context in your images

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Though there are many which fit the profile as a great lens for wedding photography, such as the 85mm, 28mm, 35mm, 28-70mm and the 70-200mm; here in this article we shall be looking at the 50mm prime. 50 mm prime. The 50mm prime is often not the natural choice of wedding photographers Medium Focal Length Lenses (35mm - 50mm) Lenses in this category are much more standard. Most beginner camera sets will come with a 50mm lens - which happens to be the focal length closest to human vision! If you are wanting a lens that is a more accurate depiction of the world as you see it, a lens in this range will be ideal The 35mm I use allows me to get great close up images but also allows me to get pretty decent wide angle shots. Many photographers refer to the 35mm as the wedding photography lens because of its. While I have experimented with landscape photography using my 50mm lens, I prefer a wide angle lens (somewhere around 35mm) for that purpose. That said, while the 50mm may not be your best option for capturing waterfalls or beautiful mountain ranges, the 50mm lens shines in capturing the smaller details of nature - think flowers, vegetables.

You have not specified which DSLR format you are using - crop sensor (24 mm) or full frame (35 mm). As Forrest Milder has said in his answer, it is very commendable that you are shooting weddings with just a 50 mm lens. Looking at your question, I.. Tags 20mm F1.4 DG HSM Art 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art 35mm F1.4 DG HSM Art 50mm F1.4 DG HSM Art Wedding Photography SIGMA Since 1961, SIGMA has worked towards a single, simple goal: to imagine and develop the technologies that will allow the attainment of the perfect image After all, 50mm is the most commonly used lens during wedding photoshoots and many professional photographers spend 70% of their wedding photography time using it. For more creativity, we have also added one of the best Canon wide angle lenses for wedding photography, because sometimes you just need to capture more space

The 50mm's angle of view is closest to what your eye sees, so when I want to capture the environment exactly as it was but just a little better and with that beautiful bokeh that I get with the f/1.4 depth of field, this is the go-to. I think it's a must-have for every wedding photographer. Sony α7R III 35mm vs. 50mm vs. 85mm Focal Length for Portrait Photography Excuse the dopey smile, I had just woken up. Focal lengths are a powerful tool in photography and their effects run much deeper than just determining how much of a scene ends up in our photographs

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Sony 35/1.4 GM vs Sony 24/1.4 GM. The new 35mm lens does feel like 24GM bigger brother, having almost the same size (L: 96mm vs 92,4mm) but being a little bit heavier (524g vs 445g). It's also a tiny bit bigger in overall diameter of the exterior tube, but the filter diameter is the same for both of the lenses - 67mm I have been dealing with a similar issue and now have the 35mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8, and the Rokinon 85mm 1.4 as primes on a D7000. On a DX sensor, the 85 is long but I like it for head shot portraits. The Rokinon being manual focus would not be handy for events like you mention, if you are taking pics without asking people to pose

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very sharp at all apertures (2) i can use it for a lot of shots, group, portrait, social (3) it has a. close focus, so you can get good detail shots too (4) when it is dim, the f1.4 works a treat. especially at 35mm focal length. if i could only take 1 lens to a wedding, it would be the. 35mm. glen_ford, Dec 6, 2006. #1 Film is 35mm, if you want to mimic the human eye by squaring the circle, you put the pinhole at 35mm away from the film plane and there you have it. 35mm is a normal lens. Problem solved. Why shooting with just a 35mm lens WILL improve your photography. By Steve Huff. I originally wrote this article to end my Fuji X100 camera review but decided to expand on it and publish it on its own. When the X100 and even the Leica X1 were announced and released, many people were complaining that it did not have a Zoom lens, or have the capability of adding another lens The photographs taken with 50mm and 85mm lenses should stand out more than the one taken with a 35mm lens. For portrait photography, you don't really need the background. The picture taken with a 35mm lens shows the distant background which is not as important as the subject

Canon 50mm L 1.2. Very popular standard L lens. As wedding photographers the Canon 50mm 1.2L and us have had a tumultuous history. It's created some of our studios most successful hits on our 500px, flickr, and instagram profiles. However, we have sold it and repurchased it on numerous occasions and it's been a real love - hate relationship More people are choosing to have documentary-style wedding photography, and the 35mm with its long use in documentary photography is the perfect choice for this. If you need more light than you can get with the 24-70mm f/2.8 at around 35mm focal length, use the 35mm f/1.4 instead. It allows you to shoot in much lower lighting conditions. 50mm prim The Best Lenses for Wedding Photography. 50mm f/1.2 - 1.4 Jasmine's go-to lens, the Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens gives her the versatility she needs to shoot in a wide variety of conditions. She takes this lens with her everywhere, whether shooting weddings or personal purposes The 3 most common go-to lenses that a lot of newborn photographers like to use are: a 50mm, 85mm, or 35mm lens. These are all prime lenses, and the number I'm referring to is the focal length of the lens. Be sure to check out Betsy's post on focal length basics to get more information about what these numbers mean The Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95 lens has now come to DSLRs with a new EF mount version Nikon 50mm F1.2 S review - Going head-to-head against the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Switching from Nikon to Sony for wedding photography Pentax announce two new 50mm and 11-18mm star series lenses for super-high resolution photography

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The Fujifilm XF 18mm f2 R was one of three lenses released in 2012 alongside the Fujifilm X-Pro1 (the other two being the 35mm f1.4 and the 60 mm f2.4 r macro). It was one of the first lenses I bought for my X-Pro2 and I often pair it with my 35mm f2 R WR. Continue reading The Fujifilm 18mm for Wedding Photography The fact that 35mm lenses are wide means that you don't get the compression-like effect that you get with longer focal lengths. In street photography, I try to get each layer in focus and want as deep a depth of field as possible and 35mm lenses allow for that.. With a 35mm lens, I can generally get pretty much everything in focus and if not, a lot of times it's just a single layer that. Introduction. We trusted Sigma with their promises and we pre-ordered a long-anticipated Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art. This lens isn't as cheap as its little brothers (24mm, 35mm & 50mm) but since we have been photographing weddings with Sigma primes over the last few years we decided to add this bad boy (or two to be precise) to our clan

Canon EF 35mm f1.4 L USM Lens Review By Wedding Photographer - Nick English Photography Lancashire / Cheshire / Cumbria Wedding Photographer. I was inspired to write this blog post because of my obsession with my recently purchased Canon 35mm f1.4 L lens - a lens which I didn't think would influence my photography anywhere near as much as it has actually done Studies have found that the human eye sees right around the 43mm mark. That lands it right smack dab between the 35mm and the 50mm . The 50mm is closer to how we see in real life. 2. versatile. You can use this lens at a wedding, newborn shoot, for real estate, landscapes, long exposures, newborn photography — everything

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50mm vs 35mm Now, with the 50mm you have the amazing isolating effect of focusing or the subject;s face (if shooting a portrait) and blurring the background. With the 35mm, your portraits are even more fun as you get to capture more of the subject, the background, you can give the viewer a sense of a story behind your portrait, where the person. 35mm. 50mm. A longer maximum focal length allows you to focus in on a small part of a scene, and offers a narrower angle of view than shorter focal lengths. 3. Has a metal mount. Canon EF 35mm F/2 IS USM. Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 STM. A metal mount is generally superior to a plastic mount as it is more durable. 4. weight <p>The focal length of the lens, measured in mm, and the aperture, measured in f/stops. My Camera As you can see, 35mm captures more of the scene and is suitable for full-length and waist portraits. These are often used in landscape photography. For instance, Canon has released 7 50mm lenses, five of which are currently available on the market.Being a rather expensive model, Sigma 50mm F/1.4. Purely by convention, 50mm has long been considered the normal focal length for 35mm photography. Early WA's were 35mm. Many photographers have made a choice between these two focal lengths as their own normals. Many, like myself, have switched back and forth. The truth is, neither of these common focal lengths are quite normal for 35mm.

50mm lens shootout between the Leica 50mm F1.4 Summilux asph and Zeiss 50mm F1.4 ZF.2 Nikon Mount Lens. This blog post is a review of each lens shot with 35mm film and a comparison between each two shooting fashion. Equipment used: Leica m-a and Nikon FM3a 35mm film cameras and Kodak Portra 800 and Kodak Gold 200 35mm film Sigma 35mm Sample Photo 1. Nikon D800 and Sigma 35mm f/1.4 - 1/60th, f1.4, ISO 800, Natural Light. This is my quintessential natural window light full length bride shot that I take at pretty much every wedding. In this case, it was a relatively overcast and dim day, so I am shooting wide open at a mid-high ISO Anyone with some good travel photography tips would tell you this for sure. The 35mm lens is a perfect candidate for such needs. With dimensions only larger than the pancake lenses, it is a small lens which packs a lot of punch in it. The Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35 mm f/1.8G Prime is just 5.3 x 7 x 7 cm. Even with the lens hood on, it is a very.

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The Canon 50mm 1.4 is a great lens for those who are starting their wedding photography journey. It is wonderful as a documentary wedding photography lens. Canon 85mm 1.4 lens for wedding photos. Perhaps one of our favorite lenses for every occasion, the Canon 85mm 1.4 lens is one that wedding photographer should not skip out on. This beautiful. The 50mm and 85mm f/1.2 lenses have the best reps for wide open performance, but as opined it'd be a risky business to shoot too many pictures with very fast lenses at a wedding. Both of the.

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Step 1.Adjust the manual settings. Wedding Photography Canon 80D-Manual Settings. Even though the Canon 80d provides you with some impressive features, such as a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a 45-point AF setup, to get that amazing wedding shot, you still have to dig deep into its manual settings. Speaking of key manual settings for Canon 80D. If I find 35mm Ektar is great for sharp fashion portraits using modern ASPH and APO lenses but not very flattering for wedding portraits then I can just use older Leica lenses such as the Noctilux 50mm f1, Summarit 50mm f1.5 or Summaron 35mm f3.5 for a softer photo

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Capture life's defining moments. Nikkor lenses for photographing portraits, weddings and events excel at capturing the richness and intimacy of every human emotion. With great speed and amazing depth, they're ideal for isolating subjects and softening backgrounds—even in challenging light Both are very versatile focal lengths for many styles of photography, and both yield excellent results when taking portraits. Most people know the 35mm prime is a good landscape or street photography lens, but it really excels at portraits as well. When compared with the 50mm, the wider focal length brings in more of the background ZEISS Batis 40mm f/2 CF. Along similar but opposite lines, the ZEISS Batis 40mm f/2 CF is just ever so slightly wider than the 50mm mark I mentioned and, as such, this is a context lens. But it's not as wide as a 35mm lens; it still retains that focus and selectiveness of a normal-length lens, but lets a bit more of the environment provide some additional context in your images Canon EF 50mm 1.4 - This super sharp lens has a focal length that matches that of our eye. Canon EF 50mm 1.2 - If you're shooting in low light, try out this 50mm model. Canon 85mm - Several photographers called this out as the best lens for portrait photography. It's also great for capturing kids as they run around The 50mm lens is probably the sharpest, fastest lens in your camera bag, most likely the smallest, lightest, and cheapest, too, and it is a lens I will never be without. That said, the mid range zooms have taken over the wedding business, and shou..

Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS. This lens will stay in my rolling bag for the day except when it's time for the ring/jewelry shots. Because it's a macro lens, that's all it's really good for on a wedding day, but boy is it pretty! left: Sigma ART 50mm f/1.4, right: Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS. Source: Sonya + Zach's Wedding RAW - 1/5000 at f/2, ISO 100, 35mm f/1.4 L II USM. Frame rate is improved. A huge winner for confetti shots and action shots at weddings. The write speed and buffer are quicker compared to the.

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I actually have trouble getting multiple subjects in my frame even with 50mm lenses in indoor situations, so for me a 35mm lens or wider is a necessity for wedding photography. I like 28mm focal length lenses so you can use that as your wide angle lens, but 24mm is pushing it I think Taken in the back alleys of Beijing, China with my 50mm lens, my favorite street photography lens. Fun fact: of my top 200 images from the trip, 112 of them were taken with the 50mm. The 135mm f/2.0. The granddaddy of all these lenses, the 135mm f/2.0 has a special POW feel to it. Because it is a telephoto, it pulls the background in for a nice. GREAT FOR TRAVELING - because it's light weight, and is a fast lens (big aperture f1.8) the 50mm is a great addition to your bag for trips. Usually I take along a good wide zoom lens (my 17-35mm), a good long zoom (70-200mm) but I never forgot my little Nifty Fifty. Even if you have two kit lenses that cover that focal length, say an 18. Take a look. In this video, Julia compares the following lenses using her Canon 5D MkIII: Sigma 24mm f1.4. Canon 35mm f1.4. Canon 50mm f1.2. Canon 85mm f1.2. Canon 135mm f2. Julia first tests the lenses shooting full body photos with her model, Maralyn, from the same standing position to show how much background compression each lens shows, as.

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  1. Popular prime lenses for portrait photography include 50mm and 85mm when shooting close-ups, or 24mm and 35mm when shooting full length. One of the most common zoom lenses for portraiture is the 70-200mm. When considering what lens to use for portraits, remember that wide-angle lenses can cause distortion and almost caricature-like results.
  2. On the other hand, plenty of photographers prefer a larger zoom - something like a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM - for added options when it comes to taking wide-angle to telephoto images.. Another popular option is to go prime, like a 50mm f/1.4. But as Julia Trotti explains in the video above, there's a strong case to be made that the best lens for travel photography is a Canon 35mm f/1.4 L.
  3. Right Options For 35mm Vs 50mm Lens For Wedding Photography. Easy Options To Create A Home Photo Studio On A Budget. The Option to take professional quality photos with phone. Makeup & Appearance. Makeup & Appearance. Makeup Tips For A Beach Photoshoot. Best Prep Skin The Night Before A Photoshoot
  4. To get closer to the view of a 50mm on FF you could look at the 35mm F2, the 35mm 2.8 with the built in macro light, or even the 35mm 1.4's that Canon and Sigma make. Now While nifty fifty is typically a good portrait focal length, the field of view of a 50mm is a bit tight on crop camera
  5. Remember, there are several options for the 35mm 1.4, Canon, Nikon, Sony Users on Canon cameras, using the Sigma 35mm art lens required a firmware update otherwise they experienced a weird vignette that would ruin their photos. I have been photographing with the same 35mm 1.4 since around 2010 and have enjoyed it more and more as the years go on
  6. There's a world of difference to how different prime lenses affect portrait photography. Earlier this week we shared a video comparing how four different primes handled portraits, and now here's one from Jessica Whitaker, this time showing how the 35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm stack up. I am really excited to bring you this instructional photography tutorial, Whitaker says
  7. The 35mm is a perfect fit for what I wanted. I shot with the 24mm F/1.4 L, and while that's a phenomenal lens, it was much too wide for my preference. Since I shoot primarily with fixed lenses, I needed a lens that worked well with the lenses I use the most: 50mm F/1.2 L and 85mm F/1.2 L.. The 24mm ended up being too much of a departure from my style, and I feel the 35mm fills the gap just.

3. For the portrait photographer - Fujifilm XF 35mm F2. The 35mm (the 50mm equivalent) or what used to be the nifty fifty on my DSLR, is my go-to for portraits. This focal length is great for getting that creamy bokeh and separation from the background 3. Leica M6 + Leica 50mm f/2 Summicron-M version III + Kodak Portra 400. I didn't choose the Leica 28-35-50mm f/4 Tri-Elmar-M ASPH because I wanted to bring the 21mm focal length on this visit. Speaking practically, I felt there wasn't enough of a difference between the 28mm and 35mm focal length of the Tri-Elmar While there are plenty of gear review videos saturating the market, it is great to see those specifically speaking about boudoir photography. The top three favorite picks are the 35mm f/1.4, 50mm.

Yes, the 50mm lens is perfect for someone like Henri Cartier-Bresson who was a painter first and a photographer second 2. The distortion and framing on 35mm can be maddening. As a photographer first, the 35mm is more versatile and looks fine to me. Street portraits of kids at 50mm (top) and 35mm (bottom 35mm. 50mm. A longer maximum focal length allows you to focus in on a small part of a scene, and offers a narrower angle of view than shorter focal lengths. 3. Has a metal mount. Canon EF 35mm F/2 IS USM. Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 STM. A metal mount is generally superior to a plastic mount as it is more durable. 4. weight This image was taken with Canon 85mm lens at f/1.8. One of the biggest differences between the 85mm lens and the 50mm lens is the distance that you'll need to stand from your subject. With the 85mm lens, the minimum focusing distance is 2.8 ft, and with the 50mm lens, the minimum focusing distance is 1.15 ft

Last month, I received the Fujifilm 50mm F2; it's a lens that completes the trinity of new F2 weather sealed lenses that Fujifilm have recently created. The other lenses being the 35mm F2 and the 23mm F2 of course. When these lenses were announced, I was fairly indifferent about the 50mm option. I have, and love, the XF 56mm F1.2 lens Pros It's the Original Street Photography Lens. Henri Cartier-Bresson, THE bona-fide master of street photography used a 50mm prime lens.For Bresson, 50mm was the perfect focal length, as it offered a certain vision. He felt wider lenses like 35mm were extremely difficult to use in order to achieve meticulous compositions owing to their distortions Many portrait photographers love the 50mm or 85mm range for portraits and headshots, since the tighter focal range compresses the background, resulting in pleasing bokeh. However, wide angle prime lenses of 24mm or 35mm may also be preferred for environmental portraits that capture the subject in a specific setting

Best Lens for Food Photography 35mm or 50mm lens. A standard or 'normal' lens size is an excellent first lens for any food photographer. It feels natural when viewing because it most closely captures what the human eye would see. You'll likely do most of your shooting with this lens so consider what focal length you choose as your workhorse 35mm or 50mm f/1.8: While I prefer zoom lenses for their flexibility, sometimes nothing beats a fast prime lens. For those who shoot smaller shows or venues that are more dimly lit, I would recommend including a 35mm f/1.8 or 50mm f/1.8 in your kit A 24mm lens is suitable for capturing Landscape, whereas a 35mm lens is good for a street portrait. The main difference between the 25mm and 35mm lens is that the 25mm lens is small in size and brighter. Whereas the 35mm lens is ultra-lighter & sharper. 24mm lens is a Walk Around Lens. 35mm lens is a Better Corrected Lens Although it might have been nice to see a bit more variety in the two prime lens releases - 50mm and 35mm are quite close - I see why Nikon chose to announce them as they did. This way, Nikon is expecting most photographers to buy the 24-70mm f/4, as well as a prime lens that fits their style more closely (portraiture vs travel, for example) 16. 85mm Street Photography. I use Full-Frame equivalent as standard size of focal length. So 85mm lens here means 85mm in Full Frame System, or 42.5 mm in Micro Four-Third (MFT) System, or roughly 56mm in APSC System. I'm more than sure this one is not a typical street lens to most street photographer out there

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