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Cattle grids made entirely or mostly of concrete have existed since the 1940s. Individual ranchers have often constructed their own, sometimes using plans developed in the 1940s. [6] In the 21st century, a set of plans for do-it-yourself guards made of wood and concrete are available via the web site of the Missouri Alternatives Center at the. RS Beaver Ltd are market leaders in the supply and manufacture of Cattle Grids, Concrete Pipes, Manhole Covers, Box Culverts and Plastic Pipes. We have our own Reclamation Yard and are specialists in bespoke fabrication, meaning that we can custom build according specific needs Place the grid on the footing top and to the inside of the raised keyways as shown on the drawings or specified by the grid manufacturer. The end wings shall be securely attached to the pressure treated post and the cattle guard crossing grid. 104.6 COMPACTION All fill material shall be placed in equal horizontal layers H-15 Cattle Guards w/o Clean Out (12 tons per axle) from 2,972.00. sal O'Donnell Engineering - Cattle Grids. Add to Wishlist. Product added! Browse Wishlist. The product is already in the wishlist! Browse Wishlist. Home / Other Products / Other

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  1. Key Features. Wild River Concrete has manufactured a range of cattle grids to handle very heavy traffic. The grid base abutments are made from durable 40MPA concrete double reinforced and made to last
  2. Welcome to Cox Concrete Products. Cox Concrete was established by Larry Cox in 1983 as Cox Concrete Pipe Co. Original product lines included septic tanks, reinforced concrete pipe and manhole material. Just a couple of years later, Larry partnered with a local ranch to design concrete feed and water troughs. Just like the rest of us, they were.
  3. While grids are normally constructed from thick steel bars, such as old railway lines, Beton Cattle Grids are manufactured with reinforced concrete. Measuring 3.5m x 2.2m x 0.45m (L x W x H), the grid weighs 2.8t

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Apr 15, 2019 - Explore Cor meyer's board Cattle Grid on Pinterest. See more ideas about cattle grid, cattle, building a fence ABOUT. JMH Grids was established in Orange in 2012 manufacturing farm style cattle grids. We offer a range of farm style cattle grids in various widths in both heavy duty unrated and fully engineered and rated construction. We also provide a range of shaker grids to the construction market and service some of the industry leaders A full range of cattle grids. All our standard 50 ton cattle grids are manufactured and designed to conform with BS4008:2006. An engineer's report detailing all calculations is available upon request. They are fully galvanised, all have a hedgehog ramp, low maintenance and come complete with the base and top sections in one unit The Leading Cattle Grids & Drainage Products Manufacturer. We manufacture a range of quick-fit and drop-in style cattle and deer grids to suit a variety of applications, all made to BS4008:2006. We also manufacture a range of drainage products suitable for handling problem surface water

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Poundfield supplies Concrete cattle grid components to speed installation. A new concept for the rapid construction of cattle grids in the New Forest has been developed by Hampshire County Council to minimise road closure times, particularly when long diversions are involved. The Council has worked closely with its long-standing main contractor. CONCRETE PIPES CULVERTS CATTLE GRIDS CONTACT ☎ 01694 751 265 info@rsbeaver.com CONCRETE PIPES. CULVERTS. CATTLE GRIDS. CONTACT. ☎ 01694 751 265. info@rsbeaver.com. CATTLE GRIDS. STEEL FABRICATED GRIDS. R.S Beaver Ltd manufactures a range of high quality Cattle Grids, built according to your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact.

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no. of grid panels total grid width 9000 8 10000 10 12400 11000 scale 1:20 2 1 detail detail of guardrail concrete plug. 1. compact subgrade beneath the approach slab and under the concrete trough part of the cattlegrid to 95% m.m.d.d. to depth of 250mm min. 3. use n25 concrete. 11. use durameter hardness 55 neoprene rubber strip. 350 175 100 x. Our precast concrete cattle guards are a cost-effective and straightforward solution for livestock farming. You can find everything you need to keep your farm animals where they should be at Harper Precast. Whether you need multiple of our standard concrete cattle guards or something customized, Harper Precast has the answer Cattle grid, cattle guard, cattleguard, steel grid, usfs cattle guard, BLM cattle guard, precast cattle guard, precast concrete foundation, pre-cast cattle guard, pre-built cattle guard, pre-built concrete, agriculture cattle guard, agriculture foundation, agriculture grid, pipe cattle guard, NPCA precast cattle guard, metal tubing guard, tubing cattle guard, L-foundation cattle guard, L.

Big R Guards Standard Concrete Base (Pair) Be the first to review this product. As low as. $1,718.75. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. CATTLEGUARD WING 7 ft - 1 in C/C - YELLOW. Be the first to review this product. $228.13 5 ft. x 150 ft. Steel Mesh Roll Use the Davis Wire 5 ft. x 150 ft. Steel Use the Davis Wire 5 ft. x 150 ft. Steel Mesh Roll to reinforce and provide strength to concrete slabs, and to control cracking. The welded design offers improved reliability. Welded together in a square grid pattern and made from steel

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Cattleguards, also known as cattle grids are usually installed on roads where they cross a fenceline, often at a boundary between public and private lands.They are an alternative to the erection of gates that would need to be opened and closed when a vehicle passed, and are common where roads cross open moorland, rangeland or common land maintained by grazing, but where segregation of fields. cattle grids In our rural products we carry three sizes of concrete cattle grids for dimensions and drawings. 10ft. 13ft. 16f Trim-A-Slab 1.25-in x .75-in x 50-ft Polyvinyl Concrete Expansion Joints. Trim-A-Slab is a product made from exterior-grade materials designed to replace rotten or missing wood often found in driveways and sidewalks over 5 years old. It offers many advantages over the tube-dispensed gooey stuff that has been about the only option available for. Than a concrete cattle guard is today the best way to accomplish that goal without having to maintain a gate. By far the best way to keep cattle where they need to stay is to simply install cattle guards and preferably a concrete cattle grid as opposed to steel and especially an electrical zapper

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I-beam to bridge the gap, three sections under each tread area where the duals will roll and two more equidistant between them and two on the outside. Overlay with 1 1/4 rebar for the cross-road decking, welded in place so it won't roll. Here's what the construction of a 32,000 lb. per axle rated cattle guard is going to look like: Share Cattle Grids. Violet Town Concrete Cattle Grids have a heavy duty steel top on a 40 MPA concrete base, designed for easy installation and long term durability. They are also available in kit form. Sizes available: 3m x 2.1m x 500m. 3.5m x 2.1m x 500mm. 4m x 2.1m x 500mm. 5m x 2.1m x 500mm. 6m x 2.1m x 500mm Cattle Guards. We offer the most complete assortment of federal agency Cattle Guards.We offer the USFS, BLM, FHWA, NRCS, USFWS, and USACE cattle guard systems.Cattle Guards, often called auto gates, are 7.5' -8' in the driving distance, based off how far a typical cow can jump.There are many state and county cattle guards specifications throughout the nation that we do not make, but we are. Apply concrete to the floor and walls of the trench. Six inches of thickness is proper for cattle grids. Place blocks standing lengthwise into the floor immediately after pouring the concrete. Form rows of adjacent blocks, joining them with mortar. Space the rows about 5 inches apart. The block rows serve as both grid and support Concrete Cattle Grids If you have livestock to keep safe, then you probably understand the importance of having a well-built cattle grid. While there are numerous materials available, concrete grids are especially useful because of their durable nature and resilience when used in various weather conditions

Cattle Grids. Traralgon Concrete Products cattle grids are made in 2 sections measuring 1940mm x 2060mm x 375mm. Once together the overall measurement becomes 3880mm x 2060mm x 375mm. The ruts are triangular shaped and spaced 180mm apart which deters stock from crossing. There are openings at the end of the ruts to allow for drainage & cleaning. We carry three sizes of concrete cattle grids. . 10ft. 13ft. 16ft. cattle ramps. Our concrete cattle ramps are manufactured using a minimum of 40mpa concrete and using quality reinforcing. . With our crane trucks, ramps can be placed onto the prepared site with ease - subject to suitable site conditions and access, ofcourse Cattle Grates. Nitterhouse's durable cattle grates provide excellent security for your livestock and convenience for you. Our grates are precast in one solid piece. They require little or no maintenance and can support trucks and machinery. Request Details Design Files. Color Options

Removable Top Grids. Includes Fixed Base to be sat on Concrete or Hardcore. Easy Fit - Dig a Hole and Drop in. No building required. Optional Side Fences. 4 Week Leadtime. SKU: N/A Category: Cattle Grids 10 Kurland Rd Perseverance Industrial Port Elizabeth 6001 T: (041) 463-3338 F: (041) 463-2602 P.O. Box 98 Swartkops Port Elizabeth 620 BLM Cattle Guard 8′ - 0″ in the Driving Direction Designed to meet Bureau of Land Management Specifications HS-20 Load Rated Design Ultra strong Grade 50 steel construction Sizes from 6′ to 16′ May be installed end-to-end for any road width 11″ Step Height Grid only - Bases and Wings - Sold separate Neoprene bearing pad optional - Sold separate Yellow typically in stock - 1 week. Moore Concrete manufacture a range of 178mm (7″) and 255mm (10″) deep Cattle Slats suitable for both beef and dairy cattle. Slats can aid hoof health by allowing slurry to drop quickly into the tank below, keeping the animals feet drier, reducing the environment which supports bacteria linked to lameness conditions such as digital dermatitis and slurry heel cast 400 into concrete. 1 3 1 s.h.w. associated documents no. title s.h.w. march 96 march 96 g.c. government department logo altered. 9/5/2002 rl1018 fabric main steel to span 3m as shown. rl1018 fabric main steel to span 3m as shown. sl82 fabric. n24 galv. cast in bolts with 500 cog. c(s)1315 standard cattle grid details 2 steel notes updated.

  1. The CMA lobbies for best-practice technical standards in the manufacture and application of precast concrete and promotes its members and their products as trusted market leaders
  2. Concrete cattle grids won't rust or corrode over time when used in wet, outdoor conditions. It's also highly durable when used around heavy livestock. Concrete Cattle Grids. Water Troughs. Our water troughs are designed and constructed to industry standards for precast concrete troughs. They are available in various sizes (round and long)
  3. Precast Concrete Cattlestop. Cattlestops produced by Absolute Concrete have rounded tops to deter animals trying to cross and provide smooth travel on pneumatic tyres. These are solid precast concrete which means there are no rattling or rusting steel bars. They are normally sold as a pair for a 3.66m (12 foot) gateway and are long enough to.
  4. g, cutting and tying rebar and no concrete truck

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Cattle Grids are built tough out of steel RHS and are primed and painted for a long service life. The cattle grids are customized for different applications such as round pipe instead of square RHS for sheep and goats. Features: Concrete Cattle Grid. Heavy Duty Cattle Grid Reinforced Concrete Pipes (3) Box Culverts (14) Cast Iron Covers (9) Stormwater Chambers (3) Galvanised Grates (19) GRC Stormwater Pits (7) Concrete Headwalls (28) Junction Boxes & Grated Inlet Pits (14) Kerb Entry Units & Road Gully Units (11) Concrete Lintels (6) Orifice Plates (1) Concrete Pits (10) Concrete Pit Covers (9) Concrete Aspros (5.

All products Concrete Precast. Cattlestops. Kiwi Cattle Stops Range. Standard Cattlestop 2.4m x 3.45m x .45m (11ft 6in x 8ft) Maxi Cattlestop 2.4m x 4.4m x.45m (14ft 6in x 8ft) Custom options also available. Add to my enquiry Share via email. Description. Benefits. Precast Concrete Wangaratta Wodonga manufacture Feedlot Troughs, L & T Bunkers, Well Rings & Lids, Fence & Strainer Posts and Cattle Stock Grids The hopkins highway grids. We have two heavy duty high-way cattle grid designs which cover large volumes of heavy traffic and abnormal loads. Full structural reports and installation guides are available upon request. Load tested to 120 tons capacity / 30 Ton axle weight. Load tested to 64 tons capacity / 18 Ton axle weight

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3.6 metre (12') wide x 2.6 metre (8'-6) jump width x 350mm deep galvanized cattle grids manufactured to the highest standard by ILD Engineering Ltd. This is a fast fit cattle grid, which means no concrete necessary, just dig a hole and drop it in Civil Warehouse. As your number one manufacturer and distributor of precast concrete products, the Civilmart range is expertly engineered and constructed with the highest-grade materials, built tough to withstand the harsh Australian climate. The extensive catalogue includes products for the civil, rural, electrical, wastewater, plumbing, trade. Corbett Concrete is now one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of cattle slats in Ireland, producing a wide range of slats from 6ft 6″ up to 16ft 6″ (as well as scraper slats, manholes, beams and floors for the agricultural market) Currently doing concrete cattle grids Grid concrete excavation ready to drive over 6000$ +2. See All. See More.

Grid made from Aussie galvanized steel 3.00m x 2.00m access grid including concrete abutments Heavy duty 6 bearer and 12 rail construction with all ends capped off for animal safety $2640 plus GST Removable 3 rail wings available made from 112x42 cattle rail. $275 plus GST Aussie made from Aussie steel A cattle grid (UK English), also known as a stock grid in Australia; cattle guard in American English; and vehicle pass, Texas gate, or stock gap in the U.S. Southeast; or a cattle stop in New Zealand English - is a type of obstacle used to prevent livestock, such as sheep, cattle, pigs, horses, or mules from passing along a road or railway which penetrates the fencing surrounding an.

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Concrete, Steel and Portable Stock Grids Stockpro have a range of different stock grids available to suit any requirement, from Browse More Supplying livestock handling equipment Australia wide for two decades Precast Concrete Products, Perth Leading manufacturers and suppliers of precast concrete products. Hills Concrete has been operating since 1963 as an established manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete products in Perth. In our years of operation our company has built a solid reputation for quality, service and reliability Based on the Lower Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Tumby Concrete and Tumby Troughs is a family owned and operated business providing the Australian market with quality concrete products. We specialise in various sizes of concrete troughs, ranging from 5 ft (1.5m), 8 ft (2.4m), 12 ft (3.6m), 14 ft (4.3m), including cattle troughs and sweep. A cattle Grid is to prevent livestock using roads as a means of crossing at a fence line or physical property boundary. Our grids are built to allow any vehicles traversing in and out of property boundaries without having to open and close gates. Cattle grids are built of steel & concrete & designed to daily vehicle usage and types

Violet Town Concrete Industries November 8, 2020 · We manufacture and deliver Australia wide a full range of cattle grids from 3m to 6m wide. 12, 16 and 18 tonne per axle rated Buy Used Cattle Grid Abutments ~ 3Mtr for sale in Dalby , 4405 by Wild River Concrete Precast concrete cattle guards work very well in a wild horse, deer, elk and bison territory. These precast concrete foundations meet or exceed Department of Transportation, Federal Highway, BLM (Bureau of Land Management), and Forest Service standards. Work well in areas where gates aren't an op A hefty precast concrete structure that weighs more than 6,000 pounds, the Smith-Cattleguard holds up under the heaviest loads and frequent crossings. With round top rails and a cast-in footing, it is easy and inexpensive to install. The only site prep needed is a trench 7½' wide by 6″ deep with a 2 bed of gravel or sand

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  1. Hi-Hog's cattle guards (Texas Gates) are made with 100% NEW material. The engineered cattle guards offer a full 8' of road length and come in widths of 10', 14' or 18'. For wider access openings simply add the connector set and attach the cattle guards end-to-end. While the standard cattle guards include a single set of 8.5 OD sills, they can be alternatively ordered with no sills.
  2. Inside the vault, a concrete footer is poured for the beams to rest upon. This type of installation uses the least expensive flat cattle guard. It is easy to construct and install and will last the longest. To install the foundation, a trench one-foot-deep and 1 foot wider than your cattle grid must be dug. Pour a 6-inch-wide wall around all.
  3. Croom Concrete have been producing cattle slats for the agri-construction sector for over 30 years. The slat sizes can be designed to suit individual shed requirements. Our recommendation for dairy cow slats are for a grooved standing space of 160mm - 175mm (anything under 160mm is not comfortable for cow hoof comfort) and spacing between slots of 38-43mm for adequate cleanliness

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Concrete cattle guards weigh 9,000-11,000 pounds. The concrete cattle guards are from 9,000 pounds for a 12 foot length to 11,000 pounds for a 16 foot length at Weiser Concrete, click here to visit the website. There are other designs and businesses that make and sell these concrete cattle guards, as well This gave me inspiration to make a cheap cattle guard. I put two boards by each of of the gate entrance posts then doubled the barricade horizontally on the ground. Nailed to boards and stretched. Anchored the boards with large rocks and dirt. Entire project took lesz than 30 minutes Apr 16, 2014. #8. We have a cement pad we pored probably 20 years ago. After 15 years there was a huge drop-off where the cows accessed it. In the spring it was a huge mud hole where one bred heifer actually got stuck. We poured crushed limestone, about goose-egged size, then some finely crushed limestone on top Whether you need concrete manufacture cattle troughs and grids, pits and pump wells, septic tanks and sewage treatment systems, or interceptors and grease traps, you can count on us. Our friendly and professional staff are ready and willing to get your domestic, commercial, or farming operation running smoothly again, and our road construction. Local authority liable for injuries sustained by bicyclist due to defective state of cattle grid. By: defective manner of construction and the failure to locate the concrete feature a distance from the cattle grid, the concrete surround was defectively designed and constructed and created a danger or hazard to cyclists - Council was aware.

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Cattle guards can be supplied as black steel or painted. In addition to steel cattle guards TrueNorth Steel also supplies associated steel wings and precast concrete bases. If you've experienced low-cost cattle guards that bend or are damaged easily, which is common with round pipe grids, try TrueNorth Steel cattle guards Cattle Lactating, grassland 40 - 100 Lactating, saltbush 70 - 140 Young stock 25 - 50 Dry stock (400 kg) 35 - 80 Source: NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), 'Water requirements for sheep and cattle', Primefacts, no. 326, January 2007. Livestock management Humes manufacture and supply a wide range of concrete livestock managemen The top runners are a heavy 2 5/8 OD on 12, 14 and 16 foot cattle guards and 2, 7/8 OD on our 20 foot cattle guards. We then cap off the ends with 3x3 angle to keep the critters out and finish off the front and back with a steel skirt to keep your fill out from under the cattle guard Agricultural Cattle Grids. Designed to carry loads from 18 tons to 40 tons our range of agricultural cattle grids are highly durable and suitable for any agricultural environment where the movement of sheep, cattle and other animals needs to be controlled. Requires concrete pit? Yes. Grid size: 4.05m across road and 2.6m along the road Cellular concrete block construction detail Type A and B. Standard Detail M/065. Current Maintenance. Precast cattle grid - General arrangement. Standard Detail M/100. Current Maintenance. Precast cattle grid Steelwork details. Standard Detail M/105. Current Maintenance. Precast cattle grid - Reinforcement details for precast Unit P1.

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Concrete - Hollow-core slab - Multistorey car park - Cattle grid - Culvert - Rubber-tyred metro - Manhole - CarbonCast - Stormwater detention vault - Roll way - Structural robustness - Cast in place concrete - Molding (process) - Tilt up - Construction aggregate - Polystyrene - Cladding (construction) - Facade - Soundproofing - Prestressed concrete - Aqueduct (water supply) - Liverpool. Cattle grids look deceptively simple to build. Anyone who has tried to specify one knows differently. Blackburn & Roberts Ltd have developed a modular range of cattle grids to suit every location. All units are made from steel to BS 4360 and hot dip galvanised to BS 729. Our cattle grid designs are animal friendly Cattle scrambling on concrete often damage their feet and wear off the tips of their toes, sometimes leading to infection and abscesses, white line disease or toe tip necrosis. We see lameness drop—from about 17% when cattle are on concrete—all the way down below 2% when they are on rubber, says Goodale Thus the Kinaki cattle water trough was born. Since it's humble beginnings in the early 90's on one man's farm in Underberg, Kwa-Zulu Natal over 5 000 Kinaki cattle water troughs have been sold all across South Africa from the Western Cape all the way to Gauteng. Why concrete? On the farm concrete is an ideal material

Flat cattle guards set properly on a concrete foundation may be placed over small streams or creeks of running water, much like a bridge. A culvert can be placed below the level of the road and then the footers are poured under the beams of the cattle guard to embed the culvert. A 6″ thick wall is then poured around the vault to keep the dirt. Cattle Grids. Traralgon Concrete Products cattle grids are made in 2 sections measuring 1940mm x 2060mm x 375mm. Once together the overall measurement becomes 3880mm x 2060mm x 375mm. The grids are made of 40mPa concrete and steel reinforcing to ensure strength and support. Each section has four lifting lugs for ease of placement Turfstone Permeable Concrete Pavers. Turfstone pavers are permeable paving stones that allow grass to grow through and water to flow through, which makes them a practical alternative to traditional paving applications where water runoff is an issue. Grow-through pavers allow for more rain capture, which is great for your lawn and the environment SABS approved Concrete Products Compliant with all Municipal requirements One Industry All SolutionS About Us Over 36 Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Best! COMPANY PROFILE Cobro is a private company formed in 1984. Collectively, the executive Directors have over 70 years of experience in the industry, and expert knowledge regarding Production, Plant Home Read More

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Universal Cattle Guards. All of our cattle guards are fabricated with pride by competent craftsmen, using only the best materials to ensure premier quality to our customers. Our award-winning cattle guards are perfect for a wide variety of industries and professions, including land owners and ranchers, pipeline developers, construction. 10 QMR - NSW / QLD Border Grid. Button. S26 DMR - QLD / NSW Border Rabbit Fence. Button. S11L Grid and Gate Combination. Button. Crookwell Wind Farm. Button. S13 H Installed - Washout No Problem We have a large collection of Petersen concrete cattle waterers and parts including copper ball floats, replacement heaters, Franklin and brass valves, drain plugs, brass plungers, stainless steel float rods and adjustable thermostats. View as Grid List. Viewing 1-16 of 16 items Top. Adjustable Thermostat for Petersen Waterer. QC Part #275176. Steel cattle guard grid constructed with angle iron : Steel cattle guard grid constructed with pipe : Cattle guard wings : Cattle guard foundation - timber : Cattle guard foundation - cast in place concrete : Cattle guard foundation - precast concrete : Post, pole and wire fence details : Mechanical gate closer for barbed wire fence : Lay down. Sakrete 0.5-in x 4-in x 5-ft Polyethylene Concrete Expansion Joints. Designed for use as a control or isolation joint in most concrete slab applications. Can be used in driveways, sidewalks, highways, airport runways and floor slabs. View More. Blue Hawk #3 to #7 Plastic Rebar Safety Cap connect grid wings to fence . 600. 600. bearers @ 700 crs max 250 ub 26. grid rails @ 225 crs 75x75x5 shs - c450l0 or 22kg/m rail line @ 203 crs. concrete headstock. 250. 250. width marker d4-3a. width marker. rock spall to batter (above ground grid) cut outlet to grid pit. frangible rural fence to be up to 5m from traffic lane. grid wing. rhs.