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Transfer photos to a MAC In a similar manner as for the PC, the 1st step is to connect the Motorola to the Mac via the USB cable. Then select Multimedia Device or USB Storage in the notification bar of your Motorola. When done, you can open the Finder on your Mac and you should see the Motorola appear in the list of devices on the left The best way to transfer files from your Motorola device to your Mac is to use Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android). This program allows you to make the transfer in the shortest time possible, in a single click. Some of the features that make it the ideal choice when transferring data from Motorola to Mac. Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android

Start to transfer photos from Moto to computer After the selection, simply hit the Export button from the top to store the chosen photos to computer from Motorola phone. Note: After the transfer is over, be sure to eject your Moto phone properly before unplugging the USB cable Step 1: Link your Motorola phone to your computer by using a USB cable. During the connection, you may get a prompt about selecting a connection type, choose Transfer files or Transfer photos. Step 2: Open the File Explorer window on your PC and then find your Motorola from the left sidebar, click to open it

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  1. Part Two: Transfer photos from Motorola phone to computer using Dr.Fone. You can make use of an Android phone manager to make your photo transfer. We recommend Dr.Fone which is very fast and reliable. This remarkable tool allows you to move several files between your Motorola phone and computer without stress
  2. 3 Copy Photos Between Motorola and PC . In this step, you can touch the Photo option to preview your pictures first. Then if you want to transfer them to computer, you can mark your needed ones and then hit the Export button. While, if you are going to copy photos from computer to your Motorola device, you should click Import to help you
  3. Motorola File Transfer - Transfer Pictures from Motorola to Computer Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS etc. to computer and restore them easily. Manage, export&import your Contacts and SMS, deduplicate Contacts, reply SMS with computer. One-click Root - Root your Android phones/tablets to take full control of your device
  4. Transfer photos to a MAC In the same manner as for the COMPUTER, the first step is to connect the Motorola Moto E4 to the Mac via the USB cable. Then select Multimedia Device or USB Storage in the notification bar of your Motorola Moto E4
  5. Reboot your Mac and connect your phone via the appropriate USB cable for your phone directly to your Mac USB port. If the Android File Transfer app doesn't automatically open when the phone is connected, click on the Android File Transfer app icon on your Mac. When working properly, you should see a display similar to the following
  6. Another utility on Mac that can help you transfer Photos from Android Phone to Mac is Image Capture. 1. Connect your Android Phone to Mac. 2. Click on the Finder Icon located in the Dock on your Mac. 3. On the next screen, click on Applications in the side menu. In the right-pane, scroll down and click on Image Capture. 4

The highly recommended way to transfer photos from Motorola to computer is using Samsung Messages Backup, the professional Android manager How to Transfer Photos From Your Phone to Computer Using Email . You can use the email app of your choice on your phone to send pictures to your computer. This eliminates the need for wires and adapters. However, this method only works when transferring one or two photos

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Please be noted MobileGo has been changed to dr.fone - Transfer.MORE INFO: http://beego.cc/androidtransferSimply transfer photos & pictures from Android phon.. As a specially designed Motorola to iPhone transfer software, it can transfer SMS, photos, contacts, videos, music and a lot more from Motorola to iPhone with one-click of a button. Besides transferring all common file types, MobileTrans comes quite in handy to transfer WhatsApp to a new device On a Mac, open Finder, select iPhone > Photos. Select the box for Sync photos to your device from > choose sync settings > Apply. In iTunes for Windows, click the phone icon > Photos. Select the box for Sync photos > choose sync settings > Apply Enable Bluetooth on both Motorola and computer and pair the two devices. Then, find the VCF file in your Motorola's internal storage and press it > Share > Bluetooth > Tap your computer name > Send. After the transfer process is over, you will transfer contacts from Motorola phone to computer

Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac with a USB cable. Open the Photos app on your computer. The Photos app shows an Import screen with all the photos and videos that are on your connected device. If the Import screen doesn't automatically appear, click the device's name in the Photos sidebar. If asked, unlock your iOS or iPadOS. You need the Android File Transfer app to facilitate communication between your device and a Mac computer. Download and install the Android File Transfer app. 2. With the device powered on, insert the USB-C end of the USB-C cable into the port on the device To transfer photos from your PC on any Android phone, plug your phone into your computer. You may need to connect your phone as a media device so that Windows can access its files

Have an old non smart phone and want to download a picture off it to your computer? This video shows you how - use Bluetooth Run the desktop software after you install it. Then use USB cables to connect Motorola and iPhone to the computer. Next, enable USB debugging on the Motorola phone and follow the prompts to let the program recognize your two phones. Important: Ensure the source device is Motorola and the destination one, your iPhone

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Phone Transfer is specialized in moving every bit of data from your Motorola smartphone to iPhone, including contacts, music, messages, photos, movies, calendar events. If you are interested in backing up the data before moving them over from Motorola to iPhone, this program allows you to do so by saving what content you need to the computer. Connecting your Motorola Moto Z4 to the PC or Mac is a really practical procedure for many situations. If you want to transfer pictures to your Motorola Moto Z4, if you want to transfer your contacts, or if you want to copy files to the Motorola Moto Z4, you will have to connect the mobile phone to your PC or Mac

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In fact, it is quite common to plug it in, but to associate it is a little more delicate. This feature is quite recent and arrived with Windows 10, it aims to continue to use its Motorola Moto E6 on his computer, program, write and read SMS from your computer, transfer of web pages, viewing photos , and much more in the coming months How to Put Cell Phone Pictures on a Computer Identify your cell phone's brand and model. If you look at the user manual for your cell phone, it should clearly say the brand (Motorola, LG, iPhone) and the model (V3M Razr, Voyager, Dare). If it doesn't, go to your local cellular store and let them look at your cell phone and tell you this. To transfer photos from your Motorola Moto G6 memory card to a computer, you must turn off your device and take out the memory card. Then put it in the proper card reader of your computer. Memory cards on phone are Micro SD cards, you need an SD card converter, often sold with the Micro SD card, so your computer can read it.. Smart Switch for MAC. Once you set up your Motorola Moto Z2 Play and Moto Z2 Force, you will asked to with a pop up link to download the software, click on DOWNLOAD AND OPEN to begin the installation. With the help of your iCloud service, you will be able to transfer your files like pictures, messages, contacts, call and browsing history. To transfer photos from your Moto G4 memory card to a computer, you must turn off your device and take out the memory card. Then put it in the proper card reader of your computer. Memory cards on phone are Micro SD cards, you need an SD card converter, often sold with the Micro SD card, so your computer can read it

On a Mac, open Finder, select iPhone > Photos. Select the box for Sync photos to your device from > choose sync settings > Apply. In iTunes for Windows, click the phone icon > Photos. Select the box for Sync photos > choose sync settings > Apply. Another method is to enable syncing via iCloud or move your images to Google Photos Copy photos to your PC. To copy photos to your computer, plug the device in via a USB cable. (you might have to install your device's software or drivers first). Then locate the new drive on your PC. Go to the /DCIM/Camera/ folder Your photos will be stored there. This may vary slightly between devices, however once you have opened the device. Transfer files between computer and your Motorola Moto G8 POWER Android 10.0. You can transfer files, such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your phone. Step 1 of 8. 1. Connect phone and computer. Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. Step 2 of 8 On your BlackBerry, navigate to the photo you wish to download to your computer. Open the menu, and select the menu item 'Send Using Bluetooth.'. Select the name of your Mac in the 'Select a device' window. On your Mac, you will be prompted to 'Accept' or 'Decline' the Incoming File Transfer request. After the transfer has.

While it did take efforts to restore or transfer the photo on Windows computer to your Android phone. And if it is a Mac book to an Android phone, it becomes tougher. In this article, we give you 2 extraordinarily simple ways to have a batch photo copy on Windows or Mac computer to your Android phone like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google Pixel. 1. Connect your phone to your computer. Attach one end of the charger cable to your Android and the other to your computer's USB port. This method will only work with an Android phone, since iPhones require iTunes to transfer photos over a USB cable. Tap Media device (MTP) on your Android's screen if prompted 1. Run Wondershare TunesGo on your laptop or computer. Connect the Motorola phone and the Android phone to your laptop or computer via USB cables. Wondershare TunesGo will detect them and show them at the top right corner of the program window. 2. Select Phone to Phone Transfer to start the phone-transfer process. 3

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Download the free trial version and try it on computer by yourself. Steps to Retrieve Lost Photos and Videos from Motorola Step 1. Connect Motorola to Computer Launch Android Data Recovery on your PC or Mac after download and install. Connect your Motorola phone to the same computer via USB cable and select Android Data Recovery mode. Step 2 Motorola has made it really easy to transfer all kinds of content from your old phone to the new. First, you'll need to download the app on your old phone (it comes pre-installed on your Moto G. Connect iPhone to Windows 10 computer -> Allow it to access photos and videos. Open File Explorer -> select This PC in the left sidebar -> select your iPhone under it. Double click on the Internal Storage in the right pane to open it. Double click DCIM -> select all folders to copy or copy only the photos you want Photo Transfer App for Android Devices. Transfer photos between your Android device and your computer as well as other Android devices or iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using your Wi-Fi network. No cables or extra software required. Find Out Mor Step 2. Transfer text messages from Android phone to computer. Go to the SMS tab from the left navigation panel of the Android mobile manager application on your PC or Mac. You will then see a screen as below. Click the Export button from the top of this Android data transfer tool to export your text messages from mobile phone to your.

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Saving photos from your Samsung phone or tablet is a great way to make sure your photos are safe and sound. The steps on this page will help you save photos from your Samsung device to a Windows computer. If your computer is running macOS, you'll need to install Android File Transfer to save your photos to your Mac - but the steps on this page should help you to navigate the file directory of. Part 5. Transfer Files from Motorola to Samsung Manually. If you believe you have the patience required, you can migrate all your files from your old phone to our new device manually. To do so, you need to copy your files from your Motorola phone to a computer or laptop. Then, paste them to your Samsung model Step 2: Firstly, backup the source phone or tablet to computer. Take a sample, if you want to transfer photos from iPhone to Xiaomi Mi 10. you need to backup iPhone contacts to computer firstly. Go to Photos under iPhone column . You are allowed to preview, edit, delete photos and photo album before the transfer The video tells you how to transfer the photos you take or download on your LG phone and the ones created when you play games or apps to the PC easily and safely. Depending on the type of phone, the process for transferring pictures to your computer from an LG phone can be very easy. There are several methods that can be used; it all The transfer with iMyFone iTransor Pro is the most limitless while it can only transfer your WhatsApp data from Samsung to Motorola. But you can also use it to transfer the other 17 types of data from iPhone to Samsung or from Samsung/Huawei to iPhone if you need

Click the buttons below to download and install the software on PC or Mac. You'll be asked to select a mode, then click the item Phone Backup on the main page of Phone Toolkit. Step 2.Connect Android Phone to PC Connect your Android phone to computer with an USB cable.Very soon the Phone Transfer program will detect your Android device For wireless transfer of content between Android devices, Wi-Fi Direct support is required on both devices. If you want to transfer your content using a PC or Mac please use Xperia Transfer Desktop instead. 5.Motorola Migrate. Motorola Migrate is also a customized phone transfer app like the four apps above. It allows you to transfer data to. If you are wondering how to transfer photos from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer, you've come to the right place. TouchCopy for PC and Mac can help you achieve this, by enabling you to copy photos and videos shot using your iPod, iPhone and iPad camera, as well as transferring photos synced to your device using iTunes To transfer media file to Motorola Z, you could try this Android Manager, which is a helpful data manage program used to manage & transfer media files for Android on the computer efficiently. With the help of Android Manager, you are allowed to transfer media files from computer to Motorola Z with easy steps, including videos, music, photos and. Part 1. The way to recover deleted photos on Motorola Moto E6 Plus without backup. (on Apple MacOSX/macOS Computer) Step 1: Download and launch the Android Data Recovery on Mac Download and install the Android Data Recovery on your Mac computer, when you open it, a dialog box will pop up to remind you whether to register, purchase or free try. Step 2: Connectio

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How to transfer data between Phone and Phone/PC. Step 1. Free download, install and run MobieSync on your computer. Then connect your one mobile phone or more devices to it with USB cable. This powerful phone data transfer will automatically recognize your device and show its information in the interface. Step 2 How do I configure the APN on my phone? - Straight Talk Wireless. ESPAƑOL. Troubleshooting. Getting Started. 611611 Services. Mobile Protect. Device Trade-In. General Questions

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Transfer music, photos, and videos easily between your phone and Mac with Motorola Media Link - Mac Version. This free computer application makes it simple to take your tunes with you, to load videos and podcasts onto your phone, and to load pictures into iPhoto Step 2: Export photos from Motorola to computer Go to the top menu where all Motorola phone data are categorized, press the Photos tab to see the contained pictures in details in the right-side window. Mark the photos you want to transfer to your computer and click the button of Export How to transfer files from an Android phone to a Mac We show how to connect an Android phone to a Mac using the free software Android File Transfer, then move photos and other files from one to.

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How to Install Motorola Device Manager. At first, uninstall Motorola Device Manager older version installed on your PC. Reboot your Windows or Mac computer. Now, open the downloaded MotorolaDeviceManager_2.5.4.exe file. Click Next, and choose the I accept the terms of the license agreement option. Moreover, choose a location on your PC to. Connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable. Ensure that your iPhone is unlocked. You may also need to tap to allow the PC to access your device. Open the Windows Photos app, click Import > From a USB device, and follow the instructions to complete the transfer. Import iPhone pictures on PC

Of course, this is more tedious than a direct transfer, but it is a fully free solution, and works! 2) Photo Transfer App ( $2.99 ): This is a wireless transfer iOS app that will allow you to transfer wirelessly all your Photos app modified photos ( and videos) without losing the changes neither quality to/from your computer Open Google Photos on your phone. It comes pre-installed on Android smartphones or you can install it if you don't have it yet. Tap on the Menu on the upper left corner and choose Settings. In the Settings menu, click on Backup & Sync. Enable the toggle next to Back up & Sync Verdict: iCloud is a built-in cloud application for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac. Although it suffers from many bugs, it stands out from other photo storage options with its automatic photo uploading to the library and intelligent filtering by folder and date. In addition, if you work in one account, you will have access to your photos from any device, be it a computer, phone or iPad, due to.

Screenshot of ScanTransfer. Transfer Photos from iPhone & Android Phone to PC without the USB Wire / Cable ScanTransfer is a free Windows desktop software program which enables you to transfer photos and videos from your smart phone to your computer or laptop without the USB wire / cables. The best part of ScanTransfer is the program DOESN'T REQUIRE you to install any app into your phone Photo Transfer App. Photo Transfer App is an application allows you to transfer photos and videos between Windows and Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can use it to transfer pictures from Android devices to PC, backup phone images to PC as well as copy Android photos to iOS devices & Android devices. Conclusio The easiest way to transfer your data from your old phone to your new one is using Smart Switch. There are three easy methods to transfer your data: via Wi-Fi, using a USB cable or using a PC or Mac. You can find Smart Switch on your phone by going to: Settings > Cloud and accounts > Smart Switch

Those data will stay in the designated folder for FoneDog and once you have a new device, you can just simply move those data from your computer to your new device. Free Download Free Download. Part 2. How to Access Android Phone with Broken Screen Partially. Here, you can also partially try to access your device without using a computer Download the free trial version of this Motorola Photo Recovery software now. Then install the software on your Mac's desktop. Step 2: Select the Storage Device to Scan. Connect your Motorola phone or the memory card of it to the computer. Run the software. Choose the Motorola phone drive and click Start Scan to scan for deleted photos. For you to efficiently transfer data from the mobile phone to the personal computer, you need to install the dr.fone - Phone Transfer application on your computer. And then launch the program and click Backup&Restore tab to open the window for transferring data. Step 2 Connect your phone to Mac or Windows. Connect the computer and the phone.

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Select Allow, File Transfer, or Photo Transfer to authorize data transfer to your computer. Open the Photos app on your Mac (if it doesn't open automatically), and you'll see a screen with. 5. Copy the images you want to transfer into the Pictures folder on the Android device. You can copy and paste or drag and drop images into the Pictures folder. It may take a while if you're copying a lot of images. Don't disconnect the Android phone until the transfer is finished If you install the Google Drive app on your Mac or PC, you can have your photos and other files automatically sync to your computer. Upload your photos to Google Drive and get at them from anywhere Double click on the download button above and follow the instructions to free install and run this WhatsApp Transfer on your computer. Open this WhatsApp transfer and select the WhatsApp Transfer feature. Step2. Select the Device-to-device Transfer option to transfer WhatsApp chats from old phone to new Android. Step3 Download Download. Step 1. Connect the Motorola Phone to PC. Use a USB cord to get the device connected. And then double-click to open the software. You will see the interface which is marked by four colors. Choose the light blue section Back Up Your Phone by clicking. Step 2. Store the Motorola SMS

Bluetooth allows you to transfer pictures, videos, and sound files to and from your mobile phone without the use of expensive software. Read on to find out how you can start today. I know that Motorola wants you to spend money on the its mobile phone tools. However, you can easily transfer files without them If you are looking to transfer your images or any other files from your phone wirelessly, you can simply turn your Bluetooth options on from your PC and then connect via your phone. Most newer computers will have the option for Bluetooth. These instructions are for both a Windows PC or a MAC TouchCopy will transfer all different types of data from your iPhone (and iPad and iPod) to your PC or Mac. Messages, music, photos, contacts, and more and be copied! Here's how to transfer music from iPhone to Android: Download TouchCopy on your computer and run it. Connect your iPhone. Once TouchCopy loads your iPhone music, hit Backup All

As the SIM card can store the contacts data, you can swap SIM to very quickly transfer the contacts that are stored in the SIM. Step 1. On your Moto, export your contacts to SIM card on your Moto to begin. Step 2. Insert the SIM card into your iPhone. Step 3. Open Settings app and choose Contacts on your iPhone, tap Import SIM Contact First, connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable that can transfer files. 1. Turn your phone on and unlock it. Your PC can't find the device if the device is locked. 2. On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photo.. How to Use Bluetooth to Transfer Data to a New Android Phone. Bluetooth is another easy, wireless way of moving files like music, photos, videos, contacts and more, between Android phones, except it's painstakingly slow especially when you want to transfer large files.. Turn on Bluetooth on both phones by going to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth, pair the devices, and then tap to select. But with the release of the Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Force, you can use a new software called the Motorola Smart Switch. The Motorola Smart Switch is similar to Motorola Kies and allows you to easily transfer files contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars and more to your Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Force

I'm trying to figure out how to transfer file to my PC for my Moto Droid Razr (such as photos) and how to transfer files from my PC to me Moto Droid Razr (such as music). I've looked at the manual but the instructions don't seem to match what is available on my phone. Here is what manual says: Share photos & video Copy the photos to your computer. Note for the future, to simplify the task as much as possible, go to Camera app settings and specify the photo storage location as phone SD card (of course, if it's connected). Conclusion. As you can see, there are many ways how you can transfer photos from Android phone to PC without unnecessary manipulations To Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6 to PC/Mac, first link it to PC/Mac via usb cable or wifi.Here, you can use Android mobile manager to help you transfer photos from it to pc. You can transfer all photos or photos only you want to pc/mac by using Android mobile manager

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OnePlus Clipt app lets you transfer text, photos, and files between your Android phone and PC Transferring data between Android and your PC or Mac can sometimes be a pain point for many reasons, such as not having a cable, Bluetooth is simply too slow, or the file size is too large Transfer contacts between Outlook and your Android. Learn more. Android Data Recovery The best data recovery for Android Phones and Tablets. only $49.95. $59.95. Directly Scan SMS, contacts, photos, video and Recover. Transfer Restored Data between Android and PC via Android Transfer. Preview lost Data before Recovery 2. Connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable (the same cable you use to charge your phone). 3. Turn your phone on and unlock it. Your computer can't find your phone if it's locked. 4. On your computer, click the Start button and click on Photos in the Start menu to open the Windows 10 Photos app. 5 Maybe you upload pictures to a service like Google Photos or Dropbox and then download them onto your PC. With Microsoft's Your Phone app, you can link your Android phone to your Windows PC or. Step 3: Transfer files. On your PC in iTunes, click the little iPad icon that you'll see near the top-left corner, when the iPad and PC are connected. We've marked the icon for you below. Afterwards, click on File Sharing from menu on the left. You'll see all of your apps that have folders you can transfer files to and from