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Nicolae Ceausescu, Communist official who was leader of Romania from 1965 until he was overthrown and killed in a revolution in 1989. He instituted an extensive personality cult while in power and appointed his wife, Elena, and many members of his extended family to high posts in the government and party Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania's iron-fisted Communist leader, was born on January 26, 1918 in the small, rural town of Scornicesti, just outside of Bucharest. The third of ten children, Ceausescu. Nicolae Ceausescu only managed to finish 4 classes in school, representing elementary school. He had to move out of the village he was born in (Scornicesti, Olt county) and moved to Bucharest when he was 11, where he became a shoemaker's apprentice Ceausescus Beg For Mercy, Weep in New Execution Footage. April 22, 1990. PARIS (AP) _ Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu wept silently and his wife Elena begged for mercy as soldiers readied them for the firing squad, according to footage of their execution broadcast Sunday. Extracts of the graphic 90-minute videotape were aired exclusively by.

The trial of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu was a short trial held on 25 December 1989 by an Exceptional Military Tribunal, a drumhead court-martial created at the request of a newly formed group called the National Salvation Front.It resulted in guilty verdicts and death sentences for former Romanian President and Romanian Communist Party General Secretary, Nicolae Ceaușescu, and his wife. This short video shows the trial and execution of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena on December 25, 1989. He ruled Romania for over twen.. Elena Ceausescu was the president's wife, and was perhaps not only the most powerful woman on the Continent, but the most hated as well. She was the wife of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu (1918-89), who ruled Romania with an iron fist in the years 1965-89. Over the course of his rule, Ceaușescu and his wife organized a cult of. Ceausescus Execution-Romanian Revolution of December 1989 as seen on Canadian Television. London Dirk. 1:09. La télévision roumaine annonce l'exécution de Ceaușescu - Archive INA. INA. 1:53. Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu before execution (December, 1989) HahnfeldAcku32728725. 1:53 Elena Ceaușescu's end was a far cry from the near-absolute power she'd enjoyed as Romania's first lady just weeks earlier. Being married to the Communist autocrat — whose socialist regime.

The Rise of Ceausescu. Nicolae was a member of the communist youth movement. He was arrested and imprisoned multiple times. His 1936 mugshot at age 18 still haunts the internet. His country passed from traditional monarchy to troubled democracy to royal dictatorship to military control to occupied territory Nicolae Ceausescu a donat 1.000.000 de dolari pentru Muntele Athos. Nu prea tinea sa faca o sarbatoare din ziua lui de nastere. Elena Ceausescu nu-si comanda rochiile in strainatate. Se faceau in tara. Nicolae Ceausescu in toata viata lui n-a baut mai mult de 10 litri de vin rozé. Nicolae Ceausescu impreuna cu Elena Ceausescu la Constanta 1946 Nicolae Ceausescu ruled with an iron fist for 25 years until he was overthrown and executed on Christmas Day in 1989. A quarter-century after his ouster, the country is still dealing with his legacy Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu and wife Elena talk with party members during the closing ceremony of the Romanian Communist Party's 14th congress in Bucharest, on November 24, 1989, a month. Nicolae Ceauşescu (Romanian pronunciation: [nikoˈla.e tʃa.uˈʃesku]; 26 January 1918 25 December 1989) was a Romanian politician who was the Secretary Gener..

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Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu (his wife, executed at the same time as him), had 2 sons and 1 daughter: Nicu Ceausescu (1951-1996) the youngest son (and the favorite of the couple) was imprisoned in connection with the 1989 revolution fo.. Nicolae Ceausescu refused to recognize the authority of the court and maintained that the revolution was organized by a gang of traitors backed by foreign interests. He seemed convinced to the end that the Romanian people still adored him. Once sentence was pronounced, four soldiers approached the couple to tie their hands with a crude ball of. Before his fall and swift execution, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu treated his subjects like laboratory rats. Those who govern will always try to tax, control, or eliminate institutions that conflict with their warped views of how other people's lives should be ordered Nicolae Ceaușescu (n. 26 ianuarie 1918, Scornicești, Olt, România - d. 25 decembrie 1989, Târgoviște, Dâmbovița, România) a fost un dictator român, secretar general al Partidului Comunist Român, șeful de stat al Republicii Socialiste România din 1967 până la căderea regimului comunist, survenită în 22 decembrie 1989.. La 22 decembrie 1989, printr-un decret al CFSN semnat de. Nicolae Ceaușescu (Romanian:[nikoˈla.e t͡ʃe̯a.uˈʃesku]( listen); 26 January 191812 - 25 December 1989) was a Romanian National Communist politician. He was the general secretary of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989, and hence the second and last Communist leader of Romania. He was also the country's head of state from 1967, serving as President of the State Council, from.

Ionel Boyeru's hands tremble slightly when he talks about the day he shot dead Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena, beside a toilet block in a freezing courtyard. On Christmas. Nicolae Ceaușescu (România: [nikoˈla.e t͡ʃe̯a.uˈʃesku] (), 26 tháng 1 năm 1918 - 25 tháng 12 năm 1989) là Tổng Bí thư Đảng Lao động Romania, sau này là Đảng Cộng sản Romania từ năm 1965 đến năm 1989, Chủ tịch Hội đồng Nhà nước từ năm 1967 và Tổng thống Romania từ năm 1974 đến năm 1989 How to say nicolae ceausescu in English? Pronunciation of nicolae ceausescu with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 6 translations and more for nicolae ceausescu Nicolae Ceaușescu (Scornicești, 26 ta' Jannar 1918 - Târgoviște, 25 ta' Diċembru 1989) kien politiku Komunista Rumen.Hu kien Segretarju Ġenerali tal-Partit Komunista Rumen bejn l-1965 u l-1989, u b'hekk it-tieni u l-aħħar kap Komunista tar-Rumanija.Hu kien ukoll il-mexxej tal-pajjiż mill-1967 bħala President tal-Kunsill tal-Istat u mill-1974 bħala President tar-Repubblika sakemm.

Nicolae Ceausescu, Self: Ost und West. Nicolae Ceausescu was born on January 26, 1918 in Scornicesti, Olt, Romania. He was married to Elena Ceausescu. He died on December 25, 1989 in Targoviste, Dambovita, Romania Nicolae Ceausescu. Nicolae Ceausescu (1918-1989) was a Romanian leader whose attempts to fuse nationalism and communism resulted in such a brutal dictatorship that the Romanians overthrew his regime. Nicolae Ceausescu was born of a peasant family on Jan. 26, 1918, in Scornicesti in the Olt country Nicolae Ceauşescu (n.26 ianuarie 1918, Scorniceşti, judeţul Olt - d. 25 decembrie 1989, Târgovişte), om politic, secretar general al Partidului Comunist Român, preşedinte al Consiliului de Stat, preşedinte al Republicii Socialiste România.. Regimul politic al lui Nicolae Ceauşescu s-a caracterizat prin două etape diferite. În primii ani, şi-a consolidat puterea în sânul. Nicolae Ceausescu, Fire is dominant in your natal chart and endows you with intuition, energy, courage, self-confidence, and enthusiasm! You are inclined to be passionate, you assert your willpower, you move forward, and come hell or high water, you achieve your dreams and your goals. The relative weakness of this element is the difficulty to. It was on Christmas Day 30 years ago that Romania's tyrannical communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was executed by firing squad after a summary trial. A bloody battle played out in Romania in.

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Nicolae Ceaușescu (pengucapan bahasa Rumania: [nikoˈla.e tʃa.uˈʃesku]) (lahir 26 Januari 1918 - meninggal 25 Desember 1989 pada umur 71 tahun) adalah politikus Rumania yang menjadi sekjen Partai Komunis Rumania dari 1965 hingga 1989, Presiden Dewan Negara dari 1967, dan Presiden Rumania dari 1974 hingga 1989.. Awal kekuasaannya sebagai presiden Rumania ditandai dengan kebijakan terbuka. Nicolae Ceausescu was born on January 26, 1918, to a humble family of peasants in the town of Scornicesti, on the outskirts of Bucharest. It would be safe to assume that his early years played their role in Ceausescu's iron-fist political rule; he lived in poverty, with limited access to education Nicolae Ceausescu. Profession: Dictator of Romania. Nationality: Romanian. Why Famous: Nicolae Ceausescu was the head of the Romanian state from 1965 - 1989 before he was toppled with the fall of the iron curtain. Elected General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1965, Ceausescu then became President of the State Council and in 1974 converted.

Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena ruled the country for 24 years, from 1965 until 1989.During those years, Romania underwent several changes, and the population had to endure an endless number of injustices and restrictions Even though Nicolae Ceausescu displayed negative connotations and was for the most part a terrible leader, in comparison to other communist dictators, he was actually somewhat decent. He tried to improve the infrastruce of Bucharest and Romania vastly, and even though he ruined some of Romania, he has build some magnificent buildings that still. The downfall of Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator who ran his country for the benefit of himself and his family like a feudal master, sent shockwaves around the world. Today, the country is still. Complotiştii, sprijiniţi de URSS, încercau să preia conducerea României prin împuşcarea mortală a lui Nicolae Ceauşescu. La finalul anilor '80, grupul care complota împotriva dictaturii, format din ofiţerii Nicolae Militaru, Ştefan Kostyal şi Radu Nicolae şi din civilii Iliescu şi Măgureanu, şi-a radicalizat acţiunile

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One of the most chilling and transitional moments in history was captured on film back on December 21, 1989. In the footage, Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu can be seen delivering a speech from the balcony of the Central Committee building overlooking Palace Square, now know as Revolution Square, where he praised the achievements of Romania's socialist regime and its multi. Ceausescu, wife exhumed. The bodies of former Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, are exhumed at the request of their children. In this photo taken on Jan. 26, 2001. The last time Alexandru Socol saw Nicolae Ceausescu was in 1989, when the communist dictator visited Mr. Socol's factory to inspect the components it produced for hydroelectric and nuclear power. Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena raced for a helicopter waiting on the roof, as bewildered as they were scared. His 25-year control of the country had been complete and paranoid Nicolae Ceaușescu i sovjetski vođa Leonid Iljič Brežnjev na sastanku tijekom 1970-ih. Usprkos sve jačem totalitarizmu, Ceaușescuova politička samostalnost od SSSR -a i njegova osuda invazije na Čehoslovačku 1968. privukli su pažnju zapadnih sila koje su ga smatrale antisovjetskim vođom, pa su ga financirale nadajući se da će time.

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  1. Nicolae Ceausescu, who was executed with his wife on Christmas day of 1989, was a maverick and despotic Rumanian Communist leader who pursued an independent course abroad and demanded slavish.
  2. Fuga și arestarea. Nicolae Ceaușescu și soția sa Elena Ceaușescu au fugit din capitală pe 22 decembrie, ora 12:09, cu doi colaboratori loiali, Emil Bobu și Manea Mănescu, într-un elicopter pilotat de Vasile Maluțan. În elicopter mai erau copilotul Mihai Ștefan, mecanicul Stelian Drăgoi și doi ofițeri de la Direcția a V-a a Securității: maiorul Florian Raț (care l-a înlocuit.
  3. One of Nicolae Ceaușescu's 'Unsalvageables,' 30 Years Later. A disabled and orphaned Romanian child lies in his bed on November 24, 2009, at the Targu Jiu orphanage, southwestern Romania, after being transfered from Bilteni's orphanage, which was considered to be the worst place for children under the dictatorship of former Romanian.

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  1. Nicolae Ceausescu ruled Romania for twenty-five years, with ever-increasing harshness and megalomania, eventually treating it as his personal kingdom. Like some other such tyrants, he was an.
  2. In 1978, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu travelled to the UK with his wife, Elena Ceaușescu, for a state visit. It was a historic occasion, marking the first time a Communist head of state.
  3. Nicolae Ceauşescu (Scorniceşti, 26 de janeiro de 1918 — Târgovişte, 25 de dezembro de 1989) [1] [2] foi um político romeno que serviu como Secretário-geral do Partido Comunista do seu país de 1965 a 1989, servindo também, a partir de 1974, como Presidente da República Socialista da Romênia.Seu governo ditatorial foi derrubado na Revolução de 1989
  4. Genealogy profile for Nicolae Ceaușescu Nicolae Ceaușescu (1918 - 1989) - Genealogy Genealogy for Nicolae Ceaușescu (1918 - 1989) family tree on Geni, with over 225 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives
  5. Nicolae Ceaușescu (* 26. január 1918, Scornicești, dnešné Rumunsko - † 25. december 1989, Târgoviște, Rumunsko) bol rumunský politik, v období od 9. decembra 1967 do 22. decembra 1989 prezident Rumunskej socialistickej republiky a od 11. júla 1965 do 28. marca 1974 / 22. decembra 1989 tretí predseda Štátnej rady Rumunskej.
  6. Nicolae Ceaușescu (n. 26 ianuarie 1918, Scornicești, Olt, România - d. 25 decembrie 1989, Târgoviște, Dâmbovița, România) a fost un dictator român, secretar general al Partidului Comunist Român, șeful de stat al Republicii Socialiste România din 1967 până la căderea regimului comunist, survenită în 22 decembrie 1989

Nicolae Ceaușescu, romunski diktator, * 26. januar 1918, Scornicești, † 25. december 1989, Târgoviște.. Leta 1932 se je pridružil tedaj prepovedani Komunistični partiji Romunije.Po drugi svetovni vojni se je postopoma vzpenjal po partijski lestvici in do leta 1965 zasedal drugo najpomembnejše mesto v romunski politiki, ko je vsled smrti dotedanjega voditelja Romunije Gheorgha. From a formal point of view, The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu proves that it is possible to only use existing images to yield films focused on recent history, yet with an epic vein similar to that of the historical fiction cinema. This is an eminently syntactic endeavor, where montage plays a twofold part: mise-en-scene, as it builds. Nicolae Ceaușescu was a Romanian Communist politician who served as the General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party. He became the leader of Romania in 1965 and ruthlessly ruled over the country for more than two decades before he was overthrown and killed in a revolution Fapte și ficțiuni despre Nicolae Ceaușescu. Într-o istorie contrafactuală, dacă și-ar fi dat demisia în anul 1985 (să zicem), N.C. ar fi murit probabil în patul său, regretat de unii și bucurându-i pe alții. Dar nu a făcut-o ‒ și a terminat în 1989 printr-o umilire supremă, ca un comandant încă suprem al forțelor armate.

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  1. Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu at a New Year's Eve party in 1988. It is one of the last photos of the couple stored in the archive. Almost exactly a year after this photo was taken, the pair were.
  2. Si Nicolae Ceauşescu ( ika-26 sa Enero 1918 - ika-25 sa Disyembre 1989) maoy lider sa Romaniya gikan 1965 hangtod 1989. Nicolae Ceaușescu. Natawo. 1918. Scornicești. Namatay. 25 Disyembre 1989. Târgoviște (kapital sa lalawigan sa Rumanya) Gilubong
  3. Exclusively using archival footage, The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu details the reign of the Romanian leader from his rise to power in 1964 to his calamitous fall in 1989

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Nicolae Ceaușescu a fost un dictator român, secretar general al Partidului Comunist Român, șeful de stat al Republicii Socialiste România din 1967 până la căderea regimului comunist, survenită în 22 decembrie 1989 In the last five years of the Ceausescu regime, she had managed to buy Hungarian-made oral contraceptives on the black market, she said. After her abortion in 1991, she was fitted with an I.U.D. Nicolae Ceaușescu (26. tammikuuta 1918 - 25. joulukuuta 1989) oli Romanian kommunistisen puolueen pääsihteeri 1965-1989, valtioneuvoston puheenjohtaja vuodesta 1967 ja Romanian sosialistisen tasavallan presidentti 1974-1989. Ceaușescun ympärille luotiin mittava henkilökultti ja sukulaisia suosiva hallintojärjestelmä.. Ceaușescu kieltäytyi mukautumasta itäblokin läpi.

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  1. The fall of Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania's last Communist leader. In the centre of the city of Bucharest stands a vast neoclassical palace. One could be forgiven for thinking the building has been around for centuries, but this is not actually the case. It was in fact built in the 1980s on the orders of the Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu
  2. Nicolae Ceaușescu kivégzése után egy évvel elterjedt a román médiában, hogy tatár származású lenne, pontosabban édesanyja, Alexandrina lett volna tatár nemzetiségű, s állítólag nem is tudott jól románul. Az állításra azonban kézzelfogható bizonyíték nincs, s nyilvánvalóan a forradalom utáni időszak feszült.
  3. About Nicolae Ceausescu: Former Communist state leader of Romania.Was in power from 1965 until 1989 when he was executed by an revolutionary court.. Ni..

Nicolae Ceaușescu [nikol'aje tšauš'esku] (26. jaanuar 1918 Scornicești küla - 25. detsember 1989 Târgoviște) oli Rumeenia kommunistlik diktaator 1965. aastast 1989. aasta detsembrini.Ta lõi enese ümber isikukultuse, lastes end kutsuda selliste nimedega nagu Karpaatide Geenius ja Mõtete Doonau.. Ceaușescu sündis Olti maakonnas Scornicești külas ja astus kommunistlikku parteisse. For almost 30 years Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ruled his tiny empire like a Roman God, organising huge parades and theatrical shows. The story of Romanian communism is told through the eyes of the cast of this theatre - including writers, directors and choreographers. Director Ben Lewis : Producer Pascale Lamche The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu had its world premiere at Cannes 2010 before playing at last fall's New York Film Festival. It opens at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center in Manhattan on Friday via The Film Desk. The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu director Andrei Ujica. Filmmaker: You recount Ceausescu's rise to power and.

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Nicolae Ceausescu. was the leader of Romania from 1965 until he was overthrown and killed in the revolution of 1989. Early in his life he played an active role in the Communist party, which resulted in imprisonment in 1936 and 1940. In 1939 he married another highly devoted Communist, Elena Petrescu Nicolae Ceaușescu (26. ledna 1918, Scornicești, Rumunsko - 25. prosince 1989, Târgoviște, Rumunsko) byl rumunský politik, v období od 9. prosince 1967 do 22. prosince 1989 prezident Rumunské socialistické republiky, od 22. března 1965 do 22. prosince 1989 generální tajemník Komunistické strany Rumunska a od 28. března 1974 do 22. prosince 1989 třetí předseda Státní rady.

Zoe Ceausescu, daughter of former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu died in Bucharest aged 56. Zoe Ceausescu was the only daughter of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, who were executed during anti-government revolution in December 1989. She died of lung cancer.Following a short military tribunal trial in 1989 and the.. Nicolae Ceaușescu (pronounced [ni.koˈla.e tʃa.uˈʃes.ku]) (January 26, 1918 - December 25, 1989) was the President of Romania from 1965 until 198 Two days after the death of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, video pictures of their summary trial and execution were shown on television in Romania and around the world. The images of their dead bodies, riddled with bullets, were broadcast and much of the unrest which continued after their deaths subsided Nicolae Ceauşescu (pronounced [ni.koˈla.e tʃa.uˈʃes.ku]; 26 January 1918 - 25 December 1989) was the President of Romania from 1965 until 1989. After the Romanian Revolution of 1989 he was deposed, tried and publicly executed along with his wife Elena Ceaușescu.He had been the only Communist dictator of Eastern Europe who had been charged for crimes against humanity and genocide during.

Browse 206 nicolae ceausescu death stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Romanian Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, after his execution during the Romanian revolution of December 1989, Bucharest, Romania. As demonstrations spread to Bucharest, troops side with demonstrators while. Nicolae Ceausescu delivers his last public speech in Bucharest on December 21, 1989. He would be executed a few days later. Share . Print. As hard as it may be to believe, there was a time when. Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, were shot by a firing squad on Dec. 25, 1989, ending their ruthless 24-year rule. Nicu, youngest of the three Ceausescu children, often staged elaborate. Before defecting, he was a two-star general in the Securitate--Communist Romania's secret police--and served as President Nicolae Ceausescu's advisor, chief of foreign intelligence, and a state secretary of Romania's Ministry of Interior. Forced to remain in hiding, Pacepa authored six books before his death in 2021 Ceausescu Execution Video Faked, Experts Say. April 30, 1990. BORDEAUX, France (AP) _ A Romanian government videotape purporting to show the execution of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, is faked in part, forensic experts here believe. After examining a 90-minute tape shown last week on French television, the scientists.

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Romania under Ceausescu. A map of Romania at the end of World War II. Romania was a socialist nation in eastern Europe during the Cold War, though it followed a different path to its Soviet bloc neighbours. Romania was ruled by two devotees of Joseph Stalin - Gheorghiu-Dej until 1965 and Nicolae Ceausescu until 1989 The palace built by Nicolae Ceaușescu is now the largest civil administration building in the world. Photograph: Michel Euler/AP. One night we bribed a guard with a packet of cigarettes for a. Nicolae Ceaușescu, care a condus România din 1965 până în 1989 a avut o familie numeroasă, mulți dintre membri având posturi influente în Partidul Comunist Român.Mai jos este o descriere generală a membrilor imediați ai familiei, cu legături pentru cei care au articole separate

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Nicolae Ceaușescu în tinerețe. Foto: Wikimedia. Până la Revoluția din 1989, se știa că Nicolae Ceaușescu s-a născut la 26 ianuarie 1918, la Scornicești, județul Olt. Totuși, certificatul de naștere descoperit după ce liderul comunist a fost înlăturat de la putere dezvăluie că acesta s-a născut, de fapt, la 23 ianuarie 1918 Three weeks after Nicolae Ceaușescu is unanimously re-elected as the general secretary of Romania's communist party, police evict László Tőkés, a pastor and critic of the leader, from his. On Christmas Day 20 years ago, Nicolae Ceausescu's despotic rule in Romania ended in summary execution - since when his only surviving son has been left to carry the burden of his family's pas Nicolae Ceaușescu. Nicolae Ceaușescu, född 26 januari 1918 i Scornicești i sydvästra Rumänien, död 25 december 1989 i Târgoviște, Rumänien ( avrättad ), var Rumäniens kommunistiske president i Rumäniens statsråd från 1965 till sin död 1989. Han var även landets statschef och diktator från 1967 Nicolae Ceauşescu (1918-1989) was batshit crazy the ruler of communist Romania from 1965 to 1989, and was considered eccentric and tyrannical even among the rulers of the Eastern Bloc. The closest equivalent of him is Kim Jong Il, and like Kim, Ceauşescu formulated the combination of orthodox Marxism-Leninism with extreme nationalism, appropriately called National Communism Nicolae Ceausescu loved nothing better than a monument to himself. But his ministerial palaces and avenues paled next to another of his schemes for building socialism: a plan to increase Romania's population from 23 million to 30 million by the year 2000. He began his campaign in 1966 with a decree that virtually made pregnancy a state policy