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The Concept2 SkiErg brings the fitness benefits of Nordic skiing to everyone. I decided on March 15 to put the pedal to the metal and go full steam ahead into a doctor-supervised aggressive weight-loss program changing my diet to mostly soup originating from Healthy Choice entrées cooked in a microwave then tossed into a blender with spices Problem is, most guys don't know how to use the SkiErg correctly, and that hurts their times, muscle gain, and fat loss results. See my two tips in the above video for how to get the most from. Tags: Active Aging, Concept2, Inc, Indoor Rower, Online Logbook, SkiErg, Training, Weight Loss. A Great Way to Start 2018! By Concept2. Dec 22, 2017. Our new January Revolutions Challenge was created to give your fitness a boost in the New Year there is no talk of weight classes for SkiErg records as of now. The reason there are weight classes for indoor rowing is because there are light and heavyweight classes in on water rowing and as of now on snow Nordic skiing does not offer weight classes

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