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MacArthur Park, a hit for Richard Harris, Waylon Jennings, the Four Tops and Donna Summer, has the worst lyrics ever written. That's an article of faith in popular music of the latter half of the 20th century -- many artists have written or belted out terrible cliches or atrocious rhymes, but nothing touches MacArthur Park, a heartfelt elegy for a rain-ruined cake People who have covered the infamous MacArthur Park. The first time I heard the music for this was in Weird Al Yankovic's parody, Jurassic Park. I thought that the chord progression was interesting for a pop song, so I asked someone older than myself what the actual song sounded like. They sang a few lyrics and I said, No, I want to hear the real lyrics, not some parody The song MacArthur Park was written by Jimmy Webb and was first released by Richard Harris [IE] in 1968. It was covered by LOL Beethoven, Grass Jaw, Doctor Coffee, Gladsaxe Pigegarde and other artists MacArthur Park is the title, but the lyrics go MacArthur's Park (possessive). A 7 minute break for deejays in need of an extended rest room break The song is rift with meaning-especially if you're an acid head. In my 82 years, no song comes close to matching the imagery, ambiguity, and fervency Who sang original MacArthur Park? Wiki User. ∙ 2011-09-13 20:15:49. Best Answer. Copy. Richard harris-1968. It was first offered to Elvis, but he rejected it

3:55. MacArthur Park is a song written by Jimmy Webb. It was rejected by The Association,and first recorded by Richard Harris in 1968 and then covered by many other performers. One of the best known covers of the song is this fabulous Donna Summer 1978 disco version. View wiki MacArthur Park, written by Jimmy Webb and first seared into our consciousness by Irish actor Richard Harris, began its climb up the charts on April 1968. At seven minutes and 20 seconds long. MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark All the sweet green icing flowing down Someone left the cake out in the rain I don't think that I can take it 'Cause it took so long to bake it And I'll never have that recipe again, oh, no MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark All the sweet green icing flowing down Someone left my cake out in the rai

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  1. MacArthur Park is melting in the dark. All the sweet, green icing flowing down. Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don't think that I can take it. 'Cause it took so long to bake it. And.
  2. Click for digital. MacArthur Park is a song written and composed by songwriter Jimmy Webb in 1967 and first recorded by Irish actor and singer, Richard Harris. It became a top hit on the Billboard music charts in June 1968, reaching No. 2 in the U.S., also topping charts in Europe, Australia, and Canada. Music Player
  3. The ONLY authentic (and best) version of 'MacArthur Park' was sung by Anthony Newley! Printer Friendly | Permalink | | Top. mmm (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore. Fri Feb-13-04 11:13 PM
  4. MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark All the sweet green icing flowing down Someone left the cake out in the rain I don't think that I can take it 'Cause it took so long to bake it And I'll never have that recipe again Oh, no Oh, no. No, no Oh, no. You gotta check out

MacArthur Park was offered originally to California pop group The Association, but they didn't fancy being associated with such a peculiar song. Which is where Richard Harris comes in. Decades before he became Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films, Harris was a major film star, with a solid reputation as an off-screen hellraiser Richard Harris, Irish stage and screen actor known for flamboyant performances, offstage indulgences, and singing the hit song 'MacArthur Park.' His best-known films included This Sporting Life, Camelot, A Man Called Horse, The Field, Unforgiven, Gladiator, and the first two Harry Potter movies WATCH: Who Sang It Worse: MacArthur Park Edition. This has to be one of the most loved-and hated-songs every recorded. People either think it's a masterpiece or belongs in the garbage; there is no middle ground when it comes to MacArthur Park with its famous line that someone left the cake out in the rain. How we made MacArthur Park. Songwriter Jimmy Webb recalls recording the somewhat infuriating suite with actor Richard Harris, and the real story behind leaving that cake out in the rain. Interview. For years, Jimmy Webb has been coy when asked to explain that cake left out in the rain and the rest of the lyrics to his classic MacArthur Park. It's been recorded by some of the industry's most c

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MacArthur Park (originally by Richard Harris) There will be another song for me For I will sing it There will be another dream for me Someone will bring it I will drink the wine while it is warm And never let you catch me looking at the sky And after all the loves of my lif disco. pop. 70s. Donna Summer (born 31 December 1948, died 17 May 2012) was one of seven children raised by devout Christian parents. She sang in church, and in her teens joined a funk group called The Crow, so named because Donna was the only black member of the group The breakout with MacArthur Park. It is an amazing record. The melody, the lyrics, the orchestration, and the arrangement are all perfect. While some people thought Harris couldn't sing others.

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  1. The birds, like tender babies in your hands. And the old men playing checkers by the trees. MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark. All the sweet, green icing flowing down. Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don't think that I can take it. 'Cause it took so long to bake it. And I'll never have that recipe again
  2. MacArthur Park is a song written by Jimmy Webb. It was originally sung by artists such as Richard Harris in 1968. Donna Summer covered the song in 1978 for her Live and More album. It topped the.
  3. MacArthur Park is clearly about a love affair ending, and the person singing it is using the cake and the rain as a metaphor for that. OK, it may be far out there, and a bit incomprehensible, but that is what I was trying to get at. I suppose the whole thing was that I wrote the song at a time in the late 1960s when surrealistic lyrics were.

The meaning of the song MacArthur Park. By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: October 10, 2019. I always wondered what was going on in the song, MacArthur Park.. When I was very young I remember Donna Summer singing it, and I used to think, Just make another cake. Why won't you have that recipe again Richard Harris, who starred and sang in the 1967 film adaptation of the Broadway show, Camelot, was looking to record commercially, and he didn't hesitate when Webb offered him MacArthur Park 2013-04-03T15:42. Here's an interesting response from an interview with actor/singer Richard Harris back in 1995, on the meaning behind the hit song MacArthur Park which he had atop 10 hit with in the 60s, and Donna Summer took to the top of the charts in 1979... It's very simple The MacArthur Park area is the zocalo, the main promenade for thousands of Central American refugees who live and dream in the sagging tenements of the Pico-Union area. It is, too, in its various. Shortly after, actor Richard Harris went all the way to #2 with a shortened 7-minute version of that cantata: MacArthur Park. Ten years later, Donna Summer's disco version went all the way to #1. Now, 45 years later, Ramos says he'd like to record that cantata the way Webb had originally conceived it

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  1. Who sang it,MacArthur's park is melting in the dark. All the sweet green icing flowing down No Googlin
  3. Waylon Jennings - MacArthur Park Lyrics. (Jim Webb) Spring was never waiting for us girl It ran one step ahead as we followed in the dance Between the parted pages and were presse
  4. About MacArthur Park MacArthur Park is a song written and composed by Jimmy Webb. Richard Harris was the first to record it in 1968; his version peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number four on the UK Singles Chart
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  6. or Donna Summer work, so it's slightly disappointing that the song was the first to really break through when so many better Summer songs fell short of #1

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Itchycoo Park is the nickname of Little Ilford Park in London. An Itchycoo is slang for a flower found in the park called a Stinging Nettle, which can burn the skin if touched. Said Lane: It's a place we used to go to in Ilford years ago. Some bloke we know suggested it to us because it's full of nettles and you keep scratching MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark. All the sweet, green icing flowing down. Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don't think that I can take it. 'Cause it took so long to bake it. And I'll never have that recipe again. Oh noooooo, o-oh no-ooooo. Submit lyrics correction →. 55k

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MacArthur Park is melting in the dark, sang Richard Harris on his immortal 1968 recording of the song MacArthur Park. Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark, sang Weird Al Yankovic on his parody, capitalizing on the mid-nineties popularity of Steven Spielberg's scary-dinosaur movie I just Googled who sang MacArthur Park and I don't remember Richard Harris at all. The singer for Wichita Lineman is a tad more familiar name! I heard about a British band covering songs, but I didn't think it was true. Wink, wink. Gregg. Chris2741. Tabasco Donna Summer Lyrics. MacArthur Park. Spring was never waiting for us dear. It ran one step ahead. As we followed in the dance. MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark. All the sweet, green icing flowing down. Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don't think that I can take it Richard was the first one to chart with Jimmy Webb's MacArthur Park hitting #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making his first solo album (he previously sang on the Camelot soundtrack) a hit out of the gate. Both that and his second album, The Yard Went On Forever were all Jimmy Webb songs with Jimmy as producer MMMBop - Hanson (#1 - 1997) - ClassicBands.com M.T.A - The Kingston Trio (#15 - 1959) Ma Belle Amie - The Tee Set (#5 - 1970) MacArthur Park - Richard Harris (#2 - 1968

BILLBOARD'S TOP 10 SONGS WRITTEN BY JIMMY WEBB. 01. MacArthur Park - Donna Summer, 1978. 02. Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell, 1969. 03. MacArthur Park - Richard Harris, 1968. 04. Worst That Could Happen - Brooklyn Bridge, 1969 11. MacArthur Park is a very complex song for a pop song and is divided into four distinct movements. The second movement is beautifully scored and surprisingly poignant. There will be another song for me, for I will sing it. There will be another dream for me, someone will bring it. I will drink the wine while it is warm Q: Is it true that the 'Richard Harris' who sang 'MacArthur Park' is the same person as Richard Harris, the famous actor? A: Yes. Q: Why are there people like Frank? Why is there so much trouble in this world? A: I don't know. I had a dream. in fact, it was the night i met you. in the dream, there was our world, and the world was dark because. While MacArthur Park is kind of a sad composition, this next song regarding open spaces and chilling out on the weekend is more upbeat. Rock songs about parks That would be the catchy tune Saturday in the Park written by Robert Lamm and performed by the band Chicago The man who wrote MacArthur Park, By the Time I Get to Phoenix and other hits talks about how he hooked artists such as Frank Sinatra and R.E.M. on his songs. He appears as a singer.

MacArthur Park, Dr. John Cooper Clarke and Hugh Cornwell, from This Time It's Personal (2016): She had so many hit records and sang a lot of the early James Bond themes, and that brought a lot of money into United Artists Records. And with that money, United Artists were able to sign some punk bands like the Stranglers, 999, Dr. Purchase and download this album in a wide variety of formats depending on your needs. Buy the album Starting at £13.99. This CD reissue from England is almost (but not quite) identical to Raven Records' Richard Harris: The Webb Sessions 1968-69 from Australia, combining the contents of the albums A Tramp Shining and The Yard Went on Forever Donna Summer, whose pulsating hits I Feel Love, Last Dance and MacArthur Park provided the disco soundtrack for the 1970s, has died at age 63. Her family confirmed Summer's.

More recently, Weird Al Yankovic has done an award-winning video, Jurassic Park, using the lyrics from MacArthur Park. In 1970, Harris sang the part of the Doctor in the Lou Adler-produced orchestrated version of Tommy, featuring Roger Daltrey , Rod Stewart , and Ringo Starr ; his part was taken over by Peter Sellers for a handful of live. Watch the Three Donnas Sing 'MacArthur Park' and More From Summer: The Donna Summer Musical. News Social Selects The trio also sang the famous She Works Hard for the Money.. Richard Harris, who starred and sang in the 1967 film adaptation of the Broadway show, Camelot, was looking to record commercially, and he didn't hesitate when Webb offered him MacArthur Park. Was it kismet that Richard Harris went directly from King Arthur to a park named MacArthur music.apple.co

Diese Interpreten haben den Song MacArthur Park auf ihren Alben gesungen. Song > MacArthur Park. Song: MacArthur Park Alle Versionen . Interpret Songtitel Album Jahr CD MP3; Donna Summer: MacArthur Park: On The Radio: Greatest Hits Volumes 1 + 2: 1979: CD: 24.71 EUR: MP3: 9.19 EUR. Richard Harris sang the song in a single take. Richard Harris never had another top 20 hit, but he received some radio airplay with other songs like My Boy. In 1974, MacArthur Park was done by The Four Tops and missed the top 20. In 1978, Donna Summer took her disco version to number one. MacArthur Park was written by Jimmy Webb Timothy Kuratek/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting Inc. In all of music, there's perhaps no more cryptic song than the 1968 pop hit MacArthur Park. With its tales of parks melting in the dark, sweet green icing flowing down and cakes left out in the rain, it's been recorded by everyone from actor and singer Richard Harris to Donna Summer to Waylon Jennings They wanted it to end with Elvis singing a current hit, possibly MacArthur Park, though Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker was still hoping for it to end with a Christmas song MacArthur Park. Patton Park. Central Park. South Park. NEXT> 3. Who sang the lyrics 'Shake it up shake it down move it in move it round, Disco Lady'? Johnnie Taylor. Phillip Bailey. Lionel Ritchie. T-Connection

He began playing MacArthur Park, which he wrote about his first love, Susan Horton, now Susan Ronstadt, who worked at an Aetna office in Los Angeles, near MacArthur Park, where she and Webb. MacArthur statue debated. INCHON, South Korea — The old soldier may have died in 1964, but in South Korea he has not faded away: A statue of Gen. Douglas MacArthur gazing over the site of his. Sammy Cahn called Webb one of the real geniuses and some of the cabaret-leaning giants who sang Cahn's lyrics have also turned to Jimmy Webb, with Rosemary Clooney's version of Time Flies and Tony Bennett, one who took a crack at the opus MacArthur Park which was first made a hit by Richard Harris, who was the early. As the writer of a treasure trove of classic songsincluding Up, Up and Away, Wichita Lineman and MacArthur ParkJimmy Webb thoroughly deserved his Johnny Mercer Award. To keep reading this story, get the free app or log in. Read the rest of this story with a free account

This was a shame, because Harris sang one of pop's greatest ballads, the universally derided Macarthur Park, written by the legendary Jimmy Webb MacArthur Park (Laidback Luke Remix) 10. I Feel Love (Benga Remix) 11. On The Radio (Jacques Greene Remix) 12. Last Dance (Masters at Work Remix Short Version) 13. La Dolce Vita by Donna Summer & Giorgio Morode

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Though the original Highwayman was recorded by four of country's greatest singer-songwriters, the song was actually solely composed by Jimmy Webb (Witchita Lineman, MacArthur Park. Spencer's Mountain: Directed by Delmer Daves. With Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara, James MacArthur, Donald Crisp. Grand Teton quarryman and family patriarch carefully navigates issues of religion and education in order to eke out a brighter future for his family 52 years ago in 1968 I heard the song MacArthur Park for the first time. It was sung by Irish singer Richard Harris. It was sung by Irish singer Richard Harris. Top 40 AM radio was the primary vehicle for hearing new music, and living in the New York area, WABC was the dominant top 40 station

It was the way he played and sang it. His rendition was every bit as dramatic as Richard Harris's version, but it was more powerful, I think because it was so real. Maybe it's because he sang it like he had lived it, which he in fact had. Webb's presentation of MacArthur Park was, in a word, authentic got up on stage and sang MacArthur Park, would you just yell Freebird, or would you stop and listen, and appreciate the state of the art? PREVIOUS SONG NEXT SONG. CDBaby iTunes Amazon (C)opr. 2021 - Brian Burns Music Group. Donna Summer was a singer-songwriter who became the Queen of Disco in the 1970s with such hits as Love to Love You Baby, I Feel Love and Last Dance MacArthur Park: Richard Harris MacArthur Park: Donna Summer MacDonald's Cave: Piltdown Men Mack The Knife: Bobby Darin Mad About You: Bruce Ruffin Mad Passionate Love: Bernard Bresslaw Mad World: Tears For Fears Madame Butterfty: Malcolm McLaren Made You: Adam Faith Madness (Is All in The Mind) Madness Maggie May: Rod Stewart Maggie's Farm: The.

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MacArthur Park is a weird song. I think the verses are quite beautiful. The chorus certainly draws a seemingly odd metaphor (though if you really look at it, it makes sense), but otherwise the song is really exquisite. And yeah, Donna Summer kills it vocally on her version Once home, Cliff turns on the TV, which shows Robert Goulet singing MacArthur Park on a variety program and a commercial for 1968's Three in the Attic - a real movie that's advertised a few times throughout Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and includes the song Paxton Quigley's Had the Course by Chad & Jeremy, heard briefly in the TV ad. 11 Actor who sang MacArthur Park (1930-2002) RICHARD HARRIS 12 Only winner of a Nobel Prize for literature and an Oscar (1856-1950) GEORGE BERNARD SHAW 13 Lead singer of Them before going solo (b1945) VAN MORRISON 14 Actor star of Fifty Shades of Grey (b1982) JAMIE DORNAN 15 Architect-designer of The White House (1758-1831. Next Amber sang MacArthur Park which... Come on, guys. Do the assignment. If you're gonna give the assignment you gotta do the assignment. MacArthur Park is, yes, originally a Richard Harris. In 1978, MacArthur Park became Summer's first song to hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart. Photos: Disco legend sang from the moment she learned to talk, and her debut.

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The lyrics were changed and when Donna originally recorded it, she actually sang dear not girl (probably to blur the lines and make the song widely accepted) and nowhere is there mentioning of brownies, it was a cake and was a metaphor for time spent in MacArthur Park (an actual place) MacArthur Park has the surreal quality of lyrics that began to appear in the 1960's as they project a dreamlike quilty of something half remembered. Harris puts a mournful Irish tone and the right level of emotion into tunes that would otherwise seem trite. And Paperchase, surreal as MacArthur Park, has that innocence still true of the music. Tracks of Disc 1. 1. Mac Arthur Park. 2. The Yard Went On Forever. 33%off. Collectables Top Hits, Volume 15 (3-CD) Released in 2014. $30.23 on Sale It was a hit back about 1968 CE. Please note, however, that many Americans believe MacArthur Park is the worst song ever, worst in the century, silliest, least comprehensible song. Jim Webb wrote the song, and Richard Harris recorded it. It was a hit. Joe used to own the Richard Harris album, way back when. Well, my friends, today, Joe.

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MacArthur Park 45 1978 R&B. 8 1978 Brazil. 22 1978 Pop. 1978 Hot Stuff 82 1979 Brazil. 5 1979 Pop. 1 1979 Rock. 19 1979 R&B. 1979 No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) 9 1979 R&B. 30 1979 Pop. 64 1979 Brazil. 1979 On the Radio 18 1980 Rock. 47 1980 R&B. 55 1980 Pop. 1980 Love is in Control (Finger On the Trigger) 64 1982 Pop. 22 1982 R&B. 1982. 'MacArthur Park' is the one song I've been asked about in almost every interview I've done. For a while I got tired of being asked what the 'cake in the rain' line meant, but I learnt to live with. What do you do after recording your debut album and landing a hit with MacArthur Park, one of the longest, strangest (and in some circles, most loathed) songs to hit the Top 40 charts? If you're Richard Harris , you follow it up with The Yard Went On Forever , a dense, nearly incomprehensible Jimmy Webb concept album, then you follow it up. As Eddy Arnold sang, Make the world go away. Young kids today won't understand, but a song called MacArthur Park included the lines, Someone left the cake out in the rain, and I don't think I can take it, because it took so long to bake it, and I'll never have the recipe again. What the ding-dong heck was that all about MacArthur Park (Swedish translation) Artist: Donna Summer; Also performed by: Andy Williams, Jerry Vale, Jimmy Webb, Liza Minnelli, Nancy Sinatra, Richard Harris. 5 more, The Four Tops, The Ray Charles Singers, The Travellers, Tony Bennett, Waylon Jennings

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When the producer Bones Howe asked him for an epic song for The Association, Jimmy went away to his piano for days, working around the clock until MacArthur Park was complete Jurassic Park is a song by Weird Al Yankovic. It is a parody of MacArthur Park by Jimmy Webb (as performed by Richard Harris), and is written as a humorous take on the film. 1 Music video 2 Featured Animals 3 Characters Spoofed 3.1 Jurassic Park Franchise 3.2 Other Media Icons 4 Lyrics 5 Trivia The music video is done mostly with claymation in the style of Will Vinton's Dinosaurs! - A. Rowetta - MacArthur Park Tabby - Dont Want To Miss A Thing Cassie - Hero Steve - Help Me Make It Through The Night VWS - Lady Marmalade G4 - Circle Of Lif

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But some South Koreans, such as protester Han Sang-ryul, have a much less heroic conception of MacArthur. Mr. Han tells South Korea's YTN network the Incheon statue of MacArthur is a symbol of war. Jennings was an immensely charismatic performer whose booming voice took full ownership of any song he sang, whether it was Jimmy Webb's MacArthur Park, Steve Young's Lonesome On'ry & Mean, or one of his own compositions. Nashville may have gone back to making cookie cutter records, but Waylon was still out there doing his own thing right. I liked the song MacArthur Park by Richard Harris when it came out in the spring of 1968 because at that time, General Douglas MacArthur was one of my heroes—and he still is. I also liked the fact that a song about Los Angeles was a big hit. 12 posted on 09/05/2016 5:40:14 PM PDT by Fiji Hil and 2 lines from taste of honey's boogie oogie oogie when she introduced her bass player! she also sang my man medley and was fabulous! other songs that she sang were macarthur park (full version) could it be magic, dim all the lights, on the radio, hot stuff/bad girls, and enough is enough (with her sister mary - who explained.

MacArthur Park - Donna Summer . Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? - Rod Stewart . Disco Lady - Johnnie Taylor . Correct! Wrong!-Who sang Dancing Queen in 1977? ABBA . The Emotions . Alan O'Day . Rita Coolidge . Correct! Wrong!- Complete the title of the 1970 song by Three Dog Night - _____ Told Me (Not to Come). MacArthur Park is an epic song written by Jimmy Webb and first performed by Richard Harris on his album A Tramp Shining in 1968. The seminal recording topped the music charts in Europe and peaked at number two on the U.S. charts. The song is named after MacArthur Park, a park in Los Angeles, California Everyone else did that sound after 'I Feel Love' and 'MacArthur Park Suite.' I remember in the '70s, being in the Grove on Fire Island at the Ice Palace. She sang one of her songs.

MacArthur Park By Donna Summer Jimmy Webb - Digital Sheet Music for - Download & Print HX.379853 | Sheet Music Plus Lyrics to 'Macarthur Park' by Frank Sinatra. Spring was never waiting for us, girl, it ran one step ahead as we followed in the dance, Between the parted pages that were pressed, A love hot fevered like a striped pair of pants, MacArthur Park is melting in the dark, all the sweet, green icing flowing down. Someone left the cake out in the rain 2. 9) VICKI SUE ROBINSON. Source:Getty. Vicki Sue Robinson (May 31, 1954 - April 27, 2000) performed one of the iconic early hits of the disco age, Turn The Beat Around, which went Top 10. Download on Amazon - MacArthur Park (Rosabel's Radio Mix) Play on Apple Music - MacArthur Park (Rosabel's Radio Mix) Download on iTunes - MacArthur Park (Rosabel's Radio Mix) Play on Spotify - MacArthur Park (Rosabel's Radio Mix) Play on YouTube - MacArthur Park (Rosabel's Radio Mix