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- ES44DC's on the BNSF have the dynamic brake vents spaced way out, one on each side of the door behind the cab. ES44AC's on the BNSF have the dynamics closer together, both behind the door. - There is an extra grill under the conductor's side window on the AC's. On the UP, any GE wearing Armour yellow, for the time being, is an AC The Evolution Series, mainly the ES44DC, ES44AC, and ET44AC, are some of the best-selling and most successful freight locomotives in United States history. Models. Currently, six different Evolution Series models have been produced for the North American market. They are all six axle locomotives and have the wheel. Since CSXT's 700- and 800-series model ES44AC units have HTE software, they are class ES44AH. Even though the 5200-series model ES44DC units weigh 432,000 pounds, they are not class ES44DH because they do not have HTE software. Username. Jay Potter The ES40DC, ES44DC, ES44AC, ES44C4, ET44AC, and ET44C4 were the final models cataloged by General Electric as part of its low emission, Evolution Series. On February 25, 2019 GE Transportation officially merged with Wabtec, forming Wabtec Freight. In the late 1980s GE surpassed long-time industry leader Electro-Motive (after EMD faltered with.

The first ES44DC units (BNSF 5718-5747) were previously the early AC44EV pre-production ES44AC testbeds delivered between August 2003 and January 2004, but were eventually converted into what was dubbed as a DC V12 Hybrid Locomotive, which became the first examples of ES44DC units on the road, but not actually produced GE call the new units ES44AC (replacing AC4400CW) and ES44DC (replacing Dash9-44CW). NS reduce the power of their units from 4400HP to 4000HP, so they call their units ES40DC. So far other roads do not do this, so if BNSF buy DC units, they would be ES44DC. Peter Hello Peter Thanks for all the info, one last queston, what are the major physcial. As far as ES44AC's vs. ES44DC's, I have read that the former cost as much as $1 million more than the latter. Buying cheaper DC locos would seem a logical way for BNSF to go for this job (as NS has always done until recently), but BNSF very well may have a long term vision of getting out of the DC business and it's maintenance problems altogether From the railroad's perspective, the newer generation locomotives (such as the GE Evolution Series ES44AC and ES44DC and the EMD SD70Ace and SD70M2) are better from fuel efficiency (therefore operating cost) standpoint as well as from an emissions (air pollution) standpoint

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  1. General Electric ES44AC; Data Sheet Information Compiled by: JEAN-DENIS BACHAND: New: 27 October 2007: Drawing by: Jean-Denis Bachand-Engine Builder: General Electric: Engine: 4-cycle GEVO 12: Bore & Stroke: 250mm X 320mm : RPM (Maximum / Minimum) 1050 / 450: Main Generator: GE - GMG196A: Horsepower: 4400: Gear Ratio: 83:20: Speed: 70 mph: 6.
  2. A good example of an AC Locomotive would be the ES44DC counterpart, ES44AC. These locomotives have successfully sold for years, in 2015 the General Electric plant was packed and the orders were 2-3 years backlogged. If you are wondering where the locomotive model name comes from, ES comes from Evolution Series, 44 semnficate 4400 horsepower and.
  3. The ES44AC is available in a few variants to meet specific customers' needs. These include versions with direct current traction motors (ES44DC), a heavy version designed for higher low-speed tractive effort (ES44AH), and a version with two traction motors per truck instead of three (ES44C4). BNSF Ry. is the original customer of this.
  4. The GE (General Electric) ES44AC is a type of six-axle, 12-cylinder, 4,400hp diesel locomotive built by GE Transportation Systems from 2004 to present (though first introduced in early 2002).The model is part of the Evolution Series (also known simply as a GEVO); the current locomotive line from the company, and is also considerably the leading diesel locomotive model of the locomotive.
  5. The Wild Eight v0.7.39 Key Generator Trainz - JR - CN ES44DC.rar v0.50.01 latest version Friday the 15 th The Game-CODEX dna hack.. 39b9b53302 Spirit of Revenge - Cursed Castle CE [FINAL-UPD] 2014 VS COMICS 2.1 (new version) tournament hack Visual RPG Studio 1.1 (RPG Capsized GOG Update Trainz - JR - CN ES44DC.rar CPY Hearts.of.

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https://www.trainworld.com/manufacturers/athearn/genesis-ho-scale/athearn-athearn-athearn-diesel-engines-1/athearn-es44ac-ES44DC/ Standard Statement Now Bulk.. Hey guys! Today we have an in depth review of my Intermountain es44dc. Me and fellow youtuber Trainoholic have teamed up to bring you an in depth comparison.

The new prime mover drives an alternator producing AC current that is rectified to DC current. On the ES44DC, this powers the traction motors. On the ES44AC and ES44C4, the DC current is chopped back into AC to power the traction motors. The two models share a common 73' 2 frame and external appearance ES44AC / ES44DC ONLY Change E-bell to Air Bell: CV 48 = Current Value +64: Add 64 to current value of CV 48 and interrupt track power for at least 1 second. Changes E-Bell sound to Air Bell sound for early delivered GEVOs. (Default CV 48 = 21. +64 = 85.) Current CV 48 value can be read back using the program track. ES44AC / ES44DC & U18

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CN 63rd St 0032 1-17-15. eyepilot13. 2 Comments. 18 Favourites. IAIS ES44AC Sprite. SantaFe669. 0 Comments. 10 Favourites. ES44AC 1213 ES44DC 7433 General Electric's standard bearers are the EVOs, the Evolution Series ES44AC and ES44DC. At the heart of the Evolution Series is a brand new prime mover, the turbocharged four-cycle, 12-cylinder GEVO-12. While producing the same 4400 horsepower as its 16-cylinder FDL-series predecessor, the GEVO-12 uses less fuel and spits out 40% fewer.

The ES44C4 ( E volution S eries, 44 00 HP, C to denote 3 axles per truck, 4 traction motors) was introduced in 2009. While similar to the ES44AC, the ES44C4 has two traction motors per truck, instead of the conventional three such as on the ES44AC. No ES44C4s with DC traction were built. The center axle of each truck is unpowered, giving an A1A. The ES44DC and ES44AC external details have changed with almost every year's new orders. These models are of the early version produced in 2005 and 2006 and include the nose door on the left side, two widely-spaced dynamic brake vents, X-panels on the electrical cabinet, side grab irons on the long hood and flush-mounted top radiator grilles.

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General Electric ET44AC. The ET44AC ( E volution Series T ier 4, 44 00 HP, AC traction) replaces the ES44AC model. These locomotives have been ordered by most of the Class I railroads in North America, including Union Pacific, CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern, KCS, and Canadian National Railway. BNSF Railway will be receiving similar ET44C4. ES44AC vs. ES44DC H2 vs. H3 The engines were sitting across from each other at the shops, yet somehow I didn't get them in one shot.. I compared the Intermountain ES44DC and Athearn Genesis ES44AC side-by-side. The Intermountain is very nice, but overall the Athearn is better. Especially the fineness of the roof detail. It's interesting how there are so many places where they differ on hatch size, body panel line placement, etc..

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There are thousands on the rails, the most likely thing to see leading any mainline train. Examples include Dash-8, Dash-9, AC4400CW, ES44AC, ES44DC, etc. ES44AC (credits/license) Prototype version. This one-off prototype was created in 1988 from a B40-8. Prototype B40-8W (Bill Wilcox) Canadian Dash-9 Australian Ca The IORE locos are ballasted up to 180t per single unit which allows them a maximum of 700 kN of tractive effort which makes them stronger than the Dash-9s/ES44DC but slightly weaker than the AC44/ES44AC (180'000 lbf or 800 kN) but ofc much more powerful (7200hp vs 4400hp)

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57 River Rd. Box 1023, Essex Jct., VT. 05452 Toll Free: 800-978-3472 Fax: 802-878-5550 Email: info@tonystrains.com Web: www.tonystrains.com We Offer and Support More DCC Products Than Anyone Observation about DC vs DCC. Fri, 2019-08-16 08:42 — rideupjeep. Track and electrical/DCC. Locos - Rolling stock (general) Been inactive in the hobby for about 5 years and in that time it looks more like an electronics hobby than trains. Seems like DCC has been taken to the point of taking over all the fun of building and running trains ES44DC and ES44AC) in 2003, the horsepower standard for line haul locomotives has risen 10% to 4,300 to 4,400 horsepower. This means that for almost the last 30 years EMD and GE have not manufactured GE ES44AC/ES44DC Gevo GE P42 Genesis GE U30C : MPI MP36PH : Siemens ACS-64 Amtrak Cities Sprinter | Home | Purchase | Find a Shop | FAQ | About KATO | Site Map | Kato USA, Inc. 100 Remington Road Schaumburg, IL 60173. Welcome to the SoundTraxx Decoder Selector. This section will assist you in selecting the correct SoundTraxx Digital Sound Decoder for your locomotive. Start with the scale you model and then find your locomotive based on its manufacturer. This is an ongoing improvement, so if you don't see your particular model, please check back from time.

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  1. ES44DC 7628, C44-9W 9889, ES44AC 8029, DPU: ES44AC 8164. Train 3: NS 24Z . SD70ACe 1203, SD70ACe 1217. Train 4: NS 21G . ES44DC 7668, C44-9W 9468. For a birthday trip in 2013, my family rode on one of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad's Steam in the Valley excursions. Power was provided by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society's Nickel.
  2. GTMC includes the revenue ton-miles of cargo, as well as the tare ton-miles of the cars, trailers, and containers needed. The overall relationship between GTMC and fuel consumption is illustrated in Fig. 1, in which each square represents an individual railroad and year.As the trend line suggests, there is a strong linear relationship between fuel consumption and GTMC; the R 2 is 0.99
  3. Kato N 176-8934 GE ES44AC Canadian Pacific CP #8700. The ES Evolution Series of locomotives are built by GE Transportation Systems and designed to meet the U.S. EPA's Tier 2 locomotive emissions standards that took effect in 2005. These Evolution Series locomotives are equipped with AC traction motors and are powered by a newly designed GEVO-12.
  4. Locomotives . Tony's Train Exchange is your number one source for electric, steam and diesel locomotives in O, HO and N scales! Shop Tony's Trains Exchange for a variety of model locomotives from renowned brands such as Athearn, Broadway Limited, Atlas, Bowser, Bachmann, Intermountain and more
  5. Skip to main content. MTH #80-2344-1 ES44AC Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 - G.E. Evolution With Flashing AT WWW.PATSTRAINS.COM | O Gauge Railroading On Line Foru

Norfolk Southern Soaring Logo for GE ES44AC Locomotives. These locomotives have a smaller side herald and a wider white center area on the wide cab herald. This set will letter one locomotive. Set includes all data, heralds, and stripes for one locomotive. HO176 - $5.99: N176 - $5.9 A comparison of older vs. brand new, on train K055. Seen preparing to leave Connellsville and go west. Photo Date: 5/22/2014 Upload Date: 5/23/2014 3:06:47 AM : Location: Connellsville, PA : Author: Curt Beal: Categories: Roster,Action: Locomotives: BNSF 8093(ES44C4) BNSF 6041(ES44AC) Views: 135 Comments: The curve on which the model is designed and developed using the factory-equipped couplers, is a UNITRACK 249mm (9-3/4) ground-level curve for N scale models. For HO scale, the design curve is targeted as a UNITRACK R457mm (18) ground-level curve. If you are using a curve smaller than N249mm/HO457mm, you will have to determine for. So im trying to prove to a friend of mine that locomotive engines are all about HP , he says it is all about torque. Is it about hp, torque, or something else A 3 Window version commonly used on the UP and a 4 window version commonly used on the BNSF. The AC and DC locos use different sills and handrails - so we did those. There are AC bodies with High (UP) and Low (BNSF) rear headlights. The DC body uses the low rear headlight (BNSF). We also opted to add either Hi-Ad or Steerable trucks in the mix

EMD vs GE : Description: Q706 otherwise known as a lone ACe, meets Q707 at CP Nice. Photo Date: 3/15/2008 Upload Date: 3/16/2008 11:45:51 AM : Location: Philadelphia, PA : Author: Pierre Lescomb: Categories: Locomotives: CSX 4838(SD70ACe) CSX 785(ES44AC-H) CSX 5414(ES44DC) Views: 1049 Comments: Negaunee, MI -- 02 November, 2017. Around 6:30pm on the evening of 30 Oct, LS&I's 3 Tilden Job derailed between Eagle Mills Junction and Eagle Mills, with over two dozen ore jennies, loaded with fines, derailing alongside County Road 480. As a result, many piled up, with some of the debris landing in a small pond Union Pacific ES44AC - With PTC Antenna - NEW! 3 Window Cab - High Rear Headlight - Hi-Ad Trucks FVM 70121 Union Pacific #5341 $130.00 Sold Out FVM 70122 Union Pacific #5347 $130.00 Sold Out FVM 70123 Union Pacific #5414 $130.00 Sold Out. Cititail ES44AC - 4 Window Cab - High Rear Headlight - Hi-Ad Trucks. Sebuah ulasan Locomotive yang dijuluki GEVO, GE Evolution series memiliki beberapa varian dan dilengkapi dengan motor traksi AC dan DC, sehingga disebut loko seri ES44AC atau ES44DC, hal ini disesuaikan dengan permintaan dari pihak user/armada kereta api nya.. Mesin Diesel dengan tenaga 4,400 HP ini telah dibuat dengan memenuhi standar pencegahan pencemaran lingkungan karena gas buang. Probably my favorite photograph to date. While it seems you guys don't love these sideways photos, they're my favorite way to photograph trains. NS SD60E 6944 slowly moves past at the head end of a short mostly-hopper mixed freight. Where: Bethlehem, PA. When: 11/2/19

Download all (547.92MB) Don't group. The Lake Shore Limited was the New York Central's first luxury train, however it is often forgotten about. It paved the way for a much more famous train, known as the 20th Century Limited, which is the more remembered train. Under the New York Central, the Lake Shore Limited operated until October 1956. It was eliminated as part of a system.

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Now, my short experience has shown that generally, the GE locomotive have a little better visibility. This shows the conductor's side of a typical GE widecab locomotive. Specifically, this is a typical model of the Dash 9-44CW. However, even in more recent models, the area has evolved very little BNSF 7488 - ES44DC\r BNSF 5098 - C44-9W\r BNSF 7362 - ES44DC\r \r Train 4: A Westbound BNSF International Stack Train descends Main 2.\r Head End:\r BNSF 5761 - ES44AC\r BNSF 7287 - ES44DC\r BNSF 4160 - C44-9W\r DPU:\r BNSF 6749 - ES44C4\r \ Link to MRC what fits what N SCALE DECODER DROP-IN WITH SOUND KATO SD80 This one piece sound decoder replaces Kato factory installed printed circuit board, by simply removing the loco body, unclipping the factory unit, and dropping in the decoder. Part # MRC0001808 $79.99 Click to order N SCALE DECODER DROP-IN [ OpenRails BNSF Seligman Route Released. TrainSimulations announces the release of the BNSF Seligman Route for Open Rails. This is an upgraded version of the original MSTS with new and updated locomotives, rolling stock and route elements, as well as all new activities

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  1. Mar 8, 2018 - High quality photograph of Union Pacific GE ES44AC # UP 7475 at Arlington, Nebraska, USA. Mar 8, 2018 - High quality photograph of Union Pacific GE ES44AC # UP 7475 at Arlington, Nebraska, USA. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device.
  2. AC and DC working together: Iowa Interstate ES44AC and GP-38-2 at Blue Island, Illinois in 2010. AC vs. DC. There are more technical differences between the two systems, but the simplest explanation is that AC locomotive traction motors use AC current, while DC locomotive traction motors operate on DC current
  3. Intermountain HO ES44AC Norfolk Southern w/ DCC & Sound. Pictures are representations some road numbers may not be shown. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. SKU: N/A Category: ES44 Diesel Locomotive Tag: HO Scale Railroad Short Name: NS. Description. Additional information
  4. Athearn Genesis Es44ac Western Maryland CSX #9011 W Tsunami2 Sound ATHG83165. $280.48 New. Athearn Genesis HO Ge Es44ac Western Maryland WM #9000 Dcc/snd LED ATHG83164. $280.48 New. Athearn ATHG27344 HO Sd80mac W/dcc & Sound CSXT #807 Locomotive. $288.98 New

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NS 6092 1975 EMD SD40-2 Builder # 75622-20 Formerly served Norfolk & Western Railroad as NW 6092 Photographed in Asheville, NC Andrew Messer Phot AC and DC working together: Iowa Interstate ES44AC and GP-38-2 at Blue Island, Illinois in 2010 AC vs. DC There are more technical differences between the two systems, but the simplest explanation is that AC locomotive traction motors use AC current, while DC locomotive traction motors operate on DC current

I also owned several Intermountain ES44DC's. They ran and pulled very well, but required a lot of voltage in plain DC to get moving (like 9 volts to start), because their decoder was chosen to allow both sound and non-sound units to run together in plain DC mode. Not everyone is a fan of engines that like 14 volts plain DC to pull a train I am looking to add sound to my FMV locos. I know that the DZ126IN is a drop in DCC decoder, but i'd much rather get more from the trains. It looks like a rather tight fit for this to work. Any thoughts or suggestions GE ES44DC The new Evolution Series is very similar to C44-9W and AC4400 locomotives, but look for: 1. Cooling air intakes are larger than on C44-9W and AC4400. but on coal trains GE AC4000W, GE ES44AC and EMD SD9043 is used. Types of trains and rolling stock. Below is a short description of the different types of trains and rolling stock. GE ES44DC EMD SD70M-2 GE Dash 9-44CW EMD SD70M Section 19 - Six Axle, High Horsepower, AC Traction 263 Powered Locomotives GE ES44AC EMD SD70ACe GE AC4400CW EMD SD70MAC GE ES44C4 Glossary 271 RailSolutions, Inc. Overview 27


Ken Stein has sufficiently covered the advantages of using electric traction motors on a Diesel powered locomotive and touched a bit about that technology on passenger cars. And as far as series-hybrid vehicles go, the (only) example would be Fisk.. The best technology for variable speed applications today is to use AC power to a VFD, connected to an AC induction motor. This replaces the DC traction motors of yester-year in locomotives. Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley division makes VFD's w.. You have no notifications. Settings WELCOME_INDEX, Bing [Bot] NO_PMS_INF

i just had to get a thread i could post wip things and new screenshots as i am always looking for input. this will of course cover payware and freeware objects and has no central theme except that it is jointedrail.com content. if you post a screen in this thread all i ask is that it contains one of the jr items. its okay to have other content in the shot of course just that the jr stuff is. Download all (601.65MB) Don't group. EMD SOU SD45 Phase 2B2 Locotrol Master. Rated 0 out of 5. Log in to Purchase $ 14.99. Add to cart. EMD SOU SD40 Phase 2C. Rated 0 out of 5. Log in to Purchase $ 14.99. Buy product. Maine Central FMC Boxcar Pack Right behind is Burlington Northern Santa Fe General Electric ES44DC (also pretty common), #7586 from 2007. While looking the same as the lead locomotive, it differs electrically. It's an AC vs DC thing. Both models are part of GE's Evolution series and collectively are the most common locomotives on the planet

Size Matters! 00 scale 40ft BELL Vs H0 scale UP Hi-Cube GE Gas Turbine Alco Box Cab 89 Plymouth 0-4-0 Plymouth 0-6-0 GE 25-tonner GE 35-tonner GE 44-tonner GE 45-tonner GE 70-tonner GE ES44DC GE ES44DC GE ES44AC Gensets. heir flick. 891. heir flick. 891. Post May 30, 2011 #20 2011-05-30T06:47 Loko jenis ini terus mengalami peningkatan dan saat ini muncul generasi baru dengan type ES44AC dan ES44DC.huruf ES didepan mengartikan Evolution Series dengan 44 yang berarti mengusung mesin 4400HP. Kehebatan Evolution series ini adalah telah menyajikan Green engine dengan ramah lingkungan yang dibuktikan Emisi gas buang yang comply. MTH #80-2402-1 ES44AC Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 - CSX (Spirit of Law Enforcement) Number 80-2402-1 Manufacturer MTH Trains Scale HO . Special Price $199.99 Regular Price $239.99. Add to Cart. ES44DC 7200-7347 59744-59891 1-12/09--7348-7394 59744-59891 2/10 #7348-7352 are Tier III Compliant 7395-7504 59285-59394 5-10/10--7505-7604 59285-59394 4-8/07 #7553 involved in Panhandle collision 7605-7649 56196-56240 5-10/08--7650-7799 55710-55859 1-8/05 #7673 off roster 7800-7920 60062-60182 2010 #7838, 7847 and 7907 retired ES44C4 7921-7930.

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ES44DC. ES-44DC. 4,400. All units were upgraded to 4,400 horsepower between 10-2013 and 08-2014. 8000-8184. 185. 5: GE. ES44AC. ES-44AC. 4,400. Units 8025, 8098-8105, and 8114 painted in special heritage schemes. 9246-9307* 31* 31: GE/NS. Dash 9-44CW. D9-44CW. 4,400. All units were upgraded to 4,400 horsepower between 10-2013 and 09-2014. 9310. Norfolk, Franklin & Danville Railway was a subsidiary of the N&W. Unit was renumbered from NS 99 in 12/2016. Units were renumbered from NS 1000-1001 in 2010 to make room for SD70ACe's. Unit 99 was renumbered to 97 in 2016. Units were retired 06-2015 and sold to Norfolk International Terminal as NITX 1102 and 1103 These locomotives are restricted to Mexico-only operation and cannot cross the US border (just as Canadian National's newest Tier 3 GE ES44AC's are restricted to Canadian use only). 2014 was the final year of EMD producing SD70ACe's powered by the 710 series 2-stroke engines for use in the USA. This unit would later be succeeded by the SD70ACe-T4

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BNSF 6679 ES44AC BNSF 4534 D9-44CW GE Locomotive T... UP 4736 SD70M EMD Locomotive Train Engine NS 9390 SSW Boxcars Single Plug Door St. Louis Southwest... TILX 642266 VS HOPPER 4 Bay Cylindrical Rail Car TILX 135337 Trinity Industries Leasing Company Mol... ITC 1711 Hopper 3 Bay Rib Side Covered Grain Railc.. Kato - N Scale - General Electric ES44DC GEVO Locomotive - DCC Ready - Canadian National (CN) #2952 - Black/Red/Grey With White Lettering & Yellow Trimming - Expected Release Date: 2020-08-01 $120.00 U Site News: The long delay in updates is due to a broken computer. I hope to have a replacement system in the next few months. Latest Updat The GE B36-7 is a 4-axle road switcher diesel-electric locomotive built by GE Transportation Systems between 1980 and 1985. 222 examples of this locomotive were built for North American railroads and eight units were built for a Colombian coal mining operation. The units were designed as successors to GE's U36B's. Of the 230 locomotives built, 180 of them were built for two Eastern railroads. This tool allows you to look up elevation data by searching address or clicking on a live google map. This page shows the elevation/altitude information of Memphis, TN, USA, including elevation map, topographic map, narometric pressure, longitude and latitude