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The Bata dance is one of the cultural/traditional dances of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. This dance is associated with Sango, the Yoruba god of thunder who was said to be athletic during his days. However, the bata dance remains incomplete without beats from the bata drum- a set of three drums namely Iya-Ilu, Itotele and Okokonlo Yoruba traditional dance 2015-02-17. +admin. tweet. Tagged with: Yoruba traditional dance. Previous: Happy Ose Ifa and Osun day to all !! Next: I'm Pregnant - Tonto Dikeh Announces On IG. About admin. Naija Gist. Video: Whale Appears At The Shores Of A Beach In Sierra Leone A List of Some Traditional Dances From Different African Countries Cultural dances play a huge role in African societies. These dance forms are used to teach moral values, social etiquette and to help people mature and celebrate members of the community while celebrating festivals and other occasions Bata dance One of the types of Yoruba traditional dance, this dance is known not only for its cheerful, acrobatic style but also for the drums that accompany it. Bata drummers are as big part of the dance, as the dancers themselves, and it's really difficult to stand still when you hear them play

Traditional dances in Nigeria are many and reflect every aspect of life: from simple entertainment to worshiping the gods, wars and marriage. Many of them still exist and are performed at different events and festivals. Dances is an integral part of every culture. It is almost impossible to mention all of them as the country is the motherland. Yoruba declare: E je ka see, m won ti i see, K' 0 le baa d, BI se e rl. Let us do it, The way it is usually done, So that we may have the usual result. Rituals and Rites in Yoruba Religion: Some Examples Rituals and rites abound in Yoruba traditional religion. A brid survey would be attempted here. The couple had their traditional family introduction ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria and all the gorgeousness was captured by Demi O. Photography. Kike was sweet enough to walk us through the traditional rites of a Yoruba introduction ceremony. Enjoy. In the Yoruba culture, an Introduction Ceremony is held so both families can meet officially.. 10. The Kecak Trance Dance of Indonesia. The Balinese kecak fire dance is one of the main traditional dances. The men, clothed in checked cloth sarongs chanted in an incredible rhythm (the cak in the name comes from the main chant sound) while dancers perform a drama around the fire in the centre In Yoruba land, apart from Oba which is the general name for a king, each king or traditional ruler has his own royal title which distinguishes him from other kings. Below are some titles of traditional rulers in Yorubaland. Titles of traditional rulers in Yorubaland. Alaafin of Oyo; Ooni of If

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Yorùbá masquerade dancers, Fúnké and Wusilat Òjéyemí, sing praise songs and dance bàtá in Èrìn-Òsun Traditional Jamaican Dances Bruckins, burru, dinki-minni, ettu, gerreh, gumbay, jonkunnu, kumina, maypole, myal, quadrille, tambu and zella. Dance is such a wonderful artistic expression, influenced by history and culture. Jamaica has a rich heritage of traditional dances, but today many of them are hardly known Traditional dance in Africa occurs collectively, expressing the values and desires of the community more than that of individuals or couples. Although dances may appear spontaneous, they are usually strictly choreographed. Improvisation is limited as it places the focus on the individual over the group. Early outsider commentaries noted the absence of the kind of close couple dancing popular. Many practitioners of Afro Cuban dancing incorporate dance movements that are inspried by traditional moves from the Yoruba and Santeria religions. Many salsa songs also use the Orishas as their subject matter or call out the names of Orishas during drum sequences, alluding to the Santeria tradition of summoning the spirits via drums. List Of.

The Yoruba traditional wedding attires wow everyone that has ever seen this type of wedding for the first time. First, the Yoruba bride is elegantly made up and then she displays her dancing prowess. The friends of the groom prepare to rock the wedding in their Yoruba demons demeanor. Yoruba wedding is one that you never want to miss Bata dance is for both male and female in Yoruba land. 4. The Koroso Dance- The Koroso dance originated among the Fulani and Kano people of Kano State, Nigeria. The Kosoro dance, a name derived from the rattle fastened to the legs of Koroso dancers, is a mixture of movements from the traditional dances of the Fulanis and Hausa people of Kano Yoruba traditional dance. Apart from everything else, Yoruba people are famous for their traditional dances. The most popular type of it is Bata dance. It is known for its cheerful and dynamic style. Another significant thing that differs Bata dance from all the other dances is the accompanying of the drums

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Photographed by: Instagram/ @akintayotimi. MORE: Yoruba Traditional Engagement List; SIDENOTE: The questions in this post were sent in by one of our Yoruba readers who lives in Europe and is preparing to have her Yoruba wedding abroad.The asker wanted to know ideas to improvise things for where they cannot find some specific resources typically used during a Yoruba traditional engagement Watch the Ikpirikpi-ogu dance (starting at 1:42) here: Mmanwu The Mmanwu dance is for masquerades and recognized as the most-popular dance in Igbo culture, according to Nigerian writer Jovago Yoruba Weddings: An analysis of Traditional Marriage Rites of the Ogbomosho people. Download. Related Papers. Marriage Practices.pdf. By Adetoro Banwo. Nuptial Poetry among the Tiv of Nigeria . By Moses Tsenongu. Females' Voice through Oral Poetry among Limmuu Oromo, Ethiopia Traditional marriage is an important event in the Yoruba culture that every youth desires to experience. It is usually hyped due to the fact that it is customarily graced with the presence of the elegant families of the groom and the bride who will take time to say some words of prayers to the couple during the course of the celebration Yoruba dancers and drummers, for instance, express communal desires, values, and collective creativity. The drumming represents an underlying linguistic text that guides the dancing performance, allowing linguistic meaning to be expressed non-verbally

Basic Yoruba belief involves ritual practices such as singing, dancing, drumming, spirit possession, ritual healing, respect for ancestors and divination. Originally prohibited from practicing African religions, slaves and free people of color mostly frequented the Catholic churches but they carried their African beliefs and over the centuries. The Bata Dance - The Bata dance is one of the traditional or cultural dances of the Yoruba people of south western Nigeria. This dance is associated with Sango, the Yoruba god of thunder who was said to be athletic during his days Beninois Yoruba artist Taofique returns with a new single titled 'Ogbon. An Ode styled music that draws on the wisdom in traditional Yoruba chant style musi.. The eastern region, which consist mostly of the Igbo tribe, have a list of traditional dances performed as a form of emotional expression, social interaction, or exercise, in a spiritual or.

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Download $9.99. Yoruba Bata Drums: Elewe Music and Dance includes 13 tracks of traditional music from the Yoruba tribe, located in modern-day Nigeria. The rhythms and sounds of the bata drums dictate the dancers' movements, and different Bata drums correspond to different areas of the body. Rhythms communicated through the large and medium. Re: Absolutely Lovely Nigerian Traditional Dance! by Nobody: 5:18am On May 08, 2011. amor4ce: The histories of the Nupe and Yoruba peoples seem to be intertwined. For instance, Yoruba oral tradition has it that the Igunnuko Festival as celebrated in Yoruba land has Nupe roots Yoruba Traditional Wedding Checklist and Guide is specially created to seamlessly guide you and help you keep things organized while planning for your big day. For a wedding on a short schedule, just start at the beginning of the list and move as quickly as possible The engagement is an integral part of the traditional marriage and as the ceremony proceeds, items listed for the engagement that was given to the groom's family is presented. The items vary slightly in each Yoruba traditional wedding but the general articles are the same. Yoruba Traditional Engagement List. 1 Bible. Engagement rin


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  1. In the Yoruba culture, an introduction is held so both families can meet officially. At the Yoruba Introduction ceremony is where the bride to be and groom to be families officially meet. family members of the bride and groom to be. Where both families meet and get to know relatives of their son and daughter in law before the wedding proper
  2. g one with the divine creator who is the source of all energy.In the Yoruba religion belief system, live and death is an ongoing cycle of existence in various bodies.
  3. See Everything you need to know about traditional marriage rites in Yoruba land. This information very useful if you are planning to marry a Yoruba girl. Marriage is a big, colorful and intriguing part of Yoruba culture. Yorubas are associated with their love for a show that of their rich cultural heritage even in modern times
  4. It is a re enactment of the ancient Yoruba traditional wedding ceremony in its full paraphernalia. We will be taking you on a journey, as we capture the rich African traditional heritage in music, dance, norms, values and traditions of the Yoruba people as accentuated in a traditional wedding ceremony

Yoruba traditional religion holds that there is one supreme being and hundreds of orisha, or minor deities. The worshipers of a deity are referred to as his children. There are three gods who are available to all. Olorun (Sky God) is the high god, the Creator. Traditional entertainment includes rituals, dancing, and music making IFE-ILE performs and teaches a variety of Afro-cuban music and dance traditions, from the sacred and folkloric to the latest popular fusions. Yoruba and Orisha Traditions. Most of the sacred dances we perform are from the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria, or Regla de Ocha. Santeria is based on the Orisha worship of the traditional religion of. In this article, am going to tell you the 10 Yoruba foods and their ingredients.. Yoruba is just one of the most significant people in Nigeria.. Additionally, if you want to start naming the Nigerian cuisine then jollof rice and egusi soup should be the first Nigerian food on your list

These are a few of the beautiful and unique names on our list. The best part being that they are all rich in meaning. According to Yoruba custom, the Yoruba people - a majority ethnic group from Southwestern and North Central Nigeria (and also Southern and Central Benin), name their children 7 days after their birth Step 8: Party Party Party. Final prayers are said and the occasion is ended with lots of love, eating, music and dancing! Yoruba Engagement List (varies slightly from family to family and Yoruba state to state) 42 Big Tubers of Yam. 42 Big Cola Nuts. 42 Big Bitter Cola (Orogbo) 42 Pieces of Dry Fish. 42 Pieces of Alligator Pepper (Ata're Bata dance is for both male and female in Yoruba land. 4. The Koroso Dance - The Koroso dance originated among the Fulani and Kano people of Kano State, Nigeria. The Kosoro dance, a name derived from the rattle fastened to the legs of Koroso dancers, is a mixture of movements from the traditional dances of the Fulanis and Hausa people of Kano No yoruba traditional wedding ceremony is complete without the Engagement cake (Akara Oyibo). This special cake is crafted to depict some elements of the Yoruba culture, e.g a talking drum, calabash, fruits or a cake topper of the bride and groom in their traditional yoruba attire Celebrating the Talking Drum. By Oba Adeyemi, The Alaafin of Oyo Interview By WOLE BALOGUN. In Yoruba land, the talking drum is a percussion to which people can rhythmically dance, but the Alaafin of Oyo, His royal majesty, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi said recently that the cultural significance of the Yoruba talking drum goes beyond mere entertainment value

The Couple's First Dance; The Couple's Dance is the first dance between a bride and groom as a married couple. Prior to the first dance, the bride and groom must have chosen a song which they will dance. This part is usually interesting as couples often use this opportunity to show off their dance moves Traditional marriage in Nigeria, here are the list of traditional marriage in some of the country. Read and click the links below to find out more. *Traditional Marriage In Yoruba - For traditional marriage rites and requirements in Yoruba land.. Most of the items on the list of Yoruba traditional marriage comes with meanings Yoruba Religion. Practitioners of the Yoruba Religion, which was developed among the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin, believe that before we are born we stand before God and choose our own destiny. We decide before we ever arrive on earth what we will contribute to the world, where we will live, who we will love, and even the day we will die

With around 250 ethnic groups, Nigeria has an extensive and diverse list of traditions and customs that Nigerians live by. While a majority of these traditions are similar to those from other parts of the world, here are ten of the unique traditions and customs that Nigerians are known for Nigerian theatre, variety of folk opera of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria that emerged in the early 1940s.It combined a brilliant sense of mime, colourful costumes, and traditional drumming, music, and folklore.Directed toward a local audience, it uses Nigerian themes, ranging from modern-day satire to historical tragedy Yoruba is not only a traditional religion but it is also a people and a language. A large percent of the Africans who were stolen from West Africa and sold into slavery in the Caribbean were Yoruba. This is a simple but comprehensive description coming out of Howard University that gives some insight into the Yoruba of West Africa and their. Dances may be created for a specific purpose, as in the Igogo dance of the Owo-Yoruba, when young men use stamping movements to pack the earth of the grave into place. In Fulani communities in Cameroon, the corpse is placed in a sitting position in a prominent place, and solo and communal dances are performed in the deceased's honour


The Basics of Yoruba - An African Spiritual Tradition. A Divine Journey to the Inner Self and God Consciousness. Yoruba is a West African spirituality that some Anthropologists estimate is 10,000 years old! It comprises the beliefs of the Yoruba people, whose homeland is in the South Western part of Nigeria and adjoining parts of Benin and Togo Dec 2, 2015 - Explore fumssy Omo's board yoruba traditional wedding list on Pinterest. See more ideas about wedding list, traditional wedding, traditional

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  1. The Yoruba for traditional is ibilẹ. Find more Yoruba words at wordhippo.com
  2. Yoruba traditional religion holds that there are 401 deities. Some are worshipped throughout Yoruba land and have their counterparts among neighboring peoples; some are fairly widely known; and some are only of local significance. Except for Olorun, the deities are believed to have lived on earth, but instead of dying they became gods
  3. Traditional marriage in the Yorubaland. Traditional marriage consists of two parts. The Introduction & The Engagement. It is now common for these two to flow into each other as they are held on the same day while the wedding ceremony for a Christian couple takes place the following day in the church. This is akin to the practice in the Biblical.
  4. Yoruba Traditional weddings are usually the 1st wedding out of 3 weddings that Yoruba couples engage in, before the white and court wedding. It is called an 'Engagement' and can be done weeks, months or days apart from the other weddings. The bride's family is typically responsible for covering the ceremony costs, but some families choose.
  5. Nigeria is the most populous African country with over 198,577,125 people. Nigeria has numerous ethnic groups, 527 languages, and over 1,150 dialects.Some of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria include the Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani, and the Hausa people. These ethnic groups have their own cultures and traditional attires which they wear on special occasions like traditional weddings and religious.

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  1. Traditional Yoruba weddings are large and lively with anywhere between 200 to 1,000 guests in attendance. These ceremonies are hosted by two MCs known as alagas . They are usually older women and.
  2. The Yoruba religion is a viable and time-honored way of life. Those who seek to change their relationship with themselves, the world, and universal forces may consider Yoruba a possible vehicle. Seekers of the inner self may embrace Yoruba as a source of light and as a source of esoteric teachings
  3. SEE: Colour Combinations LIST: List of Colours that Go With Specific Colours; Peach Colour Combo LIST: 57 Colour that Match with Peach; 58 Wine Wedding and Aso-ebi Colour Combination Ideas; 13. Choose What to Wear (Couple's Attire): Decide on couple's traditional wedding attire colour combination and styles for bride/ groom/ aso-ebi, and then book a good Nigerian tailor to sew the fabric
  4. On the top of her to-do list, after graduating from pharmacy school and starting a residency program, was to shop for traditional fabrics, which have become emblematic of Nigerian weddings today.
  5. In the suburbs of Seattle, an ancient West-African religion is gaining followers. Yoruba, from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, has been spreading across the U.S. for the last 50 years. The religion.
  6. ed the concept of divination among the Yoruba, while Oruko Amutorunwa6 was a list of Yoruba sacred names with their symbolic meanings
  7. Dancing, songs, and hymns. Funeral songs and performances are based on religious and traditional customs. You may hear traditional songs like Amazing Grace at an Igbo church service. At a Yoruba ereisinku or funeral play you will hear ethnic drums. Performances are a symbol of status

Yoruba traditional marriage is a unique ceremony with rites, bridal list, and other requirements. The main steps of traditional marriage in Yorubaland. The first step towards tying the nut in the Yoruba land in accordance with the traditions of the Yoruba land is the introduction. This is the first and most important step the intending or. While many Yoruba brides wear their Aso Ebi threads, Igbo brides may prefer their own traditional lace blouse, colorful skirt, coral beads and headpiece. Matters of Ceremony Yoruba traditions are. Yoruba Traditional Dressing. These People dominate the South Western and North-Central Nigeria and in states such as Lagos, Oyo, Ekiti, Kwara, Kogi, Ondo, Ogun and Osun. They are one of the three major tribes of Nigeria. They have a rich mythological history which dates back to Oduduwa as their earliest ancestor. They are jovial and respectful The palm nut kernel extract is common in many Nigerian dishes. Top of the list are dishes such as Ofe Akwu, Banga soup, Black soup and Atama soup. Many Igbo soups feature beef, stockfish, dry fish and different types of vegetable leaves. Ofe Akwu is fun to make, easy and delicious to eat. Let's look at a few ingredients used in the. Yoruba Religion Concept Explained \u0026 Why \Orunmila\ is an Ojise (a Prophet) of Olodumare (God) The Orishas of Yoruba Beliefs The Complete list What Is The Yoruba Religion? Handbook Of Yoruba Religious Concepts Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts Paperback - 28 Jun. 1994. dances, songs, offerings, and sacrifices to honor the Orisha.

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There are over 371 ethnic groups in Nigeria according to a vanguard news report. Among these groups, there are tribes that are popular or better still known as the major tribes in the country. They include the Igbos, Yorubas and the Hausas. Over time, people of these tribes find it hard to live together in [ from nigeriavillagesquare1.com Yoruba Religion: 2005 Schedule* of Festivals By Remi-Niyi Alaran ----- Yoruba religion (Irunmole) is a monotheistic religion with one almighty god. It is based on reverence of African ancestors who are celebrated as a heirarchy of about 401 chief and minor dieties Naming Ceremony (Iso Omo Loruko) A naming ceremony is the event at which a new born baby is given a name, in yoruba land it is known as Iso Omo Loruko .The naming ceremony is done when the child is eight days old by the yorubas. The ceremony is held in the family compound ( House of the paternal grand parents of the baby) created by artist Jacob V. Joyce Three Orisha Traditions. Orisha tradition comes from the same source in Yoruba culture, but each one also has very different traditions and ways of going about Orisha worship. While there are many different Orisha traditions, these are the largest three. Santería/Lucumí. This is the most well-known and talked about Orisha tradition

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**An example is to have 2 or more traditional wedding outfits - including one Ghanaian traditional wedding attire AND one Yoruba traditional wedding attire. You can click here to see many latest Yoruba aso-oke styles and colour combo , to inspire what you'll wear as a second outfit The list could probably go on, and over the next 8 months I'm sure I will discover more idiosyncrasies with food culture here. These are just some of the few I've picked up on so far. I'm just glad I'm slowly improving on taking the right amount of stew with each scoop of amala so I run out of both at the same time Ju Spice's Oko Mi is quite a contemporary song with a blend of High Life, Juju, Hip-Hop and R&B. Laced with traditional elements, Ju Spice's first song, is dedicated to all men who have made up their mind to love their woman with everything in them. Great song that is equally good for wedding ceremonies. 8

In Yoruba traditional religion every problem has an explanation which could either be an evil spirit, or one has been bewitched, or they could have upset or neglected and orisha who has to be appeased. Ashe . The Yoruba religion also has an Ashe which is a force possessed by humans, and gods also possess them. Ashe is a powerful force and can. SEE ALSO: List Of Traditional Marriage Requirements In Yoruba. Meanwhile, the gifts that the groom provided are shared among the neighbors and the extended relations to solicit for their prayers and to inform them that the lady is now betrothed to a man of her choice If you are interested in learning about the culture and tradition of people in the most natural and relaxed setting, then we invite you to a tour of the traditional history of the Yoruba people, in the south west part of Nigeria. This is in Ondo state and was declared a National monument in 1990; it has more than 20 courtyards with different traditional customs still taking place till today Yoruba refers to a group of cultures linked by a common language. They occupied an area bounded by the Niger River, and including what is now known as the Benin Republic, southwestern Nigeria, and part of Togo. They held a belief system in common: the Ifa religion. Starting in the 16th century, large numbers of Yoruba natives were transported. The yoruba lyrics add a traditional vibe and there's also enough english in the song for those who don't understand yoruba. Download latest naija songs from top nigerian artists. Here are 5 of the hottest nigerian wedding songs for the year 2014. 0% (0 votes) this poll has ended

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(Sung in Yoruba) Olorun mi, mo wa, mo wa dupe (My God, I have come to give You thanks) Olorun mi, mo wa, mo wa dupe (My God, I have come to say thank you)(Repeat). Eyin l'oba to se t'ana, t'ana (You are the King who did wonders for me yesterday) Eyin l'oba to se t'oni, t'oni (You are the King who do wonders for me today) (Repeat). O daju pe E o se t'ola (I am assured You shall do. The names can be chosen from a list that has the names in catergories with the pronunciation and meanings listed also. The Yoruba naming ceremony is very traditional. Yoruba naming ceremony participators consist of the father, mother, baby, siblings, officiant, a community member, ritual foods, and invited guests Navigation Menu Dance/USA Fellowships to Artists has awarded $1,000,525 in funding to 31 artists addressing social change. The Dance/USA Artist Fellows were selected by a peer panel. Each Fellow will receive $32,275. Below, in the artists' words, are general descriptions of their practice and intent. Ana Maria Alvarez Los Angeles, CA Alvarez is a choreographer, dancer, educator, organizer. Though customs vary from group to group, traditional weddings are often full of dancing and lively music. There is also lots of excitement and cultural displays. For example, the Yoruba have a practice in which the bride and two or three other women come out covered from head to toe in a white shroud

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The remaining 10 percent of the population have traditional indigenous beliefs, and festivals which convey the unique Nigerian traditional way of life are celebrated, such as the Osun festival, an important event for the Yoruba tribe. Eid al Maulud. Held in February, this is the first major Muslim festival celebrated of the year in Nigeria Traditional Marriage Requirements List in Calabar/Efik. Knocking drinks: This is demanded after the groom and his family entered the bride's house. It includes A Brigadier Brandy, a bottle of the star, and 2 minerals. Prayer drinks for blessing the couples. It includes an IMG dry Gin, two malts, 2 bottles of Star, and 2 bottles of mineral

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He describes 16 orisha and shows us how to work with divination, to use the chakras to internalize the teachings of Yoruba, and describes howto create a sacred place of worship. Includes prayers, dances, songs, offerings, and sacrifices to honor the orisha and egun. Illustrations, charts, glossary, bibliography, and index The Ewe are one of Ghana's five main ethnic groups (United States Jan. 2002) and reside mainly in the southeast region of the country (Ethnologue July 2002) but also inhabit the southern half of Togo (Ewe Culture 2002).According to an article by professor D.E.K. Amenumey, the Ewe people originally came from Ketu, a Yoruba area in modern day Benin, but were eventually forced to migrate eastward.