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With the introduction of the YCIV model air-cooled chiller, system designers have the opportunity to down to 10% of chiller capacity for two compressor chillers, 100% down to 7.5% for three compressor chillers, and 100% down to 5% for four compressor chillers. In addition, elimination of the slide valve an Chiller Cooling Capacity kW Symphony Sound Options Standard Chiller Reduced Sound Chiller Low Sound Chiller 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Solid State Starter High Efficiency Model YCIV-HE-RS 0590 0630 0700 0760 0800 0830 0930 1050 1120 1220 1380 Cooling Capacity kW (1) 556 595 661 714 760 791 876 983 1047 1139 1289 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER. With the introduction of the YCIV model air-cooled chiller, system designers have the opportunity to down to 10% of chiller capacity for two compressor chillers and 100% down to 7.5% for three compressor chillers. In addition, elimination of the slide valve and associated unloading components resulted in a 50 With the introduction of the YCIV model air-cooled chiller, system designers have the opportunity to design around the traditional benefits of air-cooled chillers and still offer building owners the most up-to-date energy-efficient system design. In the past, the choice to use an air-cooled chiller came with the expectation of compromise, where. tions, the chiller sound output is reduced when it is the most sensitive to neighbors - evenings and weekends. With the introduction of the YCIV model air-cooled chiller, system designers are given the Latitude™to design around the traditional benefits of air-cooled chillers and still offer building owners energy ef-ficient system design

YCIV Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller. 150-400 TR (530-1,406 kW) Integrated compressor VSD standard with 50% fewer moving parts; Excellent capacity control, high power factor and soft start; Learn more about YORK® Chillers Visit Our Insights Page For Your Home. AHRI 550/590 does not provide certification for 50Hz ratings. The unique use of the YCIV variable speed drive allows compressor operation at the output speed regardless of the input power frequency. This allows for common unit/heat exchanger configurations between 60Hz and 50Hz with closely matching capacity provides valveless, smooth capacity control from 100% down to 10% of chiller capacity for two compressor chillers, 100% down to 7.5% for three compressor chillers, and 100% down to 5% for four compressor chillers. In addition, elimination of the slide valve and associated unloading components resulted in a 50% reduction in compressor moving parts models yciv0590, 0600, 0630, 0650, 0700, 0720, 0760, 0770, 0800, 0830, 0840, 0920, 0930 and yciv1000 style a 380-415/3/50 models only r-134a 50hz yciv photo pi

YCIV 1000 PA 50 Product type: Air Cooled Chiller Capacity kW: 906 Refrigerant: Freon Pump: Weight in kg. 6768 Sizes: 8083x2241x2384 mm (LxWxH) Remarks | Y.O.B. 2010 // 12x Fans // Open pdf for more information (Page 16). provides smooth capacity control from 100% down to 10% of chiller capacity. State-of-the-art technology, obtained from decades of screw compressor design and manufactur-ing by FRICK ®, ensures optimal efficiencies at all chiller load points. With no unloading steps or slide valves in the compressors, the YVAA variable speed driven compressor Model YCIV Air-Cooled VSD Screw Compressor Chiller. Duty: 530 to 1,805 kW. Super efficient variable speed drive compressors provide high full and part load efficiencies. There are four levels of operating efficiency: Standard YCIV with standard capacity control. Standard YCIV with optimised capacity control Chillers Design Level F 250 THROUGH 3000 TONS (879 through 8440 kW) Utilizing HFC-134a Rated in Accordance with the latest edition of ARI STANDARD 550/590 FORM 160.73-EG1 (606) 00611VIP. 2 JOHNSON CONTROLS TABLE OF CONTENT

View and Download York UL R134A user manual online. Air Cooled Screw Liquid Chillers R134a 150 - 385 TONS (527 - 1354 kWi) 2 and 3 Compressor 50 and 60 Hz ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant. UL R134A chiller pdf manual download. Also for: Latitude yciv0157p, Latitude yciv0177p, Latitude yciv0187p,.. AJohnson Controls Company: Chiller Stock Chiller Search Solution Chillers - YCAV/YCAS 150-250 Tons: York Air Borg Chiller Manual Service YORK Latitude YCAVAir Cooled Screw Chiller, York Latitude YCAV Cool Air Screw Chiller, 150 tons to 515 tons York ylaa chiller manual service PDF ebookCapacity ratings for York YLAA Packed Air-York YCIV Ai YCIV — screw compressor Refrigerant: R-134a and R-513A Unique features: Variable speed drive, DX evaporator, tube and fine condenser, operation is from 0°F (-17°C) to 125°F (51°C) ambient, capacity turndown to 10 percent load, BAS communications. Available options: Remote evaporator, low temperature brine, sound reduction packages Costs The heart of the YCIV chiller is the YORK MTS semihermetic screw compressor. The following design features provide increased reliability and minimal maintenance costs: There are two levels of operating efficiency: 1. Standard YCIV. 2. High Efficiency YCIV. The optimised capacity control increases the operating efficiency of the chiller

Chillers Ultima Compact™ Ultima Compact 30-150kW Technical Manual 942784 V1.7.1_09_2019 7 Introduction The Airedale range of Ultima Compact air cooled liquid chillers covers the nominal capacity range 30kW to 150kW. The range comprises of 44 units in 5 case sizes. The range is available with many optional variations including Regular Quie Speed selection of YORK ® air- and water-cooled chillers, get real-time availability and product details, and streamline quoting and purchase. Select Chiller Enter desired chiller capacity and other basic parameters, then choose from a list of suggested options Selection by Capacity Rearrange data for easy analysis. 22. Johnson Controls Selection by Capacity Filter and Compare. 23. Johnson Controls YVAA Nomenclature. 24. Johnson Controls Annual Energy Cost (AEC) Calculator Generates email to share with customers. 25. Johnson Controls YorkCalc Plugin. YVAA0153.ywci YORKwork Chiller Input file (*.ywci. current on starting of the chiller. • Chiller electrical panels are IP54 rated. • Chillers are fitted with integral microprocessor control and safety systems • Secure standardized PN-150 6 Chilled Water Hose connections Chillers at a glance • CH-215 Chillers York YVAA (Capacity 215Tons in 35°c ambient temperature at LWT 7°c

KNOW WHAT'S READY TO SHIP IN 2 TO 5 DAYS Check available YORK ® chiller stock—including Quick Ship air-cooled scroll and screw chillers that can be delivered in two to five days—and immediately request a quote. Product listings also include performance sheets, drawings and other details. Learn more about the Quick Ship program These, as with all York chillers do require maintenance for optimal performance and reliability. Give us a call to learn more about the maintenance for your particular model and tonnage. Included in the variable speed screw chiller line up is the YVFA Free Cooling and the YCIV models. These range from 150 ton to 500 ton capacities

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  1. Refrigeration Screw Compressor DuoPack SAB 128 HF - 750 kW This is a chiller package made by Sabroe Denmark in 2002, cooling capacity 750 kW, adjustable for 10-100% load. The package consist of two separate liquid cooling screw compressors type SAB 128 HF (DuoPack) with their own electric motor, both operating with R22 refrigerant
  2. Centrifugal Chillers YORK offers the most flexible choice of packaged centrifugal chillers with superior real world energy per- formance HFC-134a systems can be sized from 250 to 2,400 tons. chillers (Model YCIV) are provided with HFC-134a refrigerant. The YCIV Latitude chiller provides unmatched performance with respec
  3. York Chillers. Uno de los grandes retos que tienen las economías hoy en día, es el uso eficiente de los recursos energéticos, ya sea para uso residencial, comercial, público e industrial; el consumo de energía es una necesidad básica que permea nivel global por la alta demanda de recursos para la vida cotidiana
  4. This is a used 327 Ton York Air Cooled Chiller for sale. Green Industrial purchased this from a hospital that was looking to expand and needed a larger machine. This is a great running unit that was removed in good working order. This Variabl
  5. Air Cooled Water Chillers (Greater than 150 Tons) SECTION 23 64 02 - AIR COOLED WATER CHILLERS (GREATER THAN 150 TONS) PART 1: GENERAL. 1.1 GENERAL . A. This standard is intended to provide useful information to the Professional Service Provider (PSP) to establish a basis of design
  6. utes) = Hz . 120 / Pol What is the maximum speed of 50Hz ,2 pol, motor

Title: Microsoft Word - Large Air Cooled Chillers _York YCIV Series_ .doc Author: Randy Simmons Created Date: 1/4/2013 12:29:57 P Download York Chiller Yciv - Eng Data. Type: PDF; Date: November 2019; Size: 10.7MB; This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form As each compressor represents a cooling capacity step there is no efficiency reduction when the chiller operates at part load. As the cooling capacity demand falls the available condenser surface increases, in comparison to the load demand, and therefore the part load efficiency exceeds the full load effi ciency. The YCIV LS chiller has.

YORK Chiller YC = YORK Chiller Air-Cooled Compressor Type S = Screw Nominal Capacity (tons) Unit Designator S = Standard Unit E = High Efficiency H = High Static Fans Design Series Type Start Y = Star (WYE)-Delta X = Across-the-Line Voltage Code 17 = 200-3-60 28 = 230-3-60 40 = 380-3-60 46 = 460-3-60 58 = 575-3-60 Refrigerant C = R-22 YC A S. VSD cooling system capacity ≈ 3.5 gallons. Fill level when cold = 9-15 below cap. CAUTION: Use only Glycol, part number 013-03344-000, with special inhibitors and heat characteristics. Mixing other types of Glycol or the addition of water may cause permanent damage to the cooling system. A mind is like a parachute Description. YCIV-YCAV Screw Chiller from YORK® we use the best in modern screw compressor design to produce the YCIV-YCAV Screw Chiller. YCIV-YCAV Screw Chiller offers superior control and industry leading efficiency, delivering lower equipment and installation costs and driving down the total cost of ownership Effect OfAltitude On Capacity Air-cooled Series R chiller capacities given in the performance data tables are for use at sea level. At elevations substantially above sea level, the decreased air density will reduce condenser capacity and, therefore, unit capacity and efficiency

As to capacity required, all I know is that we have a 300 ton water chiller now, and we have been told that it may be a bit big. I am trying to find an engineer to do load calculations for us. All I know about operating load is: at 1 pm, temperature about 100 degrees, the chiller panel says: 63% load, 108 KWs electric Chiller-3 and Chiller-2 then shared the load for 4 minutes. Then, Chiller-2 continued on for 2 minutes. Therefore, the total chiller plant operation per cycle was 12 minutes. Chiller-3 started again after 8 minutes and the cycle continued. Both the chillers had only one and the same refrigeration circuit in operation throughout. Table 1

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  1. York 285 Ton Air Cooled YCIV 1000 Screw Chiller with Variable Speed Drive. Features: This Machine is in Slightly Used Condition. This is Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller which is Energy Efficient and helpful in Saving Energy up to 40%
  2. ated Bus Structure damage, we recommend that you DO NOT rebuild these Pole Assemblies
  3. With the implementation of a centralised chiller plant, we were able to reduce the total cooling capacity required sig-nificantly, He adds: Our flagship YCIV chiller, incorporating VSD.
  4. YORK Chiller YC = YORK Chiller YD = YORK Dual Chiller Air-Cooled Compressor Type S = Screw Unit Model (Approximate Capacity) Design Series Type Start Y = Star (WYE)-Delta X = Across-the-Line Voltage Code 50 = 380/415-3-50 YC A S 765 - 50 Y D YCAS, YDAS Millennium Air Cooled Screw Liquid Chillers.
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  6. r134a ycav style a models ycav0157-0267, 60 hz (150-260 tons) e/v high efficiency and s/p standard efficiency air-cooled screw liquid chillers installation ,operation , maintenance supersedes 201.21-nm1 (616) form 201.21-nm1 (920) issue date

Description: At YORK® by Johnson Controls, we use the best in modern screw compressor design to bring you the YCIV/ YCAV Air-Cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller. This air-cooled screw chiller gives you all the benefits of traditional air-cooled. Condenser Cooling: Air-Cooled. Cooling Capacity: 530 to 1805 kW Our YCIV VSD chiller is ideal for organisations that require a system that is smaller yet equally efficient. The church, which has a capacity of over 20 000 church-goers at a time, required. Model Approximate Capacity (Tons) Description ; JF. 50 - 115: Compressor Type: Reciprocating Voltages: 200, 230, 380, 460, 575 Chiller: YCAJ More Info: PA. 50 - 115. Specifications: Approximate Capacity (Tons): 70 - 120 Compressor Type: Air-Cooled Twin Screw Voltages: 400, 460, 575 @ 200hz | 400, 460 @ 240hz Chiller: YCAV, YCIV 700kW Air Cooled Chiller. Our 700kW air-cooled variable speed drive screw chillers use the best of modern screw compressor design and manufacturing techniques, combining them with the latest in a long line of chiller variable-speed drives. The result is superior control and industry leading efficiency at real world conditions. SKU: 1CHL-0700.

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  1. thorough economic and technical analysis for all facets of the chiller plant design. Consider the control optimization system for chiller plants that GPG evaluated in September 2016 (GPG #028) in the chiller plant analysis. Peak Cooling Load When replacing an old chiller, perform a new heat gain/loss calculation to size the new chiller correctly
  2. T otal Chiller CFM 62400 62400 62400 78000 93600 124800 124800 156000 T otal Chiller CFM 62400 62400 62400 93600 93600 124800 124800 156000 156000 EV APORA TOR EV APORA TOR W ater V olume, Gallons 5.4 6.7 8.8 8.8 13.2 10.0 13.2 10.0 W ater V olume, Gallons 5.4 5.4 10 8.8 8.8 8.8 13.2 10.0 14.
  3. Chillers (industrial) - YCIV / YCAV Air-Cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller. Supplier: Johnson Controls, Inc. 400 tons of cooling capacity, Closed loop chiller system with up to 210 total tons of chilling capacity, Automatic water management system, Mold Temperature Controller
  4. Call +91-8048555392. Contact Supplier Request a quote. York Chiller Flooded Shell And Tube Evaporator ₹ 4.5 Lakh/ Piece. Get Quote. York Chiller Controller Display ₹ 50,000/ Piece. Get Quote. Three Phase Carrier /york Water Cooled Chiller. ₹ 20 Lakh/ Unit Get Latest Price. Phase: Three Phase
  5. AUSTRALIA: Retrofitting EC fans to an air-cooled R134a screw chiller is said to have reduced fan power consumption by approximately 252,000kW over a 12-month period. Nine EBM Papst EC fans were installed on one of two side-by-side York YCIV air-cooled screw chillers at Roma Mitchell Secondary College in Adelaide. They were controlled using Johnson Controls'
  6. Johnson Cotntrols (I) Pvt. Ltd. - YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, CYK Compound Centrifugal Chiller & OM Custom Design Centrifugal Chiller Manufacturer from Pune, Maharashtra, Indi
  7. ing the correct solution and equipment for your application. The equipment we offer is put through a rigorous process of inspections, our.

YZ Centrifugal Chiller is a revolutionary advancement that challenges everything about conventional chiller design. Built upon decades of industry-leading chiller expertise, our engineers questioned every component, analyzed every function and challenged every assumption. *Product feature: Cooling Capacity: 165-1000 Tons (581-3516 kW York Chiller Parts Source. Locating chiller replacement parts is more effective if you are currently running on YORK equipment. As for YORK chiller parts, Midwest Parts Center is a supplier at your service. Chillers are highly complex machines that work well to provide cooling effects. However, wear and tear may drive them to need repairs

York YCIV Chiller: Frequently-viewed manuals. MDV MDC-SS35/RN1L Manual Manual (100 pages) Acson WM07GW Installation Manual Installation manual (74 pages) Lennox Climatic 50 User Manual Operation & user's manual (84 pages) Daikin EWAQ016BAW Service Manual Service manual (228 pages The use of chiller machines are very importent in dairy and other industries therefore machine sells also supply industrial chillers in Pakistan. Machine sells also provide reasonable chiller price in Pakista chiller options yorkpart@hotmail.com whatsapp+8615618628118-rp3 (616) frame rail components (cont'd) yorkpart@hotmail.com 22a - frame rail components (see fig. 19a, www.aiien.com 73) item description yciv models part number qty # 1 support, front left all 075-65636-000 1 2 support, front right all 075-65638-000 1 3 support, module all 075.

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  1. chiller options form 201.23-rp3 (616) frame rail components (cont'd) table 22a - frame rail components (see fig. 19a, page 73) item description yciv models part number qty # 1 support, front left all 075-65636-000 1 2 support, front right all 075-65638-000 1 3 support, module all 075-66932-000 4 4 cover, header right all 075-65643-000 1 5.
  2. Key components of the chiller: Refrigeration compressors are essentially a pump for refrigerant gas. The capacity of the compressor, and hence the chiller cooling capacity, is measured in kilowatts input (kW), Horse power input (HP), or volumetric flow (m 3 /h, ft 3 /h). The mechanism for compressing refrigerant gas differs between compressors, and each has its own application
  3. أبريل 2016 - الحالي5 من الأعوام 3 شهور. Riyadh, Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia. • Maintain and repair systems of YORK screw, scroll, centrifugal and Reciprocating chiller 's breakdown calls and preventive maintenance. Model: YK, YCIV, YCAV, YVAA, YLAA, YDAJ, YAEP. • Overhauling of Reciprocating compressors Model: YDAJ.
  4. Same space - More Capacity - Expandable Air Cooled Screw Chiller: 17 to 274 Ton; Expandable; Many Reasons to Choose Us: Paragon Screw Compressors: PLC Industrial Controler YORK® YCIV SCREW Air Cooled Chiller Tons 150-515 Voltaje 530-1,805 Refrigerante HFC-134A. YORK® YCWL SCROLL Water Cooled Chiller Tons 50-200 Voltaje 175-700.
  5. Howard L. Freese, in Fermentation and Biochemical Engineering Handbook (Third Edition), 2014 5.10 Flash Pots and Flash Evaporators. The simplest continuous evaporation system is the single stage flashing of a heated liquid into an expansion tank or flash pot which is maintained at a lower pressure than the feed. The principle is that of an adiabatic (or iso-enthalpic) expansion of a.

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2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Service Manual Download Carrier 30 gh manual.pdf Download York yciv chiller installation manual.pdf Download Trane rooftop unit manuals.pdf Document Size Uploader Downloads Health; carrier chiller troubleshooting manual 30gxn125 pdf ca 3 months ago : 2.98 MB: lavanya 78: Download Shared PDF eBoo YORK® YK Water Cooled Chiller : Specs. Brand: YORK® Model: YK Type: Water Cooled Tons: 250-3,000 Voltage: 880-10,550 Compressor: CENTRIFUGAL Refrigerant : HFC-134A Manual. More Info. Description. YORK® YK water-cooled centrifugal chillers are the flagship centrifugal YORK® design

All your Industrial and Commercial Chiller Needs: New, Reconditioned and Custom Built Chillers Industrial Built for Industrial Applications Air or Water-cooled Capable of reaching -100 degrees F, leaving process fluids Suited for industrial applications Designed and manufactured according to customer's individual needs Learn More New and Used Chillers New factory brand units, such as. Used 2000 York, YCAS140, 140 Tons, R-22 in Newport News, VA Each used chiller is fully refurbished and test ran to full capacity prior to shipment. Video documentation of the chiller's test run is made availab.. Maintenance, installation, and trouble shooting of Walk-in Freezer/ Chiller (with the capacity of 1.5 to 7.5 *In charge of maintenance of pre fabricated housing, containerized buildings, camp building. i.e. heating and ventilating equipment, and other utilities , and assisted tenants in repair and maintenance Learn chiller with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 102 different sets of chiller flashcards on Quizlet YCIV 247 Ton Air‐Cooled Chiller! • 10.2 EER • 259 kW Input • $38,328/yr 914.6 EER 9Increase Chiller Capacity 9Reduce Energy Consumption 9Boost EER Ratings = LEED Points 9Lower Compressor Head PSI 9Serve as an Air Filter for AC Coils 9Extend Useful Life of AC Condenser 9Lower Peak Load Energy Demand. were able to confirm benefit of.

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York Serial Numbers ID FROM HISTORY TO OCTOBER 2004 X X X X 9 9 9 9 9 9 6 DIGITS SEQUENCED NUMBERS TYPE OF ITEM M=Mfg. Basic Unit P=Purchased Basic Unit A 1971 A 1992 S=Mfg. Low Side Ite liquid chillers designed for installation outdoors. The unit has two compressors and the compressor circuits are completely assembled, hermetic packages. They are factory-piped, wired, leak-tested, de-hydrated, and tested for proper operation before shipment. The units are factory charged with refrigerant and oil


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Model YCIV Style A Air Cooled Screw Liquid Chillers with . Model YCIV Air Cooled Screw Liquid Chillers with Variable Speed Drive Style A 150 385 TONS 527 1354 kWi down to 10 of chiller capacity for two compressor chillers 100 down to 7 5 for three compressor section of the machine YCIV IOM- 60HZ - 201.23-nm2 - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. YORK VSD SCREW CHILLER INSTALLATION OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL Key components, like chiller barrels and condensers, must run and run and run, with unfailing dependability and performance. Like other components in a system, evaporators are normally quite reliable. However, periodic inspections and proper maintenance are essential to help sustain system design capacity, dependability, and long service life

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331-02507-602 yorkpart@hotmail.com kit, vsd logic board, yciv 2ns 331-02507-603 yorkpart@hotmail.com kit, vsd logic board yciv 2s 031-01782-000 adaptive capacity 031-01786-000 control ieee 031-01787-000 control ieee 031-01788-000 board, expansion yd chiller, i/o board 031-02541-001 control flash lcsss ctrl boar 6032 (Formerly Course 622) C- YVAA Air-Cooled Screw Chiller (Johnson Controls) Prerequisites: Working knowledge of the YCAV/YCIV chiller, working knowledge of VSDs, and understanding of basic electronics This three-day course teaches experienced service technicians about the YVAA chiller. The course will include feature 800 to 18000 cfm. Up to 3 in. wg (ESP) 5 to 70 tons cooling capacity. 100 to 1,200 mbh heating capacity. Cooling options: packaged direct expansion, chilled water, air-source heat pump, and split direction expansion with or without remote condenser on select models. Heating options: indirect gas, electric, and hot water. View Details YORK YCIV Air Cooled Chiller : Mark: YORK Model: YCIV Type: Air Cooled Tons Manual. More Info. Description. YORK YCIV and YCAV air-cooled variable speed . York Air-Cooled Chiller Model YCAL0012EC - YCA0032EC 9 1/2 to 28 Tons IOM 2006 > Surplus Group.com. Home We Buy We . Air Cooled Scroll Chiller


2.2 Capacity Control 2-2 2.3 Compressor 2-3 2.4 Compressor Lubrication System 2-3 2.6 Graphic Control Centre (OptiView) 2-5 2.7 Heat Exchangers 2-5 2.8 Refrigerant Flow Control 2-6 2.9 Options and Accessories 2-6 2.10 Nomenclature 2-7 2.11 Range of Models 2-8 3 TRANSPORTATION, RIGGING AND STORAGE 3-1 3.1 General 3-1 3.2 Shipment 3- After all, a chiller is an investment, and likely your operation depends on its performance. Preventing damage is one way to ensure that your chiller will run to optimal capacity without interruption. Should you discover that your chiller is not cooling properly, you may need to consider service options. York VSD Coolant Componen As this york yciv chiller manual, it ends taking place visceral one of the favored book york yciv chiller manual collections that we have. This is why you remain in the best website to see the unbelievable ebook to have. Repairing YCIV York Screw type Chiller YORK YCIV 1340, Air Cooled Chiller,VSD Chiller York VSD Replacemen

capacity chillers c.o.p. 2.76 2 285 284 267 2.74 2.78 2.78 flow rate at 134 30.24 55 voltage 380v.3ph-50hz 380v.3phsohz 380v-3phsohz 380v-3ph 50hz 380v.3ph sohz 380v3ph sohz 380voph.sohz 3s0v.3ph sohz chilled water temperature model number eogtn so eogtn,60 eogtmo eogtn.so eootna90 eogx.328 eo gxos8 eo.yeap.200 eo.yciv.isooih inlet input powe Chiller maintenance engineer screw Chiller and centrifugal Chiller capacity from 300 ton to 3000 ton Responsibility : • Chiller maintenance YORK air cooled screw chiller YCIV ,YVAA type , YORK water cooled centrifugal chiller YK type , TRANE air cooled chiller RTAC • Maintenance for Air handling unit Screw Chillers (Johnson Control) 14 th 16 th September 2010 HVAC Overview, Service & Maintenance Singapore 22 nd August 2011 (Johnson Control) YCIV Screw Chiller Operation & Maintenance Saudi Arabia 11st September 2011 (Johnson Con trol) YK, YR, YVWA & YVAA Chiller Bangko YCIV / YCAV Air-Cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller Featuring Quiet Operation at 150 - 515 TR 530 - 1.805 kW Quick view. YD Dual Centrifugal Chiller YD Dual Centrifugal Chiller Flexible Capacity Ranging From 1.500 - 6.000 TR 5.300 - 21.100 kW More. Add to Compare. Quick view. YEWS Water-Cooled Screw Chiller YEWS Water-Cooled Screw.